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Feilhaber recovers from ankle injury, training for Aarhus

Benny Feilhaber 1 (Getty Images)  

After weeks of intensive rehabilitation at the Copacabana Beaches, U.S. national team midfielder Benny Feilhaber has returned to training for AGF Aarhus.

Feilhaber went through individual workouts on Thursday, and Aarhus physiotherapist Jens Bo Vestergaard Jorgensen has been impressed by the progress made in Feilhaber's ankle, which had suffered cartilage damage. Jorgensen expects Feilhaber to return to training with the full squad next week.

Feilhaber's return to training comes just days before U.S. forward Charlie Davies returns to the practice field for French club FC Sochaux after having recovered from multiple injuries suffered in a car crash in October of last year.

What do you think of this development? What do you see Feilhaber's role with the U.S. being this summer? Secretly wishing you could rehab at the Copacabana beaches sometime?

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  1. We are comparing apples to oranges here. I am attacking Bob’s strategy. You are stuck on “Benny Sucks”. He is a starter at arhus and plays well there. He plays with the US, he is lacking. Why is that? Im not a Benny feilhaber fan, however I feel if you play to a player’s strengths then you will see a confident and efficient player.

    I have to disagree with you with respect to Beasley. I recall interview with Bob regarding the possibility of using speedy players at left back possibly neutralize fast strikers. At the time we were getting burned at left back. Bob tried to shake things up and failed miserably. I don’t dissagree with you with regard to converting Def MF into defenders because most of the class defenders were at one point Midfielders. A revolutionary concept it isnt. However, a Defensive MF Beasley is not. He rarely tracks back into his own third. Rarely have I seen him win any balls in the MF. Never have I seen him slide tackle or knock someone off the ball. With that said, Beasley should never have gotten that assignment. Essien, cole, Bridge and Beasley….doesnt sound soo good right? You are completely correct, Beasley wasnt the man and was placed there by Bob for the wrong reason. So what are we arguing here?

    Secundoone, You want to replace Bornstien by converting Rodgers to a left back because if nothing else, he can pass and shoot the ball…Anyone can pass and shoot a ball. Beasley can pass and shoot. Should we put him back there again? Now, if you said Holden, Edu, or any other “defensive” type MF then yeah… Look, I dont disagree that bornstien is at times pathetic out there. However, how much of an improvement would it be to convert a MF to Defender. You have plenty of actual defenders that can play that left side. Pearce, Bornstien, bocanegra spector. The world cup is no time for experimentation. You go with what you have and let the chips fall where they may. Unfortunately Bob was unable to find a better player than bornstien. Do I think there are better? Sure. Do I think Bob failed to find them? You bet.-


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