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Thornton named MLS Goalkeeper of the Year

Zach Thornton (

Chivas USA goalkeeper Zach Thornton was named 2009 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year on Wednesday, marking the second time he's won the award.

Thornton enjoyed a career renaissance with Chivas USA this season, posting career highs in shutouts and goals against average while helping guide Chivas USA to the playoffs. Thornton's second goalkeeper of the year award (he won with the Chicago Fire in 1998) helps him join Pat Onstad and Joe Cannon as the only goalkeepers to win the award twice. Thornton beat out Galaxy goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts and Seattle goalkeeper Kasey Keller.

In other awards announcements on Wednesday, New England midfielder Steve Ralston was awarded the MLS Fair Play award, while the Chicago Fire won the MLS Fair Play team award.

What do you think of Thornton winning the award? Agree that he deserved it? Did you vote for someone else?

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  1. Thorton keeper of the year? Anyone who watches the MLS knows this is a toal joke. He got the selection because of MLS politics. The old fatboy couldnt get a job in the USL. It is a freebie to Thornton. How many games did he miss this year? His selection is laughable. he isnt even in MLS shape ! He is still easily 50-75 lbs overweight. this shows he has no respect for the fans or league. I have watched him for years. I have never sen him make a meaningful save or one remotely spectacular. Why? he is too fat to move. You cant be a keeper when you weigh 275lbs. It is impossible. Find me one (one!!!) keeper anywhere that is this overweight and out of shape. Just one example!

  2. You are all fools. You know nothing about “soccer”. It’s FOOTBALL dammit. You’re all fired! I’m hiring a european manager…

  3. if anything happens to howard then Guzan would probably step in, the friedel. Plus Howard, Guzan and Friedel have all proven that they can stop shots at the highest level. Thorton might be the best keeper of MLS this year, but if Guzan was between the sticks for any MLS team he would have won.

  4. Fair play awards are a joke! A team with Blanco won the Fair Play Award?!?! He should autmatically disqualify whatever team he plays on for such an award!

  5. Congratulations to Zach on a GREAT year!! As a Fire fan, I was disappointed with his performances in his last years with us but he certainly deserves to be recognized for his efforts this year. I thought he would be a better choice for comeback poty because I think Keller played great this year as well.

    As far as the World Cup #3 keeper is concerned, I think that’s probably stretching Zach’s capabilities a little far given the other options we have which are younger and potentially better than Zach.

  6. ditto. not sure a team with cuahtemoc should be in the running for any ‘fair play’ award

    (SBI-Maybe all the games Blanco missed helped the Fire win the award?)

  7. dude, if he was going to be awarded it should have been for comeback of the year.

    Everyone who’s been following MLS this year will undoubtedly agree that Donovan Ricketts has been the goalie of the year.

    (SBI-Or not.)

  8. Honestly, Im just glad he was nominated. Did he deserve to win? In a Galaxy world, of course not. In the real world, he had a low GAA, multiple shutouts, and was definately Chivas’ best player.

    We would not be in the playoffs, if not for him.

  9. 1) Which group offers better entertainment value?

    GROUP A:
    Ronnie O’Brien
    Jose Burciaga, Jr.
    Terry Cooke
    Facundo Erpen

    GROUP B:
    Mike Banner
    Bojan Stepanovic
    Leonard Krupnik
    Pablo Vitti

  10. So RBNY fire Coach of the Year and gave away Goalkeeper of the year.

    Bra-Vo. Bra-@#%^@#*@%#^%@-Vo.

    and people wonder why they get 1k to go to games

  11. Here’s hoping for the long shot chance that it’s Thornton against Shalrie Joseph playing at forward in the MLS Cup.

  12. Considering that the World Cup is next year and we aren’t looking to build for the future, (start doing that 1 day after the World Cup) I would say that he deserves a call up along with Cunningham. It doesn’t matter that they are a little older to be rejoining the team; they are in great form. You take who is playing best now, not who will be playing the best in 4 years. I agree. That being said, if anything happened to Howard, Friedel would probably step in and, since he is having a great season with Aston Villa, I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

  13. Hmm, I don’t know mein friends. He has a massive build. You know how much Red Bull paraphernalia ve can plaster on someone mit that size?

  14. This is the first time I actually 100% completely agree with you Juan.

    I think this is the beginning of a new understanding between us.

  15. What would you say to Thornton being named as the 3rd keeper for the world cup, obviously he would not be a bad choice to have between the sticks if something were to happen to Howard.


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