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Should Andy Najar be an MLS All-Star?

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We will find out at 1pm today who the MLS All-Star Team reserve and commissioner's pick selections are and while he's just 17 and on the worst team in MLS, Andy Najar should be one of those selections.

The Honduran native and D.C. United Academy Product has been one of, if not the most impressive youngster in MLS this season and his fan-pleasing skills and fearlessness deserve to be displayed on the same stage as Manchester United next week.

Will he be chosen? If he is, it is likely up to Don Garber to make it happen. Having D.C. United teenage sensations play in the All-Star Game is nothing new, with Freddy Adu, Santino Quaranta and Bobby Convey all having played in past MLS All-Star Games. No, Najar has not earned an All-Star nod based on total performances, but there's no rule written that says every single all-star team slot must be given based on overall performance.

Should Najar be placed on the MLS All-Star Team? Cast your vote here:

What do you think? Did you vote for him to be on, or do you think it's not quite his time yet?

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  1. I’m a United season ticket holder – yes its been very painfull this year – and while I would say that Najar has had some good games he is well short of being an All Star.

    He is very inconsistent even in the short time he has been playing which is about 2-3 months.

    The whole Freddie Adu thing was mostly hype. Freddie had talent but it did not translate into effective play for the team. Najar is a better player and has more of an impact with the game, but let’s keep things in perspective.

    It may be good copy SBI and it may be a great story, but an All Star – No Way….

  2. A bit touchy today, eh, Bob? Who said SBI bloggers can’t offer a response to our comments?

    P.S. – In your original comment you did miss the point.

  3. I haven’t seen as much of United as I normally do but I did see Najar for about a half.

    The impression I get is he has the goods and the smarts but the physical presence needs to be developed. He looks like a wiry kid and perhaps a year or two of working out will fill him out and give him the power to combine with those skills and smarts. If that happens he could be something else. He seems very comfortable on the ball and, as a boy amongst men, doesn’t look scared.

    Am I making too much if my first impressions or is that about what you see?

  4. Maybe we can trade them Jonny Bornstein and a player to be named later for Andy Najar.

    I think they’ll go for it.

  5. The kid is 17 and seems very shy and tight with his family. I want him for the USMNT but maybe a full court press is not the best thing. Give him time to grow up a little.

    Don’t play him in the All star game because if he’s any good Ferguson will take him. He took C Ronaldo at 18 so you never know. Or maybe that’s a good thing if Najar plays for the US.

    Whatever is best of the kid.

  6. Agree with him already being better than the DCU teens mentioned. I hope he decides to play for the US instead of Honduras (not sure if that’s even possible). Honduras made it to the WC this year but it may be another 20 before they make it again. With the US he has a chance for some WC glory.

  7. “will give him more credibility as far as his career is concerned” … “thinking purely with his wallet”

    Not sure what kool-aid you’re drinking, but Rossi was born to Italian immigrants who both taught Italian and grew up watching Serie A on TV every weekend. He moved to Italy before age 13. Just because he was born here and stands at the US national anthem doesn’t mean he isn’t Italian at heart.

  8. Yes, Najar deserves a shot at the MLS All Stars. If is of any consolation, Najar is getting cold feet about playing for Honduras if at all according to latest Honduran press after interviewing him and his Honduran relatives. Andy says he feels greatful for all the US is doing for him and his family. The word also is that he has been invited by Arsenal for a three-week try out.

  9. No, Ives/SBI, I am not missing the point.* You asked the question should he be an all star. And while there are many factors to consider, I don’t think he has proven sufficiently exciting enough or dynamic enough to warrant such a consideration. Tristan Bowen or Mwanga have arguably been more exciting or interesting. Why not Brek Shea if you want to feature young talent.

    *You may want to reconsider soliciting your loyal readers’ feedback or input then getting all petulant with your “You’re really missing the point.” Kind of douchey.

  10. Ditto. I voted yes because I want DCU to be represented and he’s obviously our best option, but at the same time, I don’t want Sir Alex anywhere NEAR this kid. If word gets out, then he’ll be plucked from us in no time.

  11. Agree with DEAC, disagree with Erich.

    You can make excuses all you want, but Rossi is a red-blooded American. The USMT team has been infamous the past decade for being far too stringent as to the development of its young players for the USMT. The USMT put a lot of emphasis on playing for development in the MLS/US training academy as opposed to the international programs. Look at the history of sebastian Lletget. Rumor has it that he has frequently been given a hard time for pursuing his development at West Ham instead of in the states. That kind of treatment has given rise to a belief that he might choose the Azzurri over the US.

    Rossi plainly stated that he wanted to play for Italy bc it will give him more credibility as far as his career is concerned. This isn’t a guy who sits during the US national anthem. He was thinking purely with his wallet, and in that sense, you can’t really blame him. The point is, the US can’t afford to lose players like him. No other top national squad would let that happen.

  12. I think that Juan Agudelo has more talent than Andy Najar. He just hasnt gotten enough playing time… But Najar shouldn’t be an allstar because there are players that are more deservant than him.

  13. Najar lived a great majority of his life in Honduras, but has had all of his recent development in the US, including the DC United Academy.


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