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Report: Brown out at Hull City

Phil Brown (

Phil Brown's days at Hull City figured to be numbered given the team's awful start, but now reports are surfacing that he has already left the club.

Soccernet is reporting that Brown has left Hull, while the Daily Mail is reporting that Brown is on the verge of being given the boot.

What do you think of this news? Hoping Brown is on the way out the door? Waiting for Jozy Altidore's Twitter account to confirm the news?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It’s about time. This is great news for Jozy. It’s different when a coach who kind of took a flier on an American gets the boot. Jozy’s usefulness to Hull is undeniable. A coach smarter than Brown (read: every coach in the universe) will utilize him.

  2. I hope the new coach reads Simon Kuper’s soccernomics. He talks, among other things, about how much waste of time and money occurs when a new coach comes and must bring “his” players. Barring something extreme (think Brian Clough at Leeds United), the coach does not have to get rid of, or bench, players the last coach brought on. Jozy is a good young talented player, may be a bit raw and apparently immature. But he’s got a good upside. Hopefully, the new coach is patient.

  3. Phil Brown tarnished quickly last year. Maybe he needs to raise his game a little. He’s still a young manager with his career ahead of him, really.

    He’s 50, he’s at the beginning of his career but Phil is being paid an awful lot of money to manage a professional football team … You can cut people some slack in given situations, but not on matchday.

  4. Brown will be removed as boss, or will ‘resign’, within a few days. Kiss of death whenever a statement like this is released. Also, Gareth Southgate recently resigned as ‘Boro boss. Odds are (bookie odds, mind you) that he will take over. If Southgate takes over, this is indeed good news for Jozy. While it won’t necessarily lead to Hull staying up, indeed I bet it contributes to them going down, Southgate showed a keen eye for youngsters and a desire to play beautiful, flowing football while at ‘Boro. This would be great for a player like Jozy: able to hold up the ball to bring others into the game to play beautiful footbal, deft touch and turn, great mind in tight situations. Southgate coming in would surely be a good thing for Jozy. Curbishley, the second in the running according to the bookies, would not be as good a move for Jozy.

    Once again:
    Brown is almost definitely out now.
    Southgate will probably take over
    If so, good for Jozy.
    Curbishley might take over.
    If so, not so good for Jozy
    But, finally, good players rise to the top of a team sheet either way.

  5. Dempsey was actually the top scorer in the season Roy Hodgson was brought in, but then was dropped for, I think it was, 2 months when Hodgson came in. It took an injury and an excellent run of a couple games for Hodgson to let Dempsey back in the team. Once again, Dempsey was well in the starting 11 before Hodgson but then he got dropped; however, good players rise to the top of challenges such as that.

  6. Not necessarily. It doesn’t seem like Hull has too much cash to throw around on new signings. Also, new managers often switch up the lineups just so it looks like they’re doing something different. Jozy will very likely get a shot.
    This is kind of a shame though as Brown seemed very high on Jozy at the start of the season and I think Josmer was definitely in his plans.


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