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Last six places in 2010 World Cup to be booked today


There are six places left in the 2010 World Cup, and 12 teams will spend today fighting to be one of those lucky six.

Today marks the last day of World Cup qualifying and matches on three continents will determine who rounds out the field of 32. European powers France, Portugal and Russia will look to secure places in South Africa, while bitter rivals Egypt and Algeria will kick off today's proceedings in a winner-take-all playoff.

Here is a rundown of today's decisive World Cup qualifying matches:

12:30pmFIFA.comAlgeria vs. Egypt

1pm– ESPN2- Ukraine vs. Greece (0-0 tie in first leg in Greece)

2:45pm– Setanta USA- Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Portugal (1-0 Portugal win in first leg)

2:45pm-Setanta USA (Delayed)- Slovenia vs. Russia (2-1 Russia win in first leg, 5pm on Setanta USA)

3pm– Setanta Pay-per-view- France vs. Ireland (1-0 France win in first leg)

6pm– No USA TV- Uruguay vs. Costa Rica (1-0 Uruguay win in first leg)

What do you think of today's match-ups? Starting to think we'll see some upsets? Rooting for Ireland and Bosnia to score upsets?

Share your thoughts on today's matches in the comments section below.


  1. This is to everyone here who kept on wanting Bosnia to win over Portugal. Portugal were the classier and more sportsmanlike team today. Everyone hates Portugal because of CR9, but you can’t deny that they are one of the most talented national teams in the world. And you would rather have Bosnia in the World Cup? A team that can’t dribble and just sends the ball to their two strikers and then prays that they can do something with it? A country with such disgraceful supporters that they tried to kill the linesman and Simao with random objects, even after their hero Dzeko told them to stop? What a joke… if anything you guys should have been cheering for Ireland to beat France. Watch some football and learn the game, appreciate more skillful players.

  2. Agreed. Not to mention, I wouldn’t mind at all seeing C.R. , all dressed up, watching from the stands…instead of playing, whining, scoring, but losing.

  3. Ireland (my second team after the US), Bosnia (love upsets and can’t watch Ronaldo dive through another WC), Ukraine (more fun to watch than Greece), Russia (love upsets but Arshavin lit up the Euro 08 and I want to see him again) and Costa Rica (CONCACAF, and every time I watch Uruguay they play a dirty game). Egypt/Algeria? Know nothing about them, just hope it is a peaceful game.

    Also, in these home and home series, if the goal aggregate is tied after 90 min. in the second game, and away goals are equal, do they go straight to PKs or do the play another 30 min, giving an advantage to the second home team? Thanks.

  4. Almost forgot about the U.S. game…although with many marquee players out and all the injuries piling up, it’ll be interesting to see how they fare.

    Much more interested in the qualifiers today with Ireland/France, Bosnia/Portugal and even Algeria/Egypt will be one to keep an eye on.

  5. I hope CRC can score 2 goals and pitch a clean sheet to knock Uruguay out. Bryan Ruiz deserves to be in SA. I wish he could play for America, we could use him.


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