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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

BarcaCelebrate (Getty Images)

With 2009 in the rearview mirror, the new year brings with it great promise and new challenges for the world's best teams and players.

FC Barcelona will look to take on those new challenges after winning every trophy it could in 2009. The quest for new hardware begins today when Barcelona takes on Villarreal.

Americans looking to move closer to trophies will begin their quests today as the FA Cup kicks off. Brad Friedel, Brad Guzan and Aston Villa take on Blackburn while Tim Howard and Everton face Carlisle United in just two of the day's FA Cup matches involving Americans.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):

Saturday's Soccer on TV

7:30am– Setanta USA- Bristol City vs. Cardiff City (FA Cup)

10am– FSC/FSE- Middlesbrough vs. Manchester City (FA Cup)

10am– Setanta USA- Sunderland vs. Barrow (FA Cup)

10am– No TV- Everton vs. Carlisle United

10am– No TV- Aston Villa vs. Blackburn

10am– No TV- Fulham vs. Swindon Town

Noon– ESPN Deportes/ESPN360- Valencia vs. Espanyol

Noon– FSC/FSE- MK Dons vs. Burnley (FA Cup)

12:15pm– Setanta USA- Reading vs. Liverpool (FA Cup)

2pm– ESPN Deportes/ESPN360- Barcelona vs. Villarreal

6:30pm– FSE- Atlante vs. Tecos (InterLiga)

9pm– FSE- America vs. Santos Laguna (InterLiga)



  1. In the UK press they refer to Landon as “American Idol” :)) – LOL I do agree with you, but its how other countries perceive him that I was getting at.

  2. 2006 whites were the best in the modern era, I think. But every country (inc. Brazil, England, Dutch) switch up their designs, sometimes wildly. We’ve got red/white/blue, and not much history to speak of…that’s about it. The ’98 red shirts were pretty sharp…

  3. i agree. the sash idea could be good if they went all out. Like they did with the retro 1950 red kit they trotted out a while back. If you’re going to do it.. go for it.

    For me I’d prefer they pick one style and stick with it. Create some tradition with it. They can stray in non WC years, but go back for the copa. The 2006 white ones are the ones I’d pick.

  4. anyone got an idea on potential playing time for our guys tmrw? is demerit a guarantee against chelsea? and do spector and edu have any shot of getting playing time in big-time matches for their teams?

  5. I like the sash idea, hate the execution. Someone else said it best, that the three big concepts don’t seem to blend very well. The sash should be more than a stain, the neck should be V, probably collared. God, I hope these are fake. The away looks better, but still, at least V it up and fix those sleeves.

  6. Wow, just looked up those kits…Dutch doesnt look too bad but ours? Whose idea was an off-white diag on a white shirt? Uglyyy..
    The Barca/Villareal game on the other hand is awesome. Second half about to get underway.

  7. He’s entering the county on a work visa, which isn’t good until Jan 2. Had he entered the country on Dec 26 (as a tourist), he’d have had to leave and come back in again to get his work visa stamped.

  8. according to ESPN its not Jonathon dos Santos, but Jonathon Soriano Casas that is starting for Barça, pretty sure Dos Santos is not on the pitch or the bench

  9. Jimmy Bullard’s injury was huge. Without him, Hull simply looks lost in the midfield. It has to be a terribly hard situation for Jozy. It would be great if he were on a team with a foundation of good leadership and chemistry, but that is sadly not the case. I just hope he keeps working at his game and learns what he can. Brown has toyed with line-ups so much that it has been impossible for any group to get comfortable together. Hang in there Jozy.

  10. Hull City played last Saturday and Tuesday, Jozy started both games. He is getting time. Him not starting today is normal rotation. I’m not worried and feel he will have a big game soon.

  11. He’s gotten a ton of minutes in the past few games! His problem is (1) Jimmy Bullard is out and so the possession game for Hull is null and void, and (2) Jozy doesn’t hit the target nearly often enough when Hull do maintain possession and get it up to him. The fact that Jozy keeps getting starts at his age despite not having a single PL goal or playing particularly brilliantly is pretty good.

  12. I’m with you, I’d rather see him in an inferior league but playing, he needs to be working on his game, not worrying about pitch time.


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