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European Ticker: Robinho repeats Barca dream, Iaquinta injured and more

Robinho (Getty Images) 


If Manchester City attacker Robinho's hidden desire is to play for Barcelona then he is not doing a good job at keeping it a secret.

On Monday, Robinho told a Brazilian radio station he is happy with the interest Barcelona has in him, and that he thinks it is much easier to become the world's best player with them than with Manchester City.

Despite his less-than-kind words towards the Premiership club, Robinho, who has been heavily linked with Barcelona over recent weeks, insisted he is not trying to force a move away from the Citizens.

Here are more stories to help wrap up your Monday:

Iaquinta out two months for knee op

Juventus striker Vincenzo Iaquinta will be out at least two months after it was revealed his recent knee injury would require surgery.

Iaquinta picked up the injury during training on Saturday, and missed the following day's 1-0 win over lowly Siena. The Italian international is expected to undergo surgery on Tuesday, and likely won't play again until after the winter break.

Atletico rejected big bids

Atletico Madrid have revealed that they turned down big-money bids from Real Madrid and Chelsea last summer.

Atletico chief Angel Gil Marin claims that Chelsea and Real Madrid offered hefty bids for Sergio Aguero and Diego Forlan, respectively, but that the club opted not to sell in the hopes of having a successful season.

The season has been anything but successful for Atletico, as they have won only one of eight league games and currently sit in 17th place in La Liga.


What do you think of Robinho possibly joining Barcelona? How will Iaquinta's injury affect Juventus? Think Atletico should have sold Forlan and Aguero?

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  1. Oh, our little Robinho. Any regrets over leaving Real? Would you rather be part of Galacticos 2.0 than some English wannabe.

    Seriously, a fine player and all, but my respect for him is quite low. I remember when there was some debate over who is better, him or Messi. Well that is quite clear now. Then he got upset when Real was chasing Ronaldo and demanded a transfer to Chelsea. But went to City instead, cause they offered moore. Now he realizes that he isn’t seeing any CL or winning any trophies and wants to go back to Spain. Why don’t you stick to your plan and stay in one team for a couple of years?

  2. Robhino is the kind of player Barca sells, not buys. He’s a player that has never shown he has the heart to take full advantage of his prodigious talent. He needs to show he can be a success in the cold of Manchester before Barca will believe he can contribute to their machine-like squad.

  3. Robinho will replace Henry when Tierry moves to New York City.

    He makes me sick and I hope he breaks a leg for being so selfish and disrespectful to City and their fans. Just like Jolean Lescott to Everton, he is going to hurt the team more than help them.

  4. Ives, I love this blog, and read it almost every day, but I wish you would have your staffers write about more American-centric issues. I can get this story on Guardian, or Marca, etc., and wish there were more in-depth coverage of MLS and second-tier Americans playing abroad. Mostly I think MLS is not consistently, and critically, covered anywhere and SBI could help more with that (as it is undoubtedly one of the few independent voices) by having the staffers write about the states. Just trying to be constructive.

  5. From real to man City then back to barca? Who is this guy hustling? Where is the respect for the game? for the fans? Nope. Just collect the paycheck. This is Robinho.

  6. I just wanna know where Sergio Aguero will go once he DOES leave Atletico Madrid…he definitely should move next summer!!! He’s probably just like a Fernando Torres…a good player at Atletico…but an even better player once they move on!!!


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