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Guzan saves potential game-tying penalty in Aston Villa victory

Brad Guzan 2 (Getty Images)

Brad Guzan is turning into a penalty kick-stopping machine.

With the score 1-0 against Blackburn in the third round of the FA Cup, Guzan guessed correctly to deny David Dunn's potential equalizer from the penalty spot, and five minutes later, the Villains scored the eventual game-winner. The 3-1 victory pushed Aston Villa to the fourth round of the tournament for just the third time in nine seasons.

Guzan is likely to start a second consecutive game on Tuesday when Aston Villa plays Blackburn in the first leg of the semifinal round of the Carling Cup.

What did you think of Guzan's penalty kick save? Just how good do you consider Guzan? Think he will put in a repeat performance on Tuesday?

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  1. How about his 4 pk’s saved against sunderland? Was that good enough ETJ?? One stop against Jones in the 85th minute to keep things scoreless. And then 3 out of 4 in PK’s he stopped for a Villa winner. Man he shoulda saved all 4 though, right?

  2. How about his 4 PK saves against sunderland in October? Was that good enough..all of you soccer know it alls didn’t even bring this up.

  3. Yeah you’re right, evil was the wrong word. I should have gone with scum. But you have to admit that the way they treated Hughes, they are well on their way to becoming evil scum.

  4. Could very well be that I don’t understand the arc of a keeper’s career but I do know that they get better with age and play longer than any other position. Guzan is like what, all of 22 maybe? I think he’s doing just fine. Plus I’ve seen many a vet botch a set play, so completely eliminating Guzan from the roster for this botched play may be going a tad too far IMO. He seemed to do quite fine against Egypt.

  5. I undersand where your frustration comes from, I’m typically not someone who is negative towards American players abroad. On the other hand, you were having a go in your original message, but I was disrespectful to you for pretty much no reason so I apologize. Cheers


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