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Portland Timbers introduce John Spencer as MLS head coach


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Former Houston Dynamo assistant coach John Spencer will be officially introduced as the Portland Timbers head coach for the 2011 MLS season during a press conference on Wednesday.

Spencer agreed to a deal earlier this summer, and will be given his first crack at an MLS head coaching job when the expansion Timbers begin play in 2011. His coaching career began as an assistant under Dominic Kinnear back in 2006, lasting through this season. This came after a lengthy playing career that included stops at Chelsea, Rangers, Everton and Colorado.

The press conference will be broadcast online, and is scheduled to start at 1:30p.m. ET. Video of the stream can be viewed below.

If you’re following the broadcast, make sure to share any thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy.


  1. Probably trying to maximize publicity surrounding announcement; announcement made on day of US v. Brazil match, meaning that ESPN would run announcement on its live scroll throughout match for national exposure to Timbers brand. Presser on same day as Timbers USL match in evening, hoping for boost in local media and ticket sales. From a big picture perspective, the club appears to be trying to space out its bigger announcements in order to pump out some news-worthy information every few weeks (hiring of Technical Director, new logo, head coach, coin flip, stadium seating plan already — to come = new kit unveiling, stadium unveiling and tours, player signings, etc.). This is being done to help increase ticket sales by keeping Timbers in the local press on a regular basis.

  2. thats not to mention the fact that everyone must have an academy and can sign from it. itll take a while but eventually teams will be producing their own players as well as scouting etc. Its about damn time too.

  3. I don’t know Ampf with the loosening of International rules a few years back coupled with an increase in the salary cap and an influx of DPs I think you can make an argument that the quality of play in MLS has improved lately. Adding two more teams will dilute the pool a little but I think both will take advantage of the DP rules and being USL squads have a strong core of players to build from.

  4. Too many MLS teams! Is there enough talent to support 20 top flight pro teams in the US? Is there even enough for ten? The quality of play will continue to be dismal for a while.

  5. BSU SSC-
    Dont see Vancouver getting rid of Thorrsson quite yet, especially as hes been with them successfully for a number of years now..

  6. He’ll be a great coach. He and Paul Mariner had been the top 2 assistant coaches in MLS for years. It’s good to see Jon Spencer finally get his shot.

    …however, I also think Dennis Hamlet deserves to be a head coach too. I know Portland had interviewed him as well. Vancouver should consider giving him a shot.


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