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Evening Ticker: Sounders to face Timbers, USSF D-2 schedule released and more

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If you were already counting down the days to the first Seattle Sounders-Portland Timbers MLS match in 2011, you won't have to wait that long. The fierce rivalry, one of the oldest and most important in American soccer, will resume next month when the Sounders and Timbers face off in the Seattle's inaugural "Community Shield" match at Qwest Field on March 11.

The exhibition match is being played to raise money for local charities Boys and Girls Club of Washington State, Save the Children, Seattle SCORES and Washington Youth Soccer. Following the match the teams will sign autographs from the field.

Tickets for the match go on sale on Wednesday, with prices ranging from $10 for adults to $5 for youths age 6-17. All children younger than six can attend for free.

The Seattle Community Shield will take place two weeks before the Sounders open the MLS campaign against the expansion Philadelphia Union. The Timbers also open their campaign against a new team, taking on AC St. Louis on April 22 in the USSF Division 2 opener for both teams.

Here are some other stories to help close out your Monday:


The schedule for the new USSF Division 2 League was released on Monday and will kickoff the new league on April 10 in Miami, when Miami FC plays host to the Rochester Rhinos.

The 12-team league is divided into two conferences – the USL Conference and the NASL Conference. The USL Conference includes Austin Aztex, NSC Minnesota, Portland Timbers, Puerto Rico Islanders, Rochester Rhinos and Tampa Bay Rowdies. The NASL Conference will consist of Crystal Palace Baltimore, Carolina RailHawks, Miami FC, Montreal Impact, AC St. Louis and Vancouver Whitecaps.

The 12 teams were divided into three geographical pods of four teams each to determine the schedule because of travel considerations. Here are the pods:

Pod 1– Vancouver, Portland, Minnesota and St. Louis

Pod 2– Montreal, Rochester, Baltimore and Carolina

Pod 3– Austin, Tampa Bay, Miami and Puerto Rico.

Within its pod, each team will play the other three teams twice at home and twice away for a total of 12 matches. Each team will also compete against the eight teams from the other two pods twice, one home and once away for a total of 16 matches. To get to a total of 30 matches for each team (15 home and 15 away), each team was paired with a team from a different pod for a final home-and-away series.

The Division 2 League playoffs begin on October, with eight teams qualifying for the post-season. The winners of each conference will qualify for the playoffs, along with the next top six teams in the rankings.

Here is the full schedule.


Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Clint Mathis is set to be sidelined for four-to-six weeks after undergoing surgery to repair the torn meniscus in his left knee. Mathis suffered the injury last week and underwent surgery on Friday.

Acquired in a draft-day trade from Real Salt Lake, Mathis is expected to be back in time for the Galaxy's March 27 season opener against the New England Revolution.


The Chicago Fire has re-signed forward Calen Carr, the team announced on Monday. Carr has struggled with injuries throughout the first four years of his MLS career, but the speedy forward is healthy heading into this pre-season and will be called on to provide some depth up top, especially if Chicago can't come to terms with trialist Collins John.


Will you be attending the Sounders-Timbers match?  Do you see Clint Mathis contributing to the Galaxy in 2010? Plan on going to USSF Division 2 matches?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Actually to win the US Open Cup, we had to beat 5 MLS teams, we only beat one division 2 team, and I think you know who that was.

  2. 1. It was the second round of the playoffs. 2. Being on the top of the table after a 30 game season is ten times the accomplishment of going on a 5 game win streak. No, we didnt win the championship but we definitely win the league.

  3. Wow, on behalf of rational Seattle fans everywhere, can I say how embarrassing that exchange above is to the real fans of the Northwest?

    By the way, Vancouver will be our rival, not Portland. I know I know, all you young snots think it’s on between Timbers and Sounders, but Portland is just the irritating baby brother.

    Vancouver is a large cosmopolitan city with a sophisticated and vociferous fan base. They are one of the few MLS cities that can give Seattle an inferiority complex In two years, we’ll hate them more.

  4. We’re Screwed!

    The west coast won’t see a meaningful US Nat’s game until Sunil is gone … ugh 4 more years.

    Only 1 out of the last 29 WCQs have been played on the west coast. Oh well, maybe we’ll get a game in 2016.

  5. Aztex get to begin a rivalry with AC St. Louis, they’re the one outside of the pod we play twice at home and on the road. Pretty excited about that one.

  6. We won the league last year, what did you win? A open cup tournament where you beat a few division 2 teams and a couple of MLS teams who dont take the tournament seriously? C’mon go find a hell hole and jump (oh wait, youre already in one)

  7. David,

    I think we all know where the rivalry comes from. The Gold Rush. That’s right, the Gold Rush. Seattle grew like crazy because it was the closest port to Alaska with a cross-country rail line. That was when Seattle began to overtake Portland in international significance. And it was only cemented when our deep-water port became the primary shipping center in the Northwest. Portland never recovered.

    But I agree with you David. We should all combine in a unified hatred of LA.

  8. I would say it’s more like 30-something anonymous balding men who have nothing better to do with their day then go back and forth on a blog pretending it’s their own. Get some class people.

  9. Maybe its because I was a basketball fan first, but I don’t get the Seattle hate as a Portlander. Clearly the Northwest should be united in hatred of Los Angeles.

  10. as an american soccer fan i think the instant rivalries within MLS created by adding portland and vancouver are amazing. finally bringing the passion and atmosphere that makes this sport special around the world. what we don’t need is to bring the violence associated with it as well.

    who could have seen the day when anonymous teens would be taunting one another on a soccer blog in this country?

  11. You gotta be crazy fronting like Washington State and Seattle don’t have their fair share of problems with meth. If the news doesn’t include a story about a meth lab explosion or another mass murderer on a rampage, it’s been a lovely weekend in Washington state.

  12. Jail is a Timbers Army tradition. Why do you think they all walk so funny? You thought it was the meth? Well, yeah, maybe that’s why.

  13. Haha, continue winning nothing like you have for years and I’ll keep this smile on my face. That’s really what it comes down to. What have you won? Ever?

  14. typical of losers of a debate. Avoid the facts and resort to name calling. Continue to listen to piped in chants of the stadium.

  15. You obviously didn’t watch the whole situation, it’s better for you if we drop it. Save some of that fire for the match, your girls will need it.

  16. think again…

    you have no idea the passion of animosity towards each other for the defense of their clubs. I think last year at the Open Cup, it was very controlled, because everything/everyone was seperated accordingly. They need to continue to do that.

    I am not trying to yell fire in a crowded hall, just saying this rivalry is a bubbling volcano with the potential for a riot.

  17. Youre right. Portland Police have a hard time keeping their hands off people who are trying to physically abuse another. The shithead security that seattle employs is way better at violating ones first amendment rights.

  18. I can’t wait to see the Timbers go up and smoke those yuppie !@#$ in Seattle. Can’t wait to beat the hell out of them in MLS.

  19. The pitiful part was the entire hog-tie situation. Another example of Portscum residents (security/police) unable to keep their hands to themselves. Also, Timber Jim was a great grade school art project. Well done 3rd graders.

    Seattle, make sure you lock up all your ephedrine when Portscum comes to town.

  20. they moved down a level, I believe due to the uncertainty of USL-NASL, they decided to move to USL 2 which is equal to the third division. Here’s hoping they move up again next year.

  21. I’ll be there. I hope the TA are smart and stick to the north end and the ECS stick to the south end. All it takes is one or two idiots, and there are a few on each side. They are not necessairly members of the supporters groups either.

  22. I’m a Sounder supporter, but even I had to give it up for Timber Jim cutting down the Sneedle. That was epic — well played, TA!

  23. Which pitiful display are you talking about? The POD throwing smoke bombs on the pitch? One of your own being hog-tied and thrown into a police car? Or Timber Jim cutting down the Space needle? Please explain

  24. What happened with Charleston? Did they have to fold that team? I’m clearly unfamiliar with the franchise, but I always read what a beautiful stadium they had. Blackbaud I believe, so it’d be a shame if that wasn’t being used for pro soccer.

  25. I have a hard time believing that an exhibition match will lead to trouble between supporters groups, unless the TA decides to take up positions in the south end – which would just be rude. I think the game and atmosphere will be much less contentious than people think.

    I would be very surprised if the two fan groups celebrated raising money for charity by fighting in the stands. That would set an excellent example for the Boys & Girls Clubs and Save the Children.

  26. Timbers supporters should make the drive up. They need to watch & learn from the Sounders faithful after that pitiful display in the Open Cup match in Portland last year.


  27. Lots of squawking already about the Timbers-Sounders game being General Admission and how that could lead to trouble between the various supporters groups … and this is a pre-season match for charity! Gotta love it!

  28. Sounds like a good deal all around. Timbers fans come up and donate money to some Washington charities and watch their team lose lol. Seriously though, should be an awesome game.


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