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Ralston out for season with torn ACL

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New England Revolution midfielder Steve Ralston is out for the season with a torn ACL suffered during the Revs' 2-1 win vs. Seattle on Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

Ralston suffered the injury after planting his right leg upon landing following an aerial challenge vs. Osvaldo Alonso. His ACL gave way as he planted the leg on the Gillette Stadium turf.

Losing Ralston is a big blow to a New England team still fighting for a playoff berth. The Revs currently hold the eighth and final playoff spot, and have five matches remaining this season.

Think the Revs can still make the playoffs without Ralston? Who do you see stepping up in his absence? Are you praying for the day when no MLS games are played on artificial turf?

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  1. My son just tore his acl (2nd time, but opposite leg). Any idea who the revs see for an ortho? I am wondering what option he will use for surgery. I want my son to have the best possible chance to return as quickly as possible. Just curious who the pros turn to.

  2. I’m saying that “f” word we’re not supposed to say or write here. Then saying it again… And again.. And again…

    I played against him in high school and have spoken with him numerous times off the field. You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer guy. My wife said “I hope that’s not the end of his career” before he was even off the field. I hope he makes it back from this.


  3. Rally’s game has never been based around speed, so there’s a chance of a return. And you know he’s got the work ethic, else he wouldn’t still be around. But at 35, it’s a little bit harder, and the game is fast.

    One after another, the people who have been supposed to be control-and-create guys for the Revs haven’t shown enough class to get it done consistently as Ralston has. If this is truly the last we see of him on the field, it would be a sad thing indeed.

  4. Devastating. The team’s chances of making the playoffs have taken another hit.

    I hope he can come back from this — if he chooses to.

    One of the best Revs ever.

  5. I loathe NE with a passion only a dedicated Fire fan can have. I wish their empty stadium would spontaneously implode into a mini-blackhole. I see red when their crest is displayed anywhere. I occassionally wish their record was worse than NYRB.

    And I’m very saddened Ralson tore his ACL — would never wish that on any player or team. Ralston seems like a classy guy who always provides both work ethic and technique for his team. Anyone who follows the MLS will miss his contributions.

    Best of luck to Steve on a fast and full recovery.

  6. Here is hoping that the fabled Kraft soccer-specific venue in Somerville has grass and not turf. Too bad about Ralston. He’s been quality for awhile and this’ll hurt the Revs.

  7. “Question, would this injury have happened on grass?”

    Yes it would have. It’s just one of those freak occurances. Of course some like to spin it in order to get more hits.

  8. Broken leg to end the season last year, now this. I hate to say it, but we’ve probably seen the last of Ralston as a player. Hope he gets into coaching. He would be a positive for MLS as a coach or a player development guy.

  9. yeah Ralston had already lost a step. I don’t see how he bounces back from this. Too bad too. He’s a class act and is instrumental for the Revs. Once of the best creators in the history of the MLS.

  10. That’s really too bad. Hopefully he can make a recovery, but at his age that will be pretty tough. It’s hard to se NE make into the playoffs without him at this point. Anything CAN happen, but the odds just got a lot longer.

  11. Could this be the end of his career? Could a 35 yr. old player ever make a full recovery? This is a huge blow to NE. Shalrie has shouldered a lot the load this season. He will have to step up even more. Nicol has done well filling holes when dealt with injuries so I suspect he’ll make due with his options. Will it be enough to make the playoffs? Who knows. Either way not having Ralston is a major obstacle to overcome.

  12. I saw the game and was worried about it being an ACL injury. Tough luck for him and the Rev’s who have been hit very hard by injuries this year. They’ll be doing it with smoke and mirrors the rest of the season. They have very little other than Sharlie Joseph to help spark offense.


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