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Who will be the next to 100 goals in MLS?


In MLS, the 100-goal club is elite territory.

Only seven players can claim a spot in that club, with Landon Donovan joining it with his 100th goal, a penalty kick against the Chicago Fire on Sunday evening.

Now, the race to become the next 100-goal score is one led by Donovan's current teammate Edson Buddle. At 85 goals, Buddle should eclipse the mark within at year or two if he can maintain the prolific scoring rate he's set in the past few seasons.

Buddle's closest competition among current MLS players are Brian McBride at 78, and Josh Wolff at 74, but given their age and current scoring rate, are outsiders to reach that landmark. Brian Ching and Dwayne De Rosario hover at 68 and 70 respectively, and would need Buddle to slip up to get there first. Here's a question for SBI readers — who will be the next player to eclipse the 100-goal mark? Have your say in the poll below.

Who did you vote for? Think someone can overtake Buddle? Share your thoughts below.


  1. of the players with 100 goals + he is statistacally the best striker to ever play in MLS. 101 goals in 177 games

    He scores a goal every 1.7 games
    TT scores once every 5.5 shots
    and of shots on goal he scores once every 3.1 shots

    Only Angel has a better rate of goal scoring for games played shots taken and shots on goal.

    1.6 goals per game
    a goal every 5.8 shots
    once every 2.75 shots on goal

    so the top 3 statistically are
    Then with out doing the math I believe
    Cunningham and Raul Diaz Arce round out the top five but I could be wrong about Arce. Like I said I did not do the math but it looks about right.

  2. What a shame to have lost Twellman for the league. Say what you want about him as a national teamer, he was a heck of an MLS player. One of the best the league has ever seen.

  3. I agree… I think someone will put in a bid for him at about 3 million and the MLS/Galaxy will jump up with both hands raised… (PS I like Buddle, not hating..)

  4. Aden, Jaime Moreno is the career MLS leader not only in goals scored, but also in fouls suffered. It is unfair to suggest that Moreno’s goal scoring record is inflated by the penalty kicks without also acknowledging that he was fouled more than any other player in the history of the league. Your point about inflated scoring record might be valid if a player was not much of an offensive threat and simply converted penalties earned by his teammates, but Moreno earned quite a few of the penalties he took. And where do you draw the line? Is a goal scored from a free kick less valid because it was not scored during the “run of play”? What if the player kicks the ball in the goal, but a defender uses his hands to stop it and a penalty is given? Should a goal from the resulting penalty kick by the same player count less than a goal scored from the “run of play”? What if the player has a great slalom run, beating three defenders, but the goalkeeper takes him down right before he can put the ball in the net? If the same player converts the penalty, does this goal have lesser value? Is Diego Forlan less deserving of the Golden Ball award because out of his 5 goals at the WC at least two came from a penalty kick (South Africa) or a free kick (Ghana)?

  5. I see your point, as many of their goals have come from the spot as opposed to a guy like Ching. Stepping up to the spot in a big game situation isn’t a walk in the park though, with respect to LD.

  6. Twellman scored 100 and 101 last year in one night against NYRB, I was there. That was the only game he’s played in the last two years.

  7. It’s a mistake, there are only 5 others: Jaime Moreno, Jeff Cunningham, Ante Razov, Taylor Twellman, Jason Kreis

  8. Top 5 career MLS goalscorers (I think) in front of Donovan:

    Moreno, Cunningham, Razov, Kreis, did Twellman make it to a 100 before his concussion problems?

    A hundred goals is a lot but MLS would have more if it were a higher paying league whose promising young scorers didn’t go overseas for better contracts. Players like Del Piero, Raul and others have had 2 or times more goals in their leagues.

  9. When Donovan scores 100 goals during the run of play, talk to me then.

    He and Jaime Moreno have two of the most inflated goal scoring records I’ve ever seen.

  10. Buddle. Then Angel, I think he could do it in the next 2 and 1/2 seasons at his current rate as he as 58 goals now.

  11. Wow, Landon didn’t get any love from SportsCenter for this milestone last night. Those SC anchors hate soccer. For a network that is so up thier asses in ‘milestones’, you would think LD, only the most popular US soccer player ever, would get some love … nope. Maybe they will run it on the ticker tonight – maybe not.

    Thanks for nothing SportsCenter. How was the Nascar race – pretty exciting I’ll bet.

    Props LD – not an easy accomplishment. Wouldn’t mind seeing him pass Moreno for the all time record before hopping across the pond.

  12. Pretty impressive for Mcbride and Wolff to even be in this group considering how much time they spent overseas, especially McBride.


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