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Onyewu training with AC Milan

OguchiOnyewu 5(Reuters)

Oguchi Onyewu's health status has been kept a secret in recent weeks, but video has surfaced showing Onyewu training with club team AC Milan.

While AC Milan has not formally announced that Onyewu is back training with the team, this video would suggest that he is back training with the first team. The video, taken from Tuesday's training session, does not show actual game play so it is still unclear how far along Onyewu is, but from the short video it does appear as if he is healthy enough to do conditioning and agility drills with the team.

Onyewu has been sidelined since last October after suffering a ruptured patellar tendon in the U.S. national team's World Cup qualifying draw vs. Costa Rica last Oct. 10. The original timetable for Onyewu to return was miss six months, which he reached almost two weeks ago. It is unknown when exactly Onyewu resumed training.

Onyewu did some light conditioning work with the U.S. national team in late February and joined the team in Amsterdam for its friendly vs. the Netherlands. Most recently, Onyewu had been in California having his knee checked out.

AC Milan has four matches remaining in its season, a tough stretch that includes games vs. Palermo, Fiorentina, Genoa and Juventus. Milan has fallen out of the Serie A title race, and have a firm hold on a Champions League spot, so Onyewu could potentially see some playing time in the team's final matches, assuming he can regain full fitness.

Starting to feel better about Onyewu being back in time for the World Cup? Still worried until you see him playing in a game?

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  1. or at least to showcase him a bit so he can attract some offers, and Milan can recoup some dough on the guy.

  2. people who troll blogs for attention-getting nonsense usually have emotional problems. These problems manifest themselves in obsessive behaviour. In other words Tres, they are scanning site every few minutes, probably Ives’ site every half hour. Their obsessive behaviour thus allows them to be the first to post.

  3. That knee brace he is wearing is very thin and is they type players seem to wear after they have recovered for only the minimum amount of support as they get their strength back to 100%. He did not seem that worried as he jumped over those agility stakes.

    Hard to read too much into it without footage of him playing, but it looks promising.

  4. Yes I do. They can not win Serie A and they are 7 points ahead of Sampdoria and 9 points above Palermo with four games remaining for champions league spots.

    When would you expect a better time to play someone coming off an injury or give some reserves first team football?

    Milan is essentially locked into 3rd place and 4th as a worst case scenario.

  5. So for an away game, AC Milan will play this guy that has not seen minutes in what we consider dinosaur days in football in their next game against Palermo, a team they (Milan) lost at home, you all are dreamers. If he gets minutes in one of their last three games, it will be a miracle. They have Palermo, Genoa, Fiorentina and Juventus and you think any coach will play that slow player? Keep up the dream

  6. I’m not worried about him playing for Milan at all. I’d rather he take it easy for a few more weeks and let’s get a look at him in the Friendlies.

    Coming back from these injuries you feel like you’re at 90% for a looong time. You’re almost there but just can’t compete at full speed. I’d rather him take it slow right now.

    Gooch is weakest on the slotted through ball. Positionally and Speed wise. The US will play deep v England.

  7. I check here everyday too. Always hoping to see positive news on the holden/gooch/davies fronts.

    Even if there aren’t any updates during the week, I still check the gamecasts on weekends. Just in case one of ’em pulls a stealth return like dempsey did in the first juventus leg.

    It’s been a month since davies was listed as 2-4 weeks from a return, so I’m anxious to see the team sheet for sochaux’s match saturday…

  8. Gooch HAS played with the first team, and obviously trains with the first team. Cooper never even trained with the first team at Man U.

  9. If he plays in ONE game for AC Milan he will be our starting back… He will prove that he belongs there in our upcoming friendlies.

  10. hahah when was this? Cooper was never anywhere near United’s first team. The closest I can see Cooper getting to Ruud is when the club gave him DISCOUNTED tickets to Man U’s home games.

  11. do you follow milan? they are cloak and dagger’esq and def media hogs. i wouldnt past them to post this video for no other reason than to start speculation on gooch. hell — it got Ive’s attention. job well done.

  12. “single handedly forced the entire Conferations Cup to resort to short corners would be wise. ”

    Demerit, together w/ Gooch, had a lot to do with that.

  13. Gooch did get some play in CL, that is first team action in my book. Had he not been injured surely he would’ve been playing over Favalli, Kaladze and Bonera at CB after Nesta went down.

  14. At first he was very flat-footed, but his couple of years with Standard, after his return from Newcastle, he really became much more well-rounded, positionally aware,being able to pass out of the backfield and much more agile in his movement. His lack of yellow cards as compared to his earlier days with the Nats would show that.

    I think people just judge him on his size and think of him as still that imposing, overtly-physical beast from his earlier days in ’05 and ’06.

    So in other words – I think your wrong LOL!

  15. I found videos from the 4/15 and 4/16. Gooch is no where to be seen in these. One is agility training the other is an 8v8 scrimmage.

  16. Spector-Goodson-DeMerit-Boca.

    I hope not. I think Bob will play Gooch unless he’s still injured. If Gooch can’t go I think we see Spec-Boca-Jay D-Cherunds. Maybe Spec in for Cherunds or Spec on the bench with Bornstein on the left.

    No way Bob makes Goodson and Demerit our cb pairing in the WC. Not enough meaningful games together to anchor a team’s d on the big stage.


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