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MLS Matchday 32: Your Running Commentary


The last weekend of the Major League Soccer season is about to get underway and six teams are still alive for two remaining playoff spots.

Tonight's five matches will go a long way in determining which two teams will join the Columbus Crew and Chicago Fire in the Eastern Conference bracket of the MLS playoffs. The Colorado Rapids, Toronto FC, New England, FC Dallas, D.C. United and Real Salt Lake all have some hope of reaching the post-season, though only the Colorado Rapids are assured a playoff berth with a victory.

Here is my look at the final MLS weekend for, and here is a detailed breakdown from MLSNet's Steve Davis of every scenario.

Here is a rundown of tonight's matches:

7:30pm- Toronto FC at New York Red Bulls

8:30pm- D.C. United at Kansas City Wizards

9pm- Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake

10:30pm- FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders

10:30pm- San Jose Earthquakes at Los Angeles Galaxy

I am at Giants Stadium and will be covering tonight's Toronto FC-New York Red Bulls match (and providing a live commentary of the match). For the rest of tonight's matches, make this your place to discuss all the action. If you will be watching, share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Can’t believe that everything fell into place for RSL to make the playoffs. Miracle! Of course we face either columbus or chicago in the first round…..

  2. Congratulations Seattle for your CD 9 display in the 9th minute and being the most supportive fans in MLS…TFC, what happened!! The league should have you in the playoffs, but a 5 nil drubbing deserves NOTHING!

  3. When I click channelsurfing, a scantily-clad nurse named Nikita and Cowgirl13 keep wanting to chat with me….

    Last time I clicked that site a virus tried to take over my Mac. I should have learned my lesson….

  4. Cool, that’s what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation. So tonight has decided that DC is out and RSL is in. NE game should be interesting.

  5. Have to admire FCD’s late season run even if they missed out in the end. Bright side for them is that next year they won’t get worn out by Superliga or Champions League games like the other strong rosters will.

  6. Gooch, Demerit, & Marshall are hurt.

    Omar Gonzales going to get a call-up for the Nats? he’s looked impressive for LA. Decent size, speed, and touch.

  7. Dal 1 Sea 0
    Game turned when Jaqua refused to shoot one on one with goalie and limped a pass into traffic. Keller claims he was unsighted on 24 yard strike by Harris.

  8. Okay I think I got this figured out

    If Dallas and New England win, they are both in.

    If only one wins, then it is the winner and Real Salt Lake.

    If both fail to win, then it is Real Salt Lake and Colorado.

  9. I think the lack of separation in general (as well as the huge amount of draws) is a bad sign – there is such a thing as too much parity. It makes the end results of things like who makes the playoffs hinge too much on chance and randomness and not enough on quality.

  10. Sounds like they are going with the 1950 retro look. Anyword on when they are coming out? It seems there is an extreme lack of USA team gear out there. I went to chicago soccer and they had more stuff for Team Ghana than Team USA.

  11. Interesting stuff. Two teams with nothing to play for were able to get results against teams with playoff hopes. Toronto and DC could not deliver. Colorado,…who could have locked it up,…is getting spanked by the team with the SLIMMEST of playoff hopes.

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is it good because Red Bulls, KC and RSL demonstrated real professionalism by going out and playing for results? Or is it bad,…because it exposes MLS teams (DC, Toronto, Colorado) as lacking the ability to cope with pressurized matches?

    If nothing else, these three results will lead to some coaching turnover.

  12. “Ives,Give us some info on when the USA 2010 kits are going to be released.


    I work for Nike and I have seen what I beleive to be the new USA world cup uniforms. They are using a diagonal strip from right shoulder down to the left side. The home kit is white with a grey diagonal stripe. And the away kit is blue with a white diagonal. There is red trim on both kits.

  13. What a finish in Kansas City.

    I can’t believe all of that just happened in stoppage time.

    Why does it always have to come down to the last game in Kansas City??

    Come on Seattle and Columbus (I can’t believe I’m saying this)!!!

  14. James with a hamstring problem with the goal. If this stands and the RSL/Colorado game holds, then United qualify for the playoffs.


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