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Davies back to full training with Sochaux

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The news American fans have been anxiously awaiting to hear for months has arrived. Charlie Davies is back to full training for FC Sochaux.

Davies has recovered from the multiple injuries he suffered in a fatal car accident last October and resumed full contact training on Thursday, Davies confirmed to SBI on Monday. The American international also practiced on Friday and is targeting to play for the French club before season's end. 

It is unlikely that Davies will be able to partake in Sochaux's match against Montpellier on May 5, the game he originally targeted to make his return in. He is hoping, however, to complete his comeback on May 8 against Bordeaux or in the season finale vs. AJ Auxerre a week later.

Davies' return will come as a shock to many U.S. national team fans. On the same day Davies returned to full contact training, club president Alexandre Lacombe told French media he did not expect Davies to return this season.

If Davies finds playing time for Sochaux in its final two games, he will not only complete the unlikeliest of comebacks, but also boost his chances of getting called into the U.S pre-World Cup camp, which begins on May 17 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Davies has said for months that his ultimate goal is to play in this summer's World Cup. He just took a giant step towards accomplishing that. 


What do you think of this development? Think you are dreaming (you're not)? Never doubting Davies again? Do you see him making the World Cup team? Should Sochaux's president fine himself for his comments?

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  1. I laugh, because I’m right there with you.

    I had my finger on the order setanta button because on some weeks they might show Sochaux. Also at times scouring the FSC schedule for Hull, Everton, BW, West Ham, Fulham games each week.. then for the big 4.

  2. Really good article by the NY Times. The first time I saw the name of the driver of the car. I was beginning to wonder how in the world of TMZ more info about that night hadnt been released.

    I agree that Chuck D has to be in the picture in some way or other this June.

  3. Obviously not since Adu is a proven, reliable goal scorer at the World Cup level and a even better example to the youth of our nation about the importance of hard work.

    Our kids will be able to look at him and see that being spoiled,lame and lazy should not get in the way of achieving the highest of heights. Entitled slackers everywhere unite!


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