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Bradley scores as Moenchengladbach ties Schalke, 2-2

Michael Bradley 5 (Getty Images)  

Michael Bradley scored his first goal of the Bundesliga season in Borussia Moenchengladbach's 2-2 draw against Schalke 04 on Saturday, and he did so with one of his patented runs into the box.

With Moenchengladbach leading 1-0, Bradley doubled the lead with a deep run that started in his own half before finishing off a nice passing sequence with a left-footed effort to the far post. The goal was Bradley's first since netting in a DFB Pokal match versus FC Erzgebirge Aue in August.

Moenchengladbach would not be able to hold onto the lead as Schalke rallied to tie the game through second-half goals from Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Raul. U.S. national team prospect Jermaine Jones started and played 51 minutes for Schalke.

If you haven't seen Bradley's goal or want to see it again, here it is:

What do you think of the goal? Impressed by it? Think it is more impressive that Schalke came back and tied the game?

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  1. The umlaut (the two dots) makes it kinda difficult. I know how to pronounce words with it because I took German in high school. Kind of a hard skill to teach though. It’s almost like you’re adding an ‘R’ in there.

    Without the umlaut: it would be Moahn-chen-glahd-bahck

    With the umlaut: it’s more like Muhrn-chen-glahd-back

  2. Being in the right place at the right time to score, if you do it as often as Bradley has, is a skill, not luck.

    Bradley scored 16 goals, most of them in a manner very similar to this goal, at Heerenveen in the Eredivise, 3 years ago when he was 20 years old.

    Bradley is a 6 year pro, a veteran of the MLS, Dutch and German leagues and the World Cup. He has 8 goals for the USMNT and 24 European goals(one in the MLS) as a midfielder. And he is just 23 years old.

    Yet you and wally act like he’s some high school kid who needs advice on how to play from you guys.

    My guess is he is pretty knowledgeable about things like theory and technique in the real world of professional soccer.

  3. Bradley running all over the place is his job. He’s applying pressure out of the midfield. The problem is that the defensive midfielder covering for him isn’t always most trustworthy. Clark would get dragged out of place, which made playing up the middle easy for Turkey. With Edu and Torres, you got players who were better at positioning themselves to cover for Bradley and break up attacks.

  4. If MB was “very undisplined and leaving huge gaps in the midfield with his running all over the field like an 8 year old,” I’m pretty sure ‘Gladbach would have sold him over the summer.

  5. If you watch from the beginning of the clip, you will notice Bradley following the play the whole time. I like how he patiently keeps up with the play and then stayed in space to come in the box “late” or right on time as I see it. A year or two ago people kept saying he was lucky and just in the right place at the right time. This play shows me that he is doing it on purpose.

  6. Look at bradley’s play on the USMNT, do you see him running around like a 8 year old??? No, so why would you think he has no idea how to play in germany??? I don’t think anyone would be mad if some one criticize an american, but make sure the criticizing is legit.

  7. you know this how? also, do you watch BMG matches or are you just out to criticize anyone that points out a flaw in an american? i dont either, but euroman may well have a point.

  8. They both did/do well to score goals in europe and for MNT and my point I was trying to get to is that their goals are quick 1 or two touch finishes. Gives the opposition little time to prepare and defend.

    Isn’t Robbie Keane good at finishing like this?

  9. Don’t know why this dude isn’t playing in the EPL. You can’t tell me that he wouldn’t make a difference for team in the middle/lower portions of the pack.

  10. Good cut-back pass to find him and nice precise one touch finish by bradley. He somehow waltzed into the box without a defender within 10 feet of him, but he seems to have a knack for doing that.

  11. BMG is now in the relegation zone and deserve it. Good for MB & the goal but this is a bad team and he has been a big part of the problem. Mike is very undisplined and leaves huge gaps in the midfield with his running all over the field like an 8 year old.

  12. Bradley has the record for 16 league and 18 in all competition. I think McBride’s was 12 in all competition. But they have a way of grading the different leagues so that Bradley’s 16 goals might be 12 goals in England.

  13. Bradley was a total goal-scorer his last season in Holland. He slowed quite a bit in the Bundesliga but i bet he’ll be among top goal scorers for BMG this season. 5 goals you heard it here.

  14. That’s how he got the record for goals by American in Europe at Herenveen.

    Watch McBride goals. Unless you are gifted in skill and athleticism to score goals you have to basically finish 1 touch. MB has done that with almost ALL his goals, USMNT and Club.


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