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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

Thierry Henry (Reuters)

It is the last international match day of the year and we will be treated both to some decisive World Cup qualifiers as well as some quality international friendlies.

You already know about today's qualifiers, but there are also some great friendlies, including Germany-Ivory Coast, Italy-Sweden and Netherlands-Paraguay.

I will be providing live commentary on USA-Denmark so stay tuned for that. If you will be watching nay of the rest of today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Game over. D@mn. CR will see that break away miss in the 88th for 4 more years in their nightmares. Congrats to Uruguay grabbing spot 32 in South Africa, they were better for most of the game. And no terrible handballs were involved.

  2. No kidding. Looks to have started from the CR bench just when they had Uruguay on their heels. Keep your cool guys. Still waiting on what actually happened…

  3. I though everyone should read this… From “Force Portugal” on the other post… This is to everyone here who kept on wanting Bosnia to win over Portugal. Portugal were the classier and more sportsmanlike team today. Everyone hates Portugal because of CR9, but you can’t deny that they are one of the most talented national teams in the world. And you would rather have Bosnia in the World Cup? A team that can’t dribble and just sends the ball to their two strikers and then prays that they can do something with it? A country with such disgraceful supporters that they tried to kill the linesman and Simao with random objects, even after their hero Dzeko told them to stop? What a joke… if anything you guys should have been cheering for Ireland to beat France. Watch some football and learn the game, appreciate more skillful players.

    I completely agree with him or her.

  4. Dear Sepp Blatter and Michael Platini,

    You two fossils are a disgrace, this is well documented. Any excuse you previously had for not using extra officials and/or modern technology is now null and void. Please employ both at your earliest convenience.



  5. I’ve always been a huge Henry fan, and I still will be IF: He comes right out and admits that what he did was wrong. If he doesn’t…I don’t know…

    I have to say he looked very sheepish after the game. He’s not an idiot. He seems like a good person. I think he knows how many fans he has and how many kids look up to him and how they all just saw him cheat.

    I also do have to agree with OmarVizquel. If he had said to the ref “I handled the ball, the goal shouldn’t count”, the ref rescinds the goal, and France goes on to lose the match on PKs, he’d never be able to show his face in his own country again.

  6. Out of your mind, fischy. That’s as blatant as it comes. He handled it TWICE. Basically caught the ball. MUCH worse than a dive. That didn’t just deflect off his hand, he kept moving his hand towards the ball. Disgraceful.

  7. Not to apologize for him, but what the heck is he supposed to do? Tell the ref to take the goal back? The linesman and the ref STARED STRAIGHT AT 2 players offside and a double handball in the box. Blame it on them. Great and average players handle the ball in the box all the time….but normally the officials will freaking NOTICE.


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