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Fulham faces Wolfsburg, Liverpool takes on Benfica in Europa League quarterfinals

Clint Dempsey and Fulham will look to ride the momentum from their dramatic Round of 16 series victory over Juventus when the Cottagers take on Wolfsburg in the Europa League quarterfinals, which were draw on Friday.

Liverpool scored a tough draw, taking on Portuguese power Benfica. An All-Spanish quarterfinal will feature Valencia vs. Atletico Madrid, while Hamburg meets Standard Liege.

If Fulham can defeat Wolfsburg, they would then take on the winner of the Hamburg-Standard Liege quarterfinal. (apologies for incorrectly having the Fulham/Wolfsburg winner facing the Valencia/Atletico Madrid winner.)

What do you think of the match-ups? Like Fulham's chances of reaching the semifinals?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Liverpool vs Benfica? Probably the best we can expect from two fantastic football matches. Magic clubs. Magic players. Magic supporters. It’s hard to imagine a better scenery for football lovers.

  2. If Hamburg plays up to their potential, they should easily be able to win it at home. The entire team starts for WC quality nations. As depressing as it would be to lose to a team like FFC, I guess it would be cool for Deuce to make it though.

  3. You are right and Ives is wrong, at least according to I like Fulham’s chances WAY better than Liverpool’s here.

  4. I still can’t believe it: Deuce Dempsey, American bad-arse, really stuck it hard to the Vechhia Signora. It was a goal of true class and cheek, and let us savor it fully before speaking of the next challenge.

    Fulham should not fear Wolfsburg, they can do it, but they should respect them. Dzeko is one of the very best strikers you will see — big and skillful — and he is one of the best players who won’t be at the World Cup. They also have another very good Bosnian player, a midfielder (Misimovic?). If you don’t think the Bosnians can ball, ask Real Madrid, who got knocked out of the Champions on a goal by a teenager named Pjanic.

    For now, though, Fulham has won with hombres, vs a mega-club of overconfident nombres. Like the Mexican press, the Italian media is full of excuses, blaming the defeat solely on the failure of Juve, and giving no credit to Fulham.

    None of that will matter if Fulham lift the cup. I think they can do it. More importantly, so does Deuce.

  5. And to think they did won with no Murphy, no Dempsey (for 70 minutes & most of the comeback) and WITH Chris Baird in the middle. I didn’t recognize Baird last night, he did so well.

    I can’t believe it but Fulham have now beat Roma, Juventus, and the title holders Shaktar.

  6. For me, Duff has been a massive signing. He really helps put it all together. Simon Davies is getting back to form, too. Shorey was good cover. Schwarzer has been one of the best and was a big step up from Niemi. He has won them some matches these past two seasons. Hodgson has done very well for not much in bringing people in.

  7. With Zamora, Duff and Gera in form then adding Dempsey who is quickly working into form, Fulham is a scary team for ANY side save for maybe Barca and ManUre. Certainly Wolfsburg isn’t real excited about playing Fulham right now.

  8. Hi Strider,

    I am a German living in Canada right now and as a Hamburg fan, I can sympathize with your exchange student…that was nervy…as for Wolfsburg-Fulham, that is a pretty even match…



  9. You may want to correct your text. At one point you cite the all-Spanish match as Valencia vs Sevilla. However, Sevilla lost to CSKA Moscow in the CL. You correctly cite At. Madrid further down.

    Some great pairings though. We have a German exchange student with us who roots for Hamburg. He was on pins and needles the whole game yesterday as the defense was porous. 4-3 final. There were several wild games in Europa League yesterday!

  10. Wolfsburg is no joke. Dempsey is on track to being a Fulham legend right now. He still has to continue to do well, but he has scored some massive goals for Fulham so far in his career such as Liverpool to avoid relegation, a double against Chelsea, this one last night. He is on most of the back pages in England this morning. If you follow this, you know this is not just a big goal for Fulham, but for the Premier League, as well. This is one of the top moments for an American player. I wish the USMNT had some ambition to seek Hodgson (or Moyes) out for the USMNT after this WC.

  11. wolfsburg may not be tearing up the bundesliga this year, but keep in mind, they did win it last year… they’re not gonna be too easy. All Fulham need is Deuce tearin it up again and continuing the form he had right before the injury.

    & Liverpool should be able to handle Benfica if they play like they have the past two games.

  12. I was praying for a Benfica Vs Fulham..i’l lbe in Portugal on the 1ast and would have loved to have a chance of rocking my Dempsey shirt “na Catederal”

    Guess i’ll have to rock my Saviola shirt instead…

  13. I have to say Ives, I am a bit disappointed. Just one day separates the unveiling of our very own soccer cathedral in the Tri-State area, and you are talking about Europa League matchups?! Oh man, i miss your in-depth coverage of the Red Bulls! I am saying most of this in jest, but I do hope to hear some of your incite on the RBA opening. Thanks.

  14. I like Fulham’s chances a lot better than Liverpools. Fulham can take Wolfsburg. Liverpool I think will be blown out by Benfica.


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