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A move to Fox Soccer


If you follow the SBI Twitter Feed then you know I have some good news to share this morning. I am joining Fox Soccer as full-time writer/columnist.

The move ends a more than five-year stint with ESPN Soccernet, a tenure that included five MLS Cups, four MLS Drafts, a World Cup and countless U.S. national team matches. I enjoyed that time but am very excited to be joining Fox Soccer, which most of you know has been making major moves to boost its already unmatched coverage of soccer. I'm looking forward to doing my part to help that coverage be as strong as it can be.

What does this mean for SBI? There will be no drastic changes. I will continue to operate the site in the same way, though SBI will have an established relationship with Fox Soccer now. As I have said for some time, the plan is to strengthen the editorial staff in order to provide more thorough coverage of American Soccer, as well as the international game.

Thanks to all of you for supporting my work through the years, from the Herald News to ESPN Soccernet to SBI. 2010 is shaping up to be the best year yet so be sure to keep following along, both here and at


  1. Ives,

    Are you still going to cover the Red Bulls?


    (SBI-I plan to ramp up the Red Bulls coverage as we get closer to the season but the reality is I’m just never going to be able to personally cover the team like I used to when I wrote for the Herald News, when the Red Bulls were my sole focus. That being said, I have a prospective writer who appears ready to come on board and help me with the Red Bulls coverage, so I’m confident that SBI will be covering the Red Bulls pretty thoroughly as we get closer to kickoff.)

  2. GOAL 4: An LA Story. Fox Soccer Intern wakes up on LA park bench at midnight by the sounds of a rioutous pickup game. Juerggen Klinsmmann’s squad is missing a left back. After wowing Klinsmann Bruce Arena shows up at the park bench the next night to offer you an MLS developmental contract with the Galaxy(Mind, on a developmental wage you’ll still be on the park bench every night). At your first practice you catch the eye of Victoria Beckham’s cute personal assistant. At the end you are MLS MVP, star on Bob Bradley’s World Cup winning squad, beat Chivas USA, and get the girl. Don Garber calls to offer you a 4 year contract at $35,000 per. That’s Goal 4.

  3. Congrats Ives looks like all the hard work you put in keeps paying off. The new Red Bulls stadium looks good, I saw it about month again while my boss was driving me back to Newark airport. We have an office in Totowa. Go Fire

  4. Ives, transfer deadline day was last week! Are you pulling an Arshavin and sealing a move a long time after you were supposed to? 😉

    (SBI-MLS transfer window is still open.)

  5. yea, ESPN has refused to take soccer seriously, and I am sick of being treated like a second-class sports citizen…frankly, I’m no huge fan of FSC but I appreciate their commitment to taking soccer seriously.

  6. #3 Find a LB for the NATS
    #4 More DP’s in MLS
    #5 Soccer Specific stadia around the country
    #6 Ban diving throughout the world
    #7 Goal line replay
    #8 Oust Jack Warner
    #9 Reduce the federal deficit
    #10 Peace on earth, goodwill to all mankind


  7. congrats ives! and good luck!

    speaking of HD, the chelsea arsenal match had ‘HD live’ in the upper right of the picture but still only a non-HD feed for me in westchester county ny with cablevision. does anyone yet have a FSC HD channel? thanks.

  8. congrats! i feel like i keep waiting for soccernet to turn a corner for the better, but it usually seems to be lacking. i’m not as much of a reader of foxsports, but i’ll check it out on the regular now. soccerbyives stays as my home page though.

  9. Congrats Ives! Very good news for every US soccer fan. Add my name to the list of SBI Mafia members who would like you to help us get FSC and FS+ in HD on Directv. Don’t know if you’re still hanging out in North Jersey, but if you are I hope you will have a celebratory meal at Uncle Paulie’s in Maywood (best Peruvian food I’ve found in the area so far – try the jalea and they serve the requisite cancha with their ceviche).

  10. Ives,

    Here are some suggestions you can take to Fox Soccer:

    1. Website Sucks – woo hoo, they redesigned it by shuffling the chairs on the deck a little differently. Why not add some interactive features and more integration into social media platforms.

    (If they are going to put up a Facebook page, do something with it)

    2, Lara – She sucks, but I have a feeling they are not going to get rid of her.

    At minimum, go to Calgary and teach her how to pronounce Iker Casillas – it’s not “Eyekar”. She butchers so many names it’s like she just shows up and starts reading off the que cards or something.

    3. If I am subscribing to their content through my cable provider, why am I being asked to pay for the same content on a website? That is one thing ESPN has right.

    Just some suggestions and frustrations with FSC. (Actually, with all soccer sites)

  11. I also saw that Jonah Freedman is leaving Sports Illustrated. From his Twitter: “After 5 years, I’ll be leaving SI. Big move ahead, but suffice to say if you’re an American soccer fan, you’ll dig it.”

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Grant Wahl also announced that he is doing full-time soccer coverage for SI now, too. Exciting times.

  12. So you’re now going to be a suit like your boy SF is for MLS Insider?? 😉

    Just kidding Ives! Congrats on the move and Fox Soccer just got better for it.


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