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Morning Ticker: Torres may miss start of the season, Eriksson favored for Fulham job and more



When Fernando Torres pulled up lame in the World Cup final, it was certainly the last thing Roy Hodgson and Liverpool fans wanted to see.

And while Torres looked to enjoy Spain's World Cup celebration, news today wasn't good. Torres suffered a ruptured thigh muscle and won't be available for any of Liverpool's preseason preparations leaves him likely to miss out on the start of the English Premier League season. The Reds are scheduled to open against Arsenal at home on August 15.

The injury to the 26-year-old Spanish striker also throws into doubt rumors of a possible move to Chelsea. It was reported that the Blues have already offered £40 million for Torres' services.

Here are a few more stories for Wednesday:


Former England and Ivory Coast manager is the current favorite for the vacant coaching position at Fulham FC. The Daily Mail reports that the Swede is currently the front runner to take over at Craven Cottage after failing to get out of the group stages with the Ivory Coast in South Africa.

Other rumored candidates include Bob Bradley and Switzerland Ottmar Hitzfeld, but as long as Eriksson can agree on financial terms, he looks set to take over at Fulham.


Two years and seven trophies were enough to keep manager Pep Guardiola at the Camp Nou for at least one more season. News from Spain this morning that Guardiola has signed on through one more season in charge of the Catalan club will keep Guardiola in charge until June 30, 2011.

His future had been up in the air after his current deal expired at the end of the 2009-10 season, and rumors had circulated that he could walk away from the club.


A possible reunion between Ashley Cole and former manager Jose Mourinho could be in the works, with Real Madrid preparing to offer £30 million for the 29-year-old left back. Cole, who has come under fire in England after some critical post-World Cup comments made headlines, would likely welcome a chance to leave England and join up with Mourinho again at the Bernabeu. No firm offer has yet to be made for the World Cup veteran.


How will Torres' injury impact Liverpool? Will Eriksson head to Fulham? Glad to see Guardiola return?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Let me put it another way. What do Phil Brown, Ian Holloway,Roberto Martinez, and Tony Pulis, EPL managers past and present, know about football and mangement that BB doesn’t?

    Do you think any of them would have taken the US to the Round of 16 in the World Cup? And before you mention playing experience I have two names for you Bryan Robson and Ruud Gullitt, great players not so great managers. And Bert Van Marjwik, the Dutch manager had one cap for his country, like Bruce Arena.

    It seems to me managing a Championship team teaches you how to manage in the Championship. The EPL is a different game.

    How many Championship managers have become succesful EPL managers?

    Managing Fulham has the lower expectations of a low to mid level EPL team without the stigma of being a Championship level manager. I see no advantage for Bradley managing in the Championship.

  2. I said last year that I wanted them to recall this kid from loan. I loved what I’ve seen of Nemeth and hope he gets a chance to play for Liverpool.

  3. I agree with you.

    What I mean is that in order to stay in the EPL, they have to try and get better every year, without going crazy and blowing the budget.

    And this is no small task. It also means Bradley is the best option because he has that conservative long term outlook yet he seems to always get results wherever he goes and the teams under him always get better. Look it up. And he does it without a lot of crazy stuff.

    Sven would also be good. Look at how unknown a lot of his choices for Man City were yet they worked out. I submit that Bradley’s and Sven’s background in international manangement means they have a world wide network of oontacts so if either one gets the job, expect a number of inexpenisve unknown foreign ( USA, Ghana, Algeria?)players.

    I’d like to see Bradley get it but I’m sure any of the guys mentioned would work out fine.

  4. Sky reports that Erickson does not know about an offer from Fulham.

    “But the Swede insists he knows nothing of claims he is in line to take over at the west London club.

    Eriksson added: “I do not know, honestly. I do not think Fulham have decided what they want to do.”

    I hate English press. Who do you believe?

  5. Every last piece of “news” that has come out about the Fulham coaching search has been crap. Don’t believe any of it positive or negative for Bradley until they are holding a press conference announcing a hire. The reporting standards have just been that impressively bad.

  6. I’ve always felt that if Bob were to go to England, Division 1 or the Championship would be his best bet. Get a feel of the English game before you take on all of the pressure of the Premiership.

  7. Not a fan of Sven either, although he has plenty of defenders. I just hope Al-Fayed sees through this phony and opts for someone else.

  8. Fulham, under Roy at least, set very modest and nebulous goals.

    1) Ensure Premier League Survival

    2) Take anything else that is reasonably within reach.

    Fulham aren’t trying to get into the Champions League. They just aren’t. I’ve followed them a while, and that’s how they operate.

    That doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to improve. They seek to improve in their own way, which is buy and sell shrewdly. Such an approach is the only possible approach given the Club’s current financial model set by its owner. You, Chris, should understand this better than anyone. They are what they are. Those of you that root for top 4 sides generally are able to make these declarations of “improve or bust!” We generally just have to take what we can get.

    Idealistically, sure we’d love to get in the champions league. Realistically, I’m satisfied with a little mid-table mediocrity. Grabbing Europa league spots and creating havoc in that tournament is a cherry on top.


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