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Chicago Fire buys Pappa’s rights, signs winger through 2012

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The Chicago Fire has made a deal to secure the services of one of its most important players, Guatamalan winger Marco Pappa.

The Fire exercised its option to buy Pappa's rights from Guatamalan side CSD Municipal, thus ending a two-year loan deal it had for Pappa and securing his services through the 2012 season.

I’m very happy about returning to the Fire,” said Pappa. “This is a club that I want to build my future with and I want our fans to know that I’m going to give all my efforts in helping our team be successful and win the MLS Cup.”

Details of the deal were undisclosed, but sources tell SBI the new deal will make Pappa one of the highest paid players on the Fire. Pappa finished 2009 with five goals and four assists in his first full season with the Fire.

What's the SBI take? This was an absolutely essential move for the Fire, who already lost Chris Rolfe and won't have Cuauhtemoc Blanco back for at least half the 2010 season. Pappa's creativity will be crucial to the Fire's chances for success next season.


  1. everyone has to remember that Baggio is going to need to be a big cog into the FIRE’s success starting next season. Baggio has the potential to become a good-great player in this league and he has to step up big time or else be a failure as our LM…you know that guy with the 4 letter last name that we usually use a few four letter words to describe.

    Hopefully Pappa will be able to be more creative as he will need to be with no more Blanco.

  2. I’m glad!!! Since my parents are from Guatemala, and i have mad love for that country, its hard for me to root for the dam national team cuz they are weak, hopefully Pappa will be first of many and start a trend of skillful Guatemalan’s to strengthen the national team, that said USA is still my NUMBER 1!!!!!! lol

  3. That Jeremiah White suggestion is definitely something worth looking into. Pappa and White are both wingers that take players on and provide excellent service for McBride. Not to mention he’ll be closer to Bradley’s watchful eye, highlights will be easier to obtain, and he might get a look this January.

  4. @ Will – earlier in the season Blanco said he would be out of chi-town,
    much later he changed, and said maybe after the world cup, he might be back. Idk if the coaching situation matters to him.

    Pappa signing makes me one step closer to getting my season tix again.

  5. Question for anyone, hasnt Blanco openly stated that he isnt returning to the Fire at all? I thought this was official but everything I read gives a chance that he’ll be back post-World Cup

  6. Nick, they will just be making a big production out of pulling balls out of containers tommorrow. It will all be a bunch of over hyped nonsense tomorrow that will result in groupings that will be over analyzed for the next 8 months. Pay attention in class the children are our future. SBI will give you much commentary to ingest in do time.

  7. I know this is off topic, but will you be doing a running commentary on the draw tomorrow Ives? I’ll be at school all day, what better way to follow than on SBI on my iPhone.

  8. excellent news…

    kind of surprised by it though, what with all the rumors of a euro transfer… wonder what Klopas paid for his services…

    still good for the Fire to pony up the cash for him… truly a talented player…

  9. Good news. Now the Fire need another forward to replace Chris Rolfe (maybe if the opportunity comes along to sign Jeremiah White they should strongly consider it) and someone who can be a playmaker in the central midfield. I know this might sound crazy, but really think Christian Vieri or Pavel Nedved would be a nice fit in Chicago (if the price is right). Although they’re older, I’m willing to bet they both still have the skill to pose a threat to most MLS teams. The Fire are not a young team and if they’re going to win an MLS Cup, it has to be in the next year or two.

  10. yeah i hope he is making good money now too…

    but honestly chicago can you please trade him to the galaxy… we’ll give ya kirovski, dunivant, and gorden

  11. pretty good im sure hes making good money now i know he was getting paid about 50k last year who knows how much now does n e one know details?

  12. Nice to see some continuity in the Fire squad — Fire fans will be happy (and league fans should be too — exciting player to watch with lots of upside potential).

    Count this Fire fan very happy.


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