A closer look at Andy Najar

A closer look at Andy Najar

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A closer look at Andy Najar


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Andy Najar is one of the most exciting young players in Major League Soccer, and a strong MLS Rookie of the Year, but the teenager is still so new to the American soccer scene that he can still go completely unnoticed standing in a sea of soccer fans.

This was the case last month when Najar took in the USA-Brazil friendly at Giants Stadium. It was interesting to watch U.S. national team fans walk by him oblivious to the fact that he just might be wearing a U.S. national team uniform one day.

Okay, so that possibility is still only a bit of wishful thinking for American fans considering Najar has never publicly stated any intentions of playing for the United States, but the fact is Najar is a promising talent who has yet to decide on his national team future. His native Honduras is pressing hard for a commitment, but the longer he puts off a decision the closer he will get to becoming an American citizen (Najar is currently a green card holder), which would give him the option of playing for the United States.

Najar isn't ready to make his national team decision just yet. He's focused on his first season in MLS and making the drastic adjustment from high school kid to professional athlete.

He has already made a smooth transition on the field, with his fearless style paying dividends in year one. Najar has established himself as one of the more dangerous wingers in the league. That's no small task playing on the worst team in the league.

I had a chance to interview Najar recently. You can read my Fox Soccer story on him here.

What do you think of Najar? Would you like to see him play for the United States? Think he should play for Honduras? Where do you think he ranks among this year's rookies?

Share your thoughts below.

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