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Americans Abroad: Tuesday Rewind


photo by Howard C. Smith/ 


Alejandro Bedoya may have scored an early game-winner for Orebro SK on Tuesday, but his day did not end as well as it started.

Bedoya enjoyed a dream start in Orebro's match against Kalmar on Tuesday by scoring a goal in the first minute of the 1-0 affair. While the one-goal lead held up for remainder of the match, Bedoya did not as he was sent off in the 70th minute with a foul that drew a questionable second yellow card.

Bedoya wasn't the only American Abroad in action on Tuesday. Here's how the rest of the players with games performed:



  • Mike Grella did not dress in Leeds United's 6-4 loss vs. Preston North End.

  • Zak Whitbread did not dress in Norwich City's 4-3 win vs. Leicester City. He is recovering from a calf injury.

  • Conor Doyle dressed but did not play in Derby County's 3-1 win vs. Middlesbrough.


  • Frank Simek started and played 90 minutes in Carlisle United's 4-0 win vs. Hartlepool United.

  • Anton Peterlin did not dress in Plymouth Argyle's 3-2 win vs. Swindon Town.


  • Oguchi Onyewu did not dress in AC Milan's 1-1 draw vs. Ajax in the Champions League.


  • Alejandro Bedoya started, played 70 minutes, scored a GOAL and was ejected in Orebro SK's 1-0 win vs. Kalmar. You can see his goal here.


What do you think of Bedoya's performance? Impressed by his goal?

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  1. Good point. Hargreaves injury issues seem to be chronic. They seem to have built up over the course of his career. Gooch’s problem on the other hand stems from a one time catastrophic injury. It makes me think about guys like Donovan McNabb and Tom Brady who both came back from knee injuries and were not so good the first season they did but then were a lot better the following season.

    For an athlete,there is a real big difference between a knee being medically “healed” and having the confidence that it is actually healed. It’s different for every athlete. If I remember correctly this is Gooch’s first major injury, there is the pressure of proving the transfer was not a mistake it and he has some tough competition for his spot.

    The guy has a lot on his plate and right now, maybe he doesn’t trust the one thing he could always count on, his body.

    I wouldn’t count on him being a major contributor for anyone until late this season or more likely next season.

  2. I wasn’t really posting it because he is connected to America but whatever.

    Mike should listen to his roommate (Somma) and go on loan to a club, even if it is in League Two.

  3. I completely agree.

    I just look at people like Owen Hargreaves that have brutal knee problems, and they struggle to perform. Of course, as I write this, Hargreaves might be on the verge of a comeback, so we shall see.

  4. Does he even qualify to play with the USNT? I can’t find anything on his Nationality or Place of birth. And if he does qualify is he even interested in representing the US?

  5. he’s renewed his green card and visits florida every break he gets. I wonder how far along in the process he is. Eligible for South Africa and Italy ATM

  6. I’m not a doctor. I don’t have inside info on Milan other than I’ve followed them for years and notice they have had quite a few players play well into their late 30’s.This can’t be an accident.

    Onyewu was injured about a year ago. Knee injuries always seem to take about two seasons to come back from i.e. it seems that players do a lot better the season after they first come back. Gooch may have been walking around and “fit” enough to play and I’m sure his adrenalin was at an all time high for the World Cup. However, chances are he wasn’t really ready and it probably wasn’t good for him to play in the World Cup and it may have set him back some.

    I’m sure Milan are taking their time with him rather than rushing him back. People need to remember he hardly had any time to make an impression with Milan before he got hurt. Milan most likely want to try to get him back as healthy as possible and playing as well as posible. Whether that is for their defense or someone else’s we don’t know but they will want to make back their investment in him.

    Everyone should probably slow down and not expect to see Gooch in action for some time. That goes double for Charlie Davies.

  7. Davide Somma is on fire! 5 goals in 6 games.

    Good to see Frank Simek playing and doing well.

    (SBI-Somma’s not eligible to play for the USA, at least not yet. No guarantee he ever will be.)

  8. Are you still doing CONCACAF abroad? I’ve come to think that our neighbors success is also connected to our nat. teams development. Plus, Mexico has a great young generation of attacking players. What can we learn from their development system?

  9. Since you were on the touchline you should have raised your flag and let the ref know it was out. From the video clip at a less than ideal angle, it looked like the ball was bouncing as it approached the line so it was tough to tell if it went out.

  10. However, it’s not like he was getting significant minutes before his injury. And it’s not like Milan had a world-class defense that could afford to sit him or was tearing up the tables.

  11. ….cot’d

    But as great as he has been over periods of time, that injury slowed him. He looked a little clumsy and lumbering in the Cup, and hasn’t done much for club since. Seems like we are doomed to ask “What-ifs” for a long, long time about that fateful two days in October of last year.

  12. I really think his knee injury has put essentially a permanent dent in his career. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a defender boss the box as much as he did against Torres and Spain. I have a picture on my wall of Fernando exchanging jerseys with Oguchi after that game, truly a sign of respect.

  13. sbdUSA – and your definitive assessment is based on what exactly? unless you’ve been privy to the training sessions at acmilan all season or have a direct line to the manager, i’m CERTAIN you cannot be definitive in any statement you’re making. last i checked, serie a teams were not handing multi-year contracts to players who are “definitely not good enough”.

    everyone is entitled to their opinions, but take it easy on putting it out there as if its anything more than that.

  14. Both I believe. He’s definitely not good enough for AC Milan in their eyes, and I think he’s still rehabbing from his knee injury, despite saying he was healthy enough to play in the WC.


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