Should Andy Najar be an MLS All-Star?

Should Andy Najar be an MLS All-Star?

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Should Andy Najar be an MLS All-Star?


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We will find out at 1pm today who the MLS All-Star Team reserve and commissioner's pick selections are and while he's just 17 and on the worst team in MLS, Andy Najar should be one of those selections.

The Honduran native and D.C. United Academy Product has been one of, if not the most impressive youngster in MLS this season and his fan-pleasing skills and fearlessness deserve to be displayed on the same stage as Manchester United next week.

Will he be chosen? If he is, it is likely up to Don Garber to make it happen. Having D.C. United teenage sensations play in the All-Star Game is nothing new, with Freddy Adu, Santino Quaranta and Bobby Convey all having played in past MLS All-Star Games. No, Najar has not earned an All-Star nod based on total performances, but there's no rule written that says every single all-star team slot must be given based on overall performance.

Should Najar be placed on the MLS All-Star Team? Cast your vote here:

What do you think? Did you vote for him to be on, or do you think it's not quite his time yet?

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