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Philly Union land Orozco on loan after deal with Red Bulls

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The Philadelphia Union's quest to build a top-notch defense in its first season continued on Friday as the club acquired former U.S. Olympic team defender Michael Orozco on loan from Mexican side San Luis.

To land Orozco, the Union had to complete a deal with the New York Red Bulls, acquiring the No. 1 spot in the Allocation Order from New York in exchange for an undisclosed sum of allocation money.

Orozco has made two appearances for the U.S. national team and had been a regular starter for San Luis before falling out of favor late last season. He is capable of playing in central defense but projects to be the team's starting right back.

With the trade, the Red Bulls now have the No. 5 spot in the MLS Allocation Order (It received the No. 6 spot in the trade, but move up a place after the Union's selection of Orozco). The San Jose Earthquakes now have the top spot in the Allocation Order, which is used to allocate current and former U.S. national team players who return to MLS.

Philadelphia's defense could be one of the better ones in MLS in year one. The Union had already acquired U.S. national team defender Danny Califf this off-season, as well as veteran defenders Shavar Thomas and Jordan Harvey in the MLS Expansion Draft. Highly-regarded goalkeeper Chris Seitz was acquired from Real Salt Lake early in the off-season.

Red Bulls fans who are surprised that their team gave up the top allocation spot shouldn't be. New York is clearly focused on shopping the international market for foreign talent and the allocation it secured from Philadelphia should help the Red Bulls land some more international talent.

Here is the up-to-date MLS Allocation Order:

1. San Jose Earthquakes

2. Kansas City Wizards

3. Toronto FC

4. FC Dallas

5. New York Red Bulls

6. Colorado Rapids

7. New England Revolution

8. Chivas USA

9. Seattle Sounders

10. Columbus Crew

11. Chicago Fire

12. Houston Dynamo

13. Los Angeles Galaxy

14. Real Salt Lake

15. D.C. United

16. Philadelphia Union

What do you think of this move? Surprised New York gave up the top spot in the Allocation Order? Excited to see Philadelphia's defense coming together? Starting to believe that Philly could enjoy a first season as sucessful as Seattle's?

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  1. Just wanted to say that You should give Michael

    (Orozco)a chance before even judging him on how he plays! Some of you are saying that why hasnt he even been in the training camps well his been playing for another team not here in the USA…….Maybe just being negative out of envy!!! Sorry but im related to him and I dont find it right to judge someone without even knowing what his been up too His been playing soccer since he was 4 years old and Im proud of what his done for himself!

  2. I would buy the “he was trying to be a starter for his club team” had he not been released by his club team prior to camp cupcake getting underway. He wasn’t trying to secure a starting spot, he was packing. If the explanation was that he was packing, okay, but no one has said that. He was still on the books of his club team in December, but by Xmas we new he was out of the picture. I think he could have had an extra spot in camp cupcake if he called up & asked for it, had they wanted him.

    Bornstein being pants refers to his somewhat underwhelming performances at the position.

  3. I was watching tape on RBNY’s draft picks, afterward I felt as though Soler made some solid picks based on serious problems RBNY had last season. The loss of Nick Zimmerman hurts a lot. Goldthwaite may have gotten better recognition for his play if last season didn’t go so badly. I also agree with the notion that Soler and Backe are more interested in bringing in talent from Europe. I also feel better knowing Richie Williams is still on our bench. Although, Hans Backe seems smart enough to help the potential of this team realize itself.

  4. I’m just really sick of the entire league structure and, frankly, I’d prefer a year long lock-out to the kind of pandering crap the MLS pulls. Let’s keep Dallas from signing whoever they want for a price THEY deem fair (but MLS doesn’t), but let’s make sure that Philly gets EVERYTHING they want. You know, I hate Dallas, but they deserve way better than that. At this point, MLS is making me hate the Union. It’s about as bush league as it gets. It’s time for teams to own their players, true free agency, and teams to start stepping outside the protective skirt of mommy (MLS head office) and showing they have a real commitment to improving the game in this country. Everyone else can go join the NBA.

  5. It has been stated that part of the reason that Orozco has not been called in for “Camp Cupcake” and other non FIFA dates is that he was concentrating on becoming a STARter for his club team. That an interruption to that goal would not be beneficial to his long term prospects with the Nats.

    At this point he is just a prospect. A KID w/ potential. He has moved because he wants to be seen.

    “Bornstein plays a ton of games there, and is pants. ”

    What does that mean?

  6. How has this happened? Philly has now had the opportunity at three returning national team players; Califf, Orozco, and Perkins. They obviously traded the opportunity to get Perkins to DC and traded for the rights to the pick to get Orozco, but how was Califf acquired?

  7. Orozco was so mighty he got 1 cap in 18 months and wasn’t even in Camp Cupcake with the USMNT this January, which wasn’t exactly the ‘cream of the US crop’, as we saw when they got WORKED by Honduras. HONDURAS!

    This “Orozco and Califf are both looking to prove they belong on the MNT” is going to be a T-shirt one day. If Orozco is such a USMNT lock…why isn’t he EVER even in camp? Bornstein plays a ton of games there, and is pants. If Orozco was quality, he’d be playing for us already.

  8. It’s not like Red Bull passed passed on Jozy or Beasley even. Orozco is crap, he wasn’t even good enough to sit the bench in Mexico. If Orozco hadn’t famously elbowed some Nigerian cat, nobody would even know who he is.

    Still, it would seem Soler/Backe took less than the established going rate. Clearly they’d rather spend money on Europeans they are familiar with then get a draft pick and some stiff that has been kicking around MLS. Time will tell.

  9. There’s no hype about Philly, but turning one allocation spot into 3 players is impressive. Just compare this to what Red Bulls got for their No. 1 allocation spot – cash and no players. As for Fred, Ben Olsen, a new assistant coach with DC United, stated in a recent interview that the team will miss Fred on the field. Perhaps Olsen was trying to be nice to his former teammate, but DC United protected Fred in the expansion draft so I don’t think that they were just trying to get rid of Fred. For Union, Orozco and Fred are two immediate starters. McInerney is probably too young to be a starter this year, but he has enough talent to be on U20 national team and is a very good prospect.

  10. I realize this thread is mostly dead, but from the (little) I’ve seen of Orozco with San Luis, including one game that he started at right, not left, back, I’m pretty sure he’s right-footed.

    I’m guessing he played left back at the Olympics because he was the best option.

    I did seem get pushed up to a left back position when San Luis was chasing a game, but he was hustling back to central defense when they lost the ball, it wasn’t like they started him at left back.

    Ives, can you or your sources settle the left-footed or right-footed question for sure?

  11. Ives & Soccer By Ives Nation

    Help me out, my lonely Earthquakes now have the number one spot. Who do you guys think is the most likely player to come back that the Quakes could take (also would be willing to play for them, that might be tough)??

    Also if Kenny Cooper decided to come back to MLS, does Dallas still own his rights or could SJ go after him now?


  12. The Philadelphia Union does not possess a RB at the moment. I believe that Nowak will play with a back three (like he did with his championship team in DC).

    If the Union were to play today, Nowak would send onto the field the following lineup, on a 3x4x1x2 tactical alignment:


    Shavar Thomas, Califf, & Orozco;

    Zimmermann, Okugo, Miglioranzi, & Shea Salinas


    Alejandro Moreno, & Mwanga.

  13. At this point, I don’t see the Union grabbing a DP this year, and I’n fine with that. I hope they don’t try to grow too quickly.

    A few more quality signings and we’ll be a solid, easy-to-root-for team. Can’t wait. Picked my seats today.


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