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Banner day for American keepers in EPL

Brad Friedel 1 (Getty Images)

Brad Friedel and Marcus Hahnemann came into Saturday's EPL action as underdogs, with their respective clubs facing two EPL powers, but by the end of the day both American goalkeepers were standing tall with zeros on the scoreboard.

Friedel turned in a stellar performance for Aston Villa, leading his team to an improbable win vs. Manchester United at Old Trafford (just United's second loss in 38 league matches). Hahnemann also stepped up, recording seven saves to help Wolves knock off Tottenham, 1-0.

Friedel and Hahnemann weren't the only American-born (and bald) goalkeepers to enjoy impressive results on Saturday.

Tim Howard and Everton halted first-place Chelsea in a 3-3 draw at Stamford Bridge. Howard stopped four shots en route to pulling out the surprising result. 

Even American-born goalkeeper Boaz Myhill joined in on the fun, making six saves as he returned to Hull City's starting lineup in the club's scoreless draw against Blackburn Rovers. It was the Welsh international's first start since Oct. 24.

What did you think of the goalkeepers' performances? Think Hahnemann is looking like a lock for a World Cup spot?

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  1. He may be but if Friedel would agree to it, I’d cut/drop Howard and make Guzan #2 and Hahnemann #3. But they need to do it as soon as possible, so Freidel can get re-oriented to his defense.

  2. I don’t have a problem with Hahnemann but, in a World Cup, it’s a big mistake to have anyone on the roster who you aren’t confident can’t play well. The tournament is physically demanding with little time for rest and,having 2 keepers hurt is hardly inconceivable. Some people have suggested having Cervi or Seitz along for “development”. Well, a World Cup is for people who can play; it’s not the time to **** around.

  3. So if the first two keepers are Howard and Guzan and both get hurt,are you saying you want Perkins to face Algeria in the third game as opposed to Keller or Hahnemann? I know who I’d prefer.

  4. I’d rate the best US Keepers currently as:

    Tie for first:






    There are only a handful of countries Howard or Friedel wouldn’t start for.

    I think Friedel retired after his masterwork in the 2002 WC to let fellow MNT Keller have his shot. Do you remember the quiet battle royale between Keller and Friedel? Both were top notch and in form. The internet had armies arrayed for both keepers, and the Soccer hacks had given the starts to Keller. To the surprise of many (and to my relief), Arena went with Brad.

    Kasey may have been every bit as good as Brad in the 2002WC, and Brad may have done worse than Kasey in 2006, we’ll never know. But Friedel had 2002 made the most of it and then he gave 2006 to Keller, removing that headache from Areana’s in basket, for better or worse.

    Brad Friedel is the best keeper the US ever produced, and is still bringing it for Aston Villa. I also think Tim Howard is fantastic. Brad Guzan has the makings to rise to Friedle hights. Keller is still great, but I think is starting to fade.

  5. Friedl just seems to get better with age… I do kinda wish he wouldnt have retired from international yet. I’d love to see him and Howard battling it out for one last shot at the WC. That being said I have the urmost confidence in Howard And Freidel, so it would be win-win for me. And Guzan is pretty damn good as well, it will be great when he gets the #1 spot at villa.

  6. I don’t think there’s a reasonable expectation for anyone to pass Brad Guzan as the #2 goalie. He handled a few qualifiers and friendlies, and if you recall, it was his clean sheet vs. Egypt that enabled the U.S.’s improbable exit from group play and sparked the run to the finals of the Confed Cup. With that kind of ‘Nat playing time and results, his spot is solid, and I’m grateful for it.

    I also think it’s likely BB will ask a veteran, such as Casey Keller to be the #3.

  7. Luis Robles and Kaiserslauten are in 1st place in 2nd bundesliga and will be in the first division next year.

    He’s not the #1 there, but he will still be in a top league come 2010.

  8. I’m still hopeful that Freidel will change his mind and go to S. Africa. Since there really isn’t an established 3rd keeper, I think Bradley would be okay with that because he could still bring Howard and Guzan who he probably has loyalty to. At 38, its his last chance for a World Cup and he might be okay backing up Howard knowing that he’ll be in if there is an injury.

  9. What has Perkins done to stand out? Hahnemann is far above him for accomplishments and skill. Perkins only chance is an injury to one of the others.

  10. Fantastic as he is playing, Friedel will not go to South Africa unless he is #1 on the squad. He is retired and there is no way he is coming out to back up Howard. I don’t think anyone wants Howard injured, so the keepers will be Howard, Guzan and most likely Hahnemann

  11. Agreed. Friedel is on a very short list for the best in the world. I wish he’d sen fit to play in ’06. I think the USA might have come out of that group with him. He would never have made the mistake Keller made in outkicking his offense, which led to the 1st goal against the Czechs.

  12. I think the 5 goal onslaught by Mexico in the Gold Cup final has hurt Perkins’ standing. The fact that Hahnemann is back between the pipes in the EPL and playing well cements his spot. Perkins might get a chance to travel to Brazil as the #3 in 2014, but not this time. Hahnemann probably isn’t at Guzan’s level, but maybe the slimmed-down Marcus can challenge for the #2 slot. His problem will be getting an opportunity to play for the USA to prove himself and get used to playing with the USA defense.

  13. Well then we wouldn’t have any players playing in the world cup. would we? They were all young at one point, besides the experience from that one game will help in 2018 when he is our starting keeper.

  14. I think if Hahnemann continues in goal for the Wolves for the rest of the season and stays in form, not only is he number 3 but he is number 2 – especially if he helps keep Wolves up. Goalkeepers have to play and an in form Hahnemann with his experience has to be considered over Guzan if the latter stays on the bench.

    Great job by the yank goal keepers!

  15. For South Africa, assuming Howard remains # 1, the backup keepers are, in this order, Guzan, Hahnemann, Keller, Perkins. Guzan has proven he can play very well for the US in a way that Marcus never has had the chance to. Marcus gets it over Perkins because he is more experienced at a higher level but if he loses his place at Wolves then its Keller over Perkins because of experience.

    Put it this way,its the last group game against Algeria, the US needs to win and Howrad and Guzan are hurt. Do you want Hahnemann/Keller in net or Perkins? The World Cup is no place for rookies, especially goalkeepers.

  16. Massive save by Friedel on Berbatov’s shot at the end of the Villa match. At 38 he still makes some absolutely amazing saves. UP THE VILLA!


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