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SBI Live Q&A (Aug. 18 edition)

Good afternoon everybody. It's time for the latest SBI Live Q&A, where we can discuss all things related to the game of soccer.

Have a question about MLS, European soccer, the U.S. national team? Send them along. Want to talk music, TV or movies? We might have a few of those questions answered as well.

Send your questions my way and I will pick the best and try to answer them the best I can.

Let's get started (Q&A is after the jump):


  1. Ives, just a comment about the NYRB season ticket holders. I haven’t been able to make the games because of the travel situation to the games. I live on LI, and I work in Manhattan. If I go to weekend games it takes forever on public transportation. Weekday games I work overnights and it means no sleep. I bought the tix becasue my daughter loves the games but without the tailgating aspect it cuts down on the fun quite a bit. I won’t be renewing next year but I will go to a handful of games for sure.

    (SBI-I hear you Carl, and that’s completely fair. I would suggest looking into their ticket transfer system so you can pass the tickets on either by selling them or even giving them away. It takes a few minutes to set-up the online account but after that it’s cake. Will take you one or two minutes to email tickets to people. Seems a shame for the tickets to go completely unused.)

  2. Ives – Having heard you on the podcasts and videos, I can now confirm that you do have the appropriate voice and manner to be an excellent strip club dj.

  3. ives, say it aint so. dont listen to drake!

    goto youtube and search j cole. if you appreciate the old school stuff you WILL enjoy j cole.

    (SBI-I like J.Cole, but I’ve just enjoyed the Drake album a lot. Rick Ross’ album is good too.)

  4. While we are talking what ifs,

    What if, after playing with the Cosmos, both Pele and Beckenbauer stuck around NY to have love children with nice American girls? Years later, what if the strapping, talented young lads, in an absolute shocker, turned their backs on dad’s home nation to play for the US? Surely that would have eliminated any concern over both defense and offense at the 2010 WC.

  5. If we’re talking after the fact what ifs..

    People like to mock the Project 2010 goal..

    However if the USA got some breaks the squad could have very likely gotten to the Semi’s this year..

    Rossi and Subotic choose USA. Healthy Charlie D and J.Jones.. Even add to the arguement Klinsman at the helm… Then the favorable draw.

  6. Is the USSF seriously planning to rehire Bob Bradley? The word is out that the USSF has opened negotiations with him for another term. Some of the media opined that the US had a “good” World Cup because we won our group. Did the USSF set the bar that low?

    I think that the current coaching staff has brought the US as far as they could, and a lot of pundits agree, feeling that Bradley’s questionable personnel decisions and mediocre and unimaginative tactics at the W.C.kept them from proceeding any further against teams the US can and should beat.

    Was the USSF that satisfied with the US’s progression? Or are they just not looking forward to another hiring expedition?

  7. If the U.S. has a healthy Charlie Davies for the 2010 World Cup, we definitely make it to the semifinal game. I know this is a what-if after the fact…but, is this because I have a huge man-crush on CD9, or is it something you feel is correct as well?


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