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Wednesday Ticker: Crew ties Toluca, Jones targeting World Cup, and more


The Columbus Crew looked primed for a blowout loss after falling behind 2-0 to Toluca in CONCACAF Champions League action, but the MLS power climbed off the mat and sent yet another Mexican team away from Crew Stadium without a win.

Missing several key players due to injury and suspension, the Crew didn't look to have the weapons to recover from the early two-goal deficit, but Steven Lenhart stepped up and scored two goals to help Columbus salvage a 2-2 tie in the first-leg of their quarterfinal series.

The Crew will now head to Mexico for next Wednesday's second leg in Toluca needing a win or a draw of 3-3 or more to advance to the Champions League semifinals. Columbus will be attempting to become the first MLS team to win a competitive match in Mexico.

Here are some other stories to get your Wednesday going:


Jermaine Jones is still feeling pain in his surgically-repaired leg, but he revealed that playing in the World Cup in the United States is still a dream he is holding on to.

Jones is currently in Munich, where he is undergoing laser therapy to try and combat the pain he is still feeling in his legs. While Jones admitted uncertainty about whether he would play for Schalke this season, Jones told the Frankfurter Rundschau that is still hoping to play a part in the U.S. national team's World Cup plans.

"The World Cup is my goal. I want to jump on this train," Jones said.

Jones spent time with the U.S. national team last week during its visit to Amsterdam for last Wednesday's 2-1 exhibition loss to the Netherlands. He is still considered a long shot to make the team, having been out of action since undergoing surgery for a hairline fracture in his leg last summer.


Defending Copa Libertadores champions Estudiantes failed to find the net in settling for a 0-0 draw against Bolivian side Bolivar in Libertadores group action on Tuesday.

Ecuadorian club Deportivo Cuenca downed Mexican side Morelia, 2-0, while Chilean rivals Universidad Catolica and Universidad de Chile played to a 2-2 tie. Racing club of Uruguay defeated Cerro Porteno, 2-1, in other Libertadores action on Tuesday.


What did you think of the Crew's performance? Think Columbus can get a result in Mexico? Still holding out hope that Jermaine Jones will get healthy in time to be considered for a World Cup place?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Jermaine Jones is the best Defensive Midfield the USA got so it would be best to bring him along to South Africa if he’s healthy. If he can play the last two games in May and performs well then he’s in no matter what anyone says. If he starts playing for S 04 by April and plays well and is given good amount of time then he’s in the USA need him badley because they lack in Defensive Midfield.












  2. yep, he sure did. He was born on the military base in germany. His family moved to the Delta, then Chicago. His parents got divorced. His German mom took custody and took him back to Germany. He hung out there. His dad wanted him tom move back to the U.S…..If his parents didn’t get a divorce, he would already be playing for us..but if his parents didn’t get a divorce, he would probably be playing basketball in Chicago. : D

    So in a way, every little thing that happened in the past made this day possible.

  3. That is just a silly argument. Think about it this way: Tomorrow, through some unknown loophole, we find out that Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Wayne Rooney were all eligible to play for the US. Bob Bradley calls each of those guys on the phone, and they all say they would love to play for the US. Would anyone argue that we shouldn’t accept them because they had not been around throughout qualifying, hadn’t been “in the trenches” with the rest of the team? Absolutely not. We would welcome then with open arms and hand them a spot in the starting line-up. Why? Because they are better players than we currently have at their positions, which means they give us a better chance to win games. The point is a simple one: We should take the players who give us the best chance to win. Jermaine Jones, when healthy, is better than Edu, Clark, Torres, and probably better than Michael Bradley. If he is fit, he should be in the team.

  4. Real talk. That volley was an absolute bomb, and the finish was a clever run. He covered so much ground for his teammates and won every ball. Lenhart has better pace and work-rate, than Ching or Casey.

  5. like the charter idea, its not an MLS game, its an international games so international rules/procedure should trump MLS rules. esp, if the team pays for it. which they would. The Crew FO wants a W. And so should MLS. Garber, buy the Crew a flight w/ your soon to be increased salary!

    DC didn’t advance cuz DC got beat. Burrrrrrn.

  6. often on spanish broadcasts the announcers will call robbie, el pistolero. no idea how they got that name but it’s freakin’ sweet!

  7. Hey Bob,

    You know what is interesting about your post?

    When Torres hadn’t played many minutes for the US everybody thought Bradley was a racist who hated latino players and was holding the man back.

    Now that he’s played a little more and shown some flaws, everyone is off the band wagon and looking for the next anti-Bradley “backup QB” to jump on.

    Gotta love fickle USMNT fans.

  8. That’s because they love saying “Robbie Roooo-gers” for some crazy reason. I prefer them to John Terry Harkes anyway, even though I don’t speak Spanish. Much more emotion and the women on those shows are unbelievable.

    I just hope Harkes does the England game and ESPN does a piece on dissension in the locker room. Now that,I would watch and TIVO.

  9. “if Jones could play Left-Back, then he would make the team no matter what. Too bad he can’t.”

    Are you so sure?

    Do you know who Michael Essien is? He is an all around midfielder for Chelsea who has often played very well at right back for them. Claudio Reyna regularly started at right back for Rangers. Midfielders pay left and right back all the time. Maybe this guy can.

  10. Nobody y is talking about Lenhart beast performance?! His first goal was class.. Plus, he covered a ton of ground. (cap him! lol)

  11. Freelancer:

    Don’t take offense. I am not claiming he’s at fault or less of an American. I’m talking about the fact they he never really wanted to play for the US and now he does because he doesn’t have another option. Again, I don’t blame him. But there is a very real chance that he will cause problems among the team because the US was his second choice. That’s all.

  12. Mig22, I take offence to your comments! You’re making it sound like Jermaine Jones is “less” of an American! You’re making it sound like its HIS fault for being born! He’s as much American as anyone who was born to an American parent. He certainly has the right to play for the nats when healthy regardless who he bumps off the team or his history of growing up in Germany, not his fault!!

  13. That is interesting. I have not seen him play. Most of the Bundesliga games broad-casted include Bayern Munich and “fill in the blank”. I haven’t seen Schalke play when he was healthy. Since he announced his decision to play for the U.S. he hasn’t played a single game.

    I would think that the 4th highest rated midfielder would have had the German National Team at least moderately interested. Maybe all 3 of the mid-fielders rated ahead of him are German :).

  14. Thats not the only difference. Jermaine Jones was BORN American, Regis had NO ties to being American until he married an American women.

  15. Ah, thanks for that correction, kenny, I didn’t know that. Wiki is probably right for this kind of thing, 🙂

    I do still think he’s using the US team as a fallback but it is a bit more palatable if he has spent some time here. Cool.


  16. sorry, but he’s too good for your comment to hold any validity. This isn’t about who has the biggest heart, but who is most capable of helping the US qualify out of their group. Jones, if healthy, does just that.

    I’m tired of this whole ‘he doesn’t deserve to be on the team’ nonsense. Howard apparently seems to think Jones should be on the team, despite your comment.

  17. That’s how I feel. How can he possibly still be hurt?! People come back from compound fractures in almost the same amount of time. I always said that if he could get back on the pitch for Schalke then he’s in for SA, but not it just doesn’t seem like that’ll happen.


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