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Premier League favorites fall in cup play


One by one, some of the big boys of English soccer fell by the wayside against lower-tier competition in the third round of Carling Cup action this week.

On Tuesday it was Everton, which was stunned in penalty kicks by League One side Brentford, and Bolton, which fell, 1-0, to Burnley.

On Wednesday, three of the higher-spending clubs were all victims of upsets. Chelsea fell to Newcastle in a wild, 4-3 affair at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool went to penalties with League Two foe Northampton Town and lost in the shootout at Anfield, and Manchester City dropped a 2-1 result to West Brom.

Granted, the favored teams all trotted out makeshift lineups comprised almost exclusively of reserves, but what do you think about all of the upsets? Think Brentford and Northampton Town can keep advancing? Do you see a Manchester United-Arsenal final happening down the line?

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  1. I see what you’re saying about injuries here, but Frimpong is hardly a big contributor, and Gibbs, Fabregas, Vermaelen, and Diaby should all be back in a few weeks’ time. Ramsey should be back before the end of the year, and Bendtner should be back fairly soon, too. Plus, the understudies have shown they can play well without these guys. Ramsey, Eboue, Song, Rosicky, and Nasri should be able to hold down the midfield for the next few weeks just fine, and Arshavin, Vela, and Chamakh will be more than able up top.

  2. nice reply.
    Too many on here are quick to reply with stupid little comments saying you are an idiot or you’re jealous type stuff. It’s getting stupid.
    Someone told me the other day that I don’t know anything about European football even though I was born in Europe and lived most of my life here and I still live here.

  3. I’m not a hater, I follow the EPL as a league, I don’t have a dog in that fight and I don’t see how my statment is a hater statment. I don’t think Arsenal has it in them to win anything but the Carling Cup.

    Howm any injured starters d othey have already?

    Gibbs Ankle/Foot Injury

    Fabregas Hamstring Injury

    Diaby Ankle/Foot Injury

    Vermaelen Achilles Tendinopathy

    Walcott Ankle/Foot

    Van Persie Ankle/Foot

    Frimpong ACL Knee Injury

    Bendtner Groin/Pelvis Injury

    Ramsey Broken Leg

    I mean, 5 games in 9 injured players, and we’re not talkign about 9 back ups either…look at the names on that list.

    I know Chelsea is looking just as bad, if not worse, but I beleive Chelsea can overcome it easier than Arsenal, IMO relying on veterans may pan out better for Chelsea.

    MU is sittign prettiest out the big 3 in regards to injuries.

    And we’re only talking about injuries, lets not bring in the last minute points that both Arsenal and MU have already thrown away in league play.

    In conclusion, Jack will be an outstanding player, but I fail to see how that will mean Arsenal only possible silverwre this season, IMO, will be the CC.

  4. i agree Arsenal needs to step it up but what other club in the EPL can say they are financially stable enough so our kids can enjoy the beautiful football they play. Wenger can go ahead and spend like crazy but that doesnt guarantee silverware (look at man city). Even if they dont win silverware they still are one of the most fluid and enjoyable clubs to watch. GO GUNNERS!

  5. Jack is a very good player. But the point remains, the League Cup might be the only thing Arsenal wins this year. Even then, I wonder if they won’t get beat along the way before the final.

    Now if we could have Man U AND Arsenal stumble along the way this cup would be very interesting (although probably not very well watched on TV over there)


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