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Happy Thanksgiving from SBI


Hello all. It is Thanksgiving Day, one of those rare days during the year when soccer goes on the backburner and there are no major games to watch (Well, unless you count the handful of Coppa Italia matches being played today).

American soccer fans have plenty to be thankful for this year. The U.S. national team is heading to the World Cup, MLS enjoyed another solid season and the number of quality soccer viewing options on TV is growing by the day. These are great times in that regard. I'm sure those of you who remember what life was like for American soccer fans 20 years ago can agree.

What will I give thanks for from a soccer standpoint this year? Here are some things that came to my mind this morning:

The SBI Mafia

Charlie Davies' recovery

Seattle's addition to MLS

FC Barcelona's beautiful soccer

Philadelphia's pending arrival in MLS

My first visits to Costa Rica and Honduras

The Champions League's move to Fox Sports

Having the chance to cover soccer for a living

Major League Soccer's departure from Giants Stadium


Now it's your turn. What will you be giving thanks for as a soccer fan today?

Share your thoughts below (And have a Happy Thanksgiving).


  1. Ives, I’m thankful for the awesome blog you provide us with day after day….never anything like this for US fans even 5 years ago. Thanks man.

  2. Yes. Yes. and we have heard that before. Just busting your balls a bit. I think you have alot of reader who think that Chelsea should top that list who aren’t Chelsea fans.

    (SBI-If I do, there aren’t many making their voices heard. It always seems as though the few complaining are people with Chelsea in their author name. I can’t expect you to think otherwise. When I see Chelsea being ahead of Barcelona I’ll put them there.)

  3. Not to mention FSC for basic cable people like me had live matches on Tuesday and Wed, then replay’s at 5,7, and 9 both days….just non-stop CL – never got that on ESPN. Hopefully FSC does go HD in Jan – but it is my favorite channel – I do love the morning matches ESPN shows as well.

  4. I think a lot of people long to see the big four being broken up, regardless of the team. Apart from that, personally, I like to see them fail because their fans kind of remind me of Red Sox fans. But that’s just my personal and completely absurd feeling

  5. -RSL getting form at the right time, winning the Cup! way to go boys!

    -that I won 4 world cup tix in the first draw- ok I won the “right” to buy them… gonna be awesome!

  6. Thankful for SBI, for the bird and mash potatos and corn bread and stuffing and desert that the family and I put away.
    Thankful for McBride and CJ Brown to re-sign, for some good memories from Toyota Park.
    For classic Peanuts thanksgiving.
    And for cold beer in the Globe Pub.

  7. In the world of soccer, I’m thankful for two things: (1) my son’s godfather from Hamburg, who has sparked my 8 year-old son’s interest in playing soccer, which in turn has caused me to follow soccer; and (2) Ives, who through this website, has been a great teacher to a novice like myself about soccer! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


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