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USA to face England, Algeria and Slovenia as World Cup Draw is set


The U.S. men's national team avoided being drawn into a Group of Death, and will now face a very favorable path in the 2010 World Cup.

The Americans were drawn against a strong England side, but the rest of Group C is filled out with beatable opponents Algeria and Slovenia to give the U.S. team what is arguably the easiest draw it has ever faced in a World Cup.

Algeria and Slovenia aren't exactly pushovers on par with New Zealand. Both won tough playoffs to reach the World Cup, with Algeria beating Egypt and Slovenia knocking off a strong Russian squad.

Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal will square off in what is widely regarded as the toughest group (Group G), with poor North Korea attempting to knock off the three powerhouses, while Group D, with Germany, Serbia, Ghana and Australia, is another tough group.

Here are all eight groups of the 2010 FIFA World Cup:

  • GROUP A- South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
  • GROUP B- Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece
  • GROUP C- England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
  • GROUP D- Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana
  • GROUP E- Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon
  • GROUP F- Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia
  • GROUP G- Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal
  • GROUP H- Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

The United States will open on June 12 against England (Rustenburg), then face Slovenia on June 18 (Johannesburg), with the final group match coming on June 23rd vs. Algeria (Pretoria). Here is the complete schedule for the World Cup.

What did you think of the draw? Excited to see the Americans' group? Which group do you think is the toughest?

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  1. What a great draw for the U.S. I think the U.S. will come out inspired in the game against England. I actually predicted Italy, Slovenia and Algeria. If the U.S. can raise their level of play against the likes of Italy, one can only imagine how much harder they will try against an English side. If the U.S. is healthy, they should make the second round. The U.S. is one of the fittest teams in the world and this is why I think they will play better as the tournament progresses.

    As far as our neighbors go, Group A is really anybodies game. As we remember, South Africa played great against Brazil in the Confederations Cup and had chances to win that game. They also played great against Spain. Mexico has shown it struggles away from Azteca, except for that one win against Costa Rica.

  2. another good point. all of the games so close is cherry for any USA fans. it makes having a huge amount of fan support much easier than having the middle game in say cape town.

    is there any word on where the USMNT will do pre-WC camp (DENVER?) and where they will be based in S.A.?

  3. I cheered when I saw USA paired with England — and my excitement only increased as the group filled up.

    Shockingly, we finally got a decent draw. With two very beatable teams, and all the added dynamics of facing England, it’s as good as I could have ever expected.

    I can’t wait to shut up the Eurosnobs. We may not win, but I’m confident we will put in a good showing in a tight match. With the added attention, a good performance will do wonders in breaking down the existing bias, and open many more doors for our players in England and Europe.

    Also: I’m not understanding why people think Mexico got an easy draw. Would you want to switch places? Some are really underestimating South Africa — with so much to play for, I think they will play inspired and will not be an easy game for anyone. ESPECIALLY Mexico, in the first game of the tournament. Mexico could easily lose that game, and then have to face a solid CONMEBOL side, and France.

    THAT is the group of death, imo. No, they aren’t all elite traditional world soccer powers — but it will be a bloodbath and ANY two of the four will survive. You can’t say that about any other group, except Argentina’s Group B (which I was happy to see).

    But a really balanced draw overall. I think people will be surprised at how tough and exciting some of these groups end up being.

  4. It’s not a British term. It’s an informal noun describing a physical beating. “If my dad knew I had the key to the liquor cabinet I’d be in for a hiding.”

  5. I think Rogers is an excellend crosser of the ball, and possibly a starting wing/mid in 2014. Please let us call on Torres to come with us to the World Cup over rogers.

  6. I agree Smiley…

    South Africa will be very tough in that opening game. Both the team and fans will be sky high and riding on emotion. If I were Mexico, I would have much rather not played them in the first game.

  7. i agree with the upper posts. i think uruguay and france are too very, very talented teams and the mexicans face a challenge getting out. at first i was furious when i saw they drew s. africa as it looked like theyd get another easy group like last time, progress out of the group and make ground in attempting to get a seed for future cups, but after the draws of uruguay and france i’ve changed my mind. as much as france are struggling now, i find it hard to believe they won’t advance out of the group but i strongly feel that uruguay will come out of the group and could very well win it. they played in the same type of central and south american cauldron stadium atmospheres as mexico against as strong, if not stronger opponents, in conmebol and have a strike-force any defense would struggle defending. i’ll be rooting for s. africa and uruguay to advance, but realistically itll be france joining uruguay onward

  8. Im here in Leeds, and the celebrations have already begun for these guys. The only one in England who isn’t celebrating what they think is an auto birth in the knock out stages is Fabio Capello. Real chances for upsets here, my american friends. They are NOT taking us seriously. Dont tread.

  9. Mexico has the chance of eliminating a team that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Hey it’s Marquez vs. Henry, both play in the same team and know each other perfectly well… I’m sorry but this time I’m going with the Mexican!

  10. And I do not think this fact can be underestimated: All three USA group matches are within 1 hour of each other … Rustenberg – Johanesburg – Pretoria. Which means ONE central training camp, no long trips or moves and a far more settled group stage than almost any other team. Also all of the games will be at the same climate and altitude roughly 1200M – 1700M which the USA can easily train for in Denver (1600M). I cannot imagine a more perfect set up for the USA really. It is almost miraculous.

  11. actually felix. i do know the players from both squads. i know where they play or i should say what teams they are on where they rarely play. both squads have a few folks at bottom feeders like portsmouth and seinna, rangers, a few in germany … but most if not all of those players have started less than half the teams games. hamdanovic is the best player from either team he has played excellently for udinesse this season. outside of that i dont exactly rate players who play for nantes or strausbourg or blackpool.

    having said that. nothing in the wc is easy and the US isn’t the model of consistency. but let’s be honest, algeria was the easiest team by a mile in pot 3 and slovenia was arguably the worst team from pot 4. if the us doesn’t beat them and get out of the group then they don’t even deserve to be at the wc. time will tell.

    but anyway you cut it this is just about the easiest draw the US could have gotten and there isn’t one other pot 2 team that a US fan would switch places with.

  12. Do you even know what players Algeria and Slovenia have? Any idea?

    (SBI-Trolls aren’t welcome on SBI. Find something else to do.)

    (SBI-Nice try using a different name, but generally speaking, if you rattle off five to six comments that are clearly intended to annoy, insult or incite, you’re going to be stopped from commenting.)

  13. I guess posting a realistic guess at the scores for the US games is considered to be unacceptable by Ives?

    England 3 USA 0

    Algeria 1 USA 0

    Slovenia 2 USA 1

    Sorry Kids – just wait and see

  14. Howard

    Spector Gooch Demerit Boca


    Holden Bradley

    Dempsey Donovan


    with Felhaiber, Cherundolo, Findley, Guzan, Cameron, Torres, Cooper coming off the bench.

    that is not a team that is going to lose to Algeria or Slovenia …

  15. The only really objective comment on this site. Underestimating anyone is just plain stupid.

    Slovenia was 1 autogoal (poland vs. slovakia match) away from beeing first in our group. We also conceded only 4 goals in the qualifications. Also, Russia was thrilled to get us in the play-offs. So was Ukraine in 1999 and Romania in 2001. Don’t make the same mistake as they did.

    Same goes for Algeria. They didn’t qualify because of luck. I think anyone can advance from this group. It’s EVEN possible that England doesn’t, in my oppinion.

    Greetings from sLOVEenia and good luck. You’ll need it.

  16. Not only that, ESPN lists the US as the away team for all three of its matches. If each home team picks white, the USA will wear nothing but clash kits the whole tournament.

  17. Agreed, the down play of both Algeria and Slovenia was started from one of the poorest evaluators of soccer talent, Alexi Lalas. All three games will be very tough.

  18. I read somewhere that Rustenburg, first game site, is about a mile high, that with it winter beginning, USA may need to train in Denver.

  19. Mis amigos mexicanos are very nervous about their draw, and I don’t blame them. I could see any combination of any two teams coming out of group A.

    I’m stoked about the US draw though. Anybody know how the English, Algerian, or Slovenian press is covering the draw?

  20. Last time we played we didn’t have donovan, and as we all have seen he is what makes this team go… my prediction is 2-1 US goals by altidore and dempsey both assisted by donovan.

  21. I actually like the fact that we’re playing England our first match. Even in our best form we have no guarantee of taking points off them, so if the US follows its traditionally frustrating record of playing like shite the first game and finishing strong, at least we wont be losing points that we “need” to have.

  22. Get draw for the USA. can’t wait.. should be looking for 5-7 points in the group stages with a second round game verse Germany or Ghana, both would be great matches. Its going to be a good summer!

    On a side note, N. Korea is going to get shelled! Ivory Coast, Brazil and Portugal are going to run train on them. Should be entertaining to watch for a 20 minutes or so.

  23. I just wanted to let you know , WE GON MAKE IT

    Zero points entering day 2 is an assumption based on names alone, I like our chances… so should you!

  24. Not only has every host advanced, every host before 2006 did better than in their previous appearance. That’s how strong home field is. On the flip side, South Africa is the weakest home nation since the US in 94, probably weaker, and it took an own goal for us to advance then…but you seem to get massive breaks as the hosts.

  25. Sorry, but I would say Group D is the group of death this time around, then Group B & E…

    Brazil and Ivory Coast shouldn’t have any trouble.

  26. As has been said above by many others, this will not be a cakewalk, but it’s an incredibly favorable draw. Some may disagree, but I think the USA drew the weakest teams out of pots 3 and 4. While we’ll probably get whipped by the English, we couldn’t have asked for a better chance to advance.

    I would like to add that I think the USA will get better as the tournament goes along. Players who are rebounding from injury will regain sharpness and game fitness. If we make the 2nd round, we’ll give Germany a real fight. If we get through that, the sky’s the limit.

  27. England is so over-rated as to be ridiculous. The ESPN rankings have them third in the world??? Please!

    That is a beatable team, folks. Do I think Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore and Landon Donovan can be Ferdinand and Terry and get a goal? Absolutely. Do I think that Bob’s “empty bucket” will leave enough men back to handle Rooney? Yep.

    Put me down for 1-0 U.S.


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