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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

DaniAlvesRonaldo (Reuters)

Barcelona and Real Madrid have been locked in a battle for the league title all season long and today marks the final weekend in one of the best championship races in La Liga history.

Barcelona takes a one-point lead into its match with relegation-battling Real Valladolid, a match the champions are expected to win. If Barcelona slips up, Real Madrid will have a chance to grab the trophy, assuming the 'Galacticos' can dispose of Malaga.

The Spanish League and Brazilian league are on the schedule on an otherwise slow soccer Sunday as we move closer to the World Cup. Women's soccer fans also have a viewing option, with Atlanta taking on Washington in WPS action.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


1pm– ESPN2/ESPN Deportes/ESPN3- Barcelona vs. Real Valladolid

1pm– DirecTV- Osasuna vs. Xerez

1pm– DirecTV- Valencia vs. Tenerife

1pm– DirecTV- Malaga vs. Real Madrid

1pm– Mexico vs. Chile (Friendly)

3pm– GolTV- Gremio vs. Corinthians

5:30pm– GolTV- Vasco da Gama vs. Palmeiras

6pm– FSC- Atlanta Beat vs. Washington Freedom



  1. Well the US tour was for money reasons as much as for evaluations. Aguirre’s (Mexico’s Manager) main concern is that his team controlled the ball but couldn’t finish the play with goal. Things should improve once the rest of the Europeans players join the team.

  2. Maradonna could only get worse if he benched Messi. Who do you start between Messi, Milito,Tevez, Higuin and Aguero? Even with 3 up front someone has to lose out.Messi is the best player in the world, Milito is scoring for fun, Aguero is his son-in law, Tevez never stops running, and Higuin was on a good streak. Maradonna has many difficult options to make, but I agree that some basic decisions may be butchered.

  3. That is true. Zlatan was a terrible move. Plus it wasn’t even a straight swap as Barca gave Inter 50 million Euros too. I imagine Barca will look to sell Zlatan and get Villa.

  4. Yes, Madmax,I think you are correct. I was talking about this month, though. I think this is the 4th friendly for Mexico for this month and they will have 4 more friendlies up to the WC. They will have 7 friendlies in May and 1 in June.

  5. I think there is huge gap on their talent. Mexico seems to have promising upcoming talent but there is a gap from Cuauthemoc’s generation the that of Guardodado, Dos Santos, vela etc. And I agree with you pulling out players from a domestic league is a waste of time. For some reason only mexico did it.

  6. Chile with some good play in the beginning of the second half and almost ties the game. And Just when Chile starts to play well, a red card is issued to Chile on a foul on Guardado.

  7. I believe this is Mexico’s 8th home friendly for 2010 (very ambitious, probably the most of any country), Chile I believe has played 4 friendlies.

    Both Chile and Mexico miss open goals. Chile down to ten with a red card.

  8. I get to DVR this friendly for tonight, but–

    I think they may have made a mistake pulling domestic players out of league play rhythm so early. Not impressed with Bofo or Cuau either.

    Is it just me, or has the talent level in Mexico go down a bit since 1998 and 2002(1 bad game aside)?

  9. Halftime: Mexico 1- Chile 0. Chile came in second to Brazil in CONMEBOL and has just played horrible in the first half. Even El Salvador played much better than Chile has in Azteca. Chile just continued to give the ball away at will, their first touch was horrible and they were practically glued on their half. After thirty minutes they started to play a little better but have played terrible the first half. I think this is Mexico’s 5th friendly. These guy will have had 9-10 friendlies before the World Cup.

  10. Mexico has already played 7 games in 2010 (all at home, US/Mex). I don’t think any country is close to either number (played/home). We’ll see how these numbers play out in SA. I picked Mexico as a final eight, but after watching a couple of games they still are undisciplined and reckless. They could lead group in red cards unless brought in.

  11. I’m not super familiar with Chile, but a couple of their big names i recognize starting. Mexico seems to have a starting lineup except for Marquez and Dos Santos, with Medina in for the latter.

  12. I got to agree. Maradona is going to not only waste Messi but the whole Argentina team. I can’t believe he didn’t pick any of the Inter players.
    Toure is also a beast. I think Pep and Barca have a thing for playing Catalonians. I know a few EPL teams that would love Toure’s presence in the center of the park…

  13. Barcelona 2 Real Valladolid 0

    Messi dominating the attack, (sorry that Maradona will waste him at WC)
    YaYa dominating midfield ( Pep’s only mistake all year, Sergio over YaYa)

  14. Mexico looks like the stronger side early on. I missed the lineups but recognize a few of the Mexico A/B players and it’s at Azteca no?. How strong of a side are these two teams?

  15. Once again, for those who are interested, the Mexico-Chile friendly is on Telemundo.

    Some of you may have that available over the air if it’s not in your particular cable or satellite package.

    Not sure why Ives didn’t add this as a couple of us pointed it out in “This weekend’s soccer on tv” thread. Granted, Telemundo’s website isn’t helpful about the Mexico friendly broadcast schedule, but you can bet they’re not going to let their exclusive(USA,Spanish) deal with FMF go to waste.

  16. For me, this feels like a kind of flat ending to the season (not just in Spain, but generally). I wonder if it’s because everyone is jacked about the World Cup and somehow the CL final and league titles seem anticlimatic.

  17. Any predictions? I say both Barca and Real win their games.

    Also, the Real Madrid game is on Gol TV for those that do not have Direct TV and get that channel.


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