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Dempsey scores in 1-1 draw vs. West Ham

Clint Dempsey 13 (Getty Images)


Fulham extended its unbeaten run in the Premier League on Saturday, and it was Clint Dempsey that came through with the Cottagers' lone goal in a 1-1 draw against West Ham United.

Dempsey scored his second goal of the season in the first half of the match, beating goalkeeper Robert Green with a volley 112 days after scoring on him in embarrassing fashion at the World Cup.

West Ham would find its equalizer in the second half, but the draw kept Fulham without a loss through seven games this season (one win, six draws). 

Dempsey went the distance in the match, and teammate Eddie Johnson received his first start of the season and played 77 minutes.

Here's the goal:

What do you think of Dempsey's goal? Do you see Green calling in sick next time he has to face Dempsey? More impressed by Johnson's 77-minute performance?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. You definitions are somewhat limited.

    Dempsey scores from anywhere, anytime. His goal against Spain fits your poacher definiton and his goal against Juventus fits your world class finisher definition. The truth is Dempsey is just a very good attacking player with a talent for scropong goal good and timely goals.

    Jozy has 2 club goals in two years so the term goal scoring should not be applied to him. Right now he’s a forward who does a number of good things for his teams , but scoring goals isn’t one of them. Think of him as a soccer version of the power forward who does the defense and rebounding but not the scoring for his NBA team. Whatever he’s doing it’s enough that he is still getting chances to play for the US and Villareal. whetehr that will continue remains to be seen.

  2. Agreed that dempsey is a near-world-class finisher (he’s no messi/torres/drogba), and one of, if not the, USA’s best field players; however, he has also been known to poach a goal or two (watch a compilation of USA goals in the past few years…you’ll almost always find clint sitting on the back post waiting for a rebound or a missed punch by a keeper). In my opinion, having near-world-class touch AND being able to poach is better than having just world class touch/finishing (unless you’re someone like messi et al, who have the skills, and the supporting cast, to never even attempt a poach). That said, I’m glad he’s on our side

  3. A “goal poacher” hangs around the back line and scores a lot of goals from tap ins, deflected saves, etc. A “world class finisher” has good first touch, can finish with both feet, can finish from difficult angles or body positions, and has a combination of power and placement when shooting at goal.

    That second description sure sounds a lot like Dempsey to me…

    The guy who said Demps is a goal poacher is out of his mind. If any current US national is a poacher it is Jozy.

  4. “he’s more of a goal poacher than a world class finisher like McBride was.”

    Could you explain the difference between those two terms?

  5. Dempsey seems to be doing great at foward 2 goals in what 3 or 4 games not bad, so he can get used to playing foward with the U.S. up top with altidore or whoever the alternate is, Johnson getting playing time is very valuable and he will improve to get him in the mix for the fourth foward of the national team.

  6. Dempsey is a badass. He took some knocks in the first half but then scored. EJ actually looked pretty good, had a decent shot in the first half, that sailed just over the bar. He held up the ball well (from what I saw) and made some decent runs, and should have drawn a penalty. He also was smart and played the ball off instead of trying to run at the defenders.

  7. “he’s more of a goal poacher than a world class finisher like McBride was.”

    Yea, his diving header on the long Spector cross against Spain in the Confederations Cup was a total cheap poach. Good call on that one.

    Oh, and the goal against Juve in the Europa League? Not an shred of class in that one, either.

    Long range volley game-winner vs. Stoke? Just a junk tap in, really.

  8. Since I’m a West Ham supporter, I was not pleased to see the team scored on, but Dempsey did finish it well and it was from such a simple play. I’ve always wanted to see Eddie succeed and I thought he had a decent game overall. He just needs to get his finishing back and fine tune the first touch, the speed is still there.

  9. 20+ goals seems like a lot.

    he’s more of a goal poacher than a world class finisher like McBride was.

    i think he’s always said that his goal in the EPL was to keep increasing his goal tally each season and to eventually get into double digits.

    i think 10+ sounds about right. considering his god given athletic abilities, that’s pretty good. not particularly quick or dangerous 1v1, he’s just scrappy as hell, and goals come with persistence

  10. not to mention with Kamara recently blowing some really great chances and killing some good buildups, EJ is surely in front of him on the depth chart for the foreseeable future

  11. When was the last time, if ever, 2 American forwards started an EPL match?

    Dempsey looked very good throughout. EJ looked better, but…there always seems something lacking. He doesn’t turn with the ball and go at defenders, he shies away from contact and i think he could press the defense harder when the opposition possesses the ball. He runs well into space, gets up high in the air for headers, pressures the defense with pace and draws fouls. M Hughes is playing him so that shows me something.

  12. Great goal for Dempsey, he really needs to keep this for going and try and be a Top 5 goal scorer in the league this season. I can only admagine if he was on one of the top 5 teams in the league, he would get 20+ goals. Maybe Liverpool should try bringing him in they need tallent and on the cheap and I think he would be a great buy for them. Way to go Dempsey, hope to see you put some in the back of the net for the USA now.

  13. “Dempsey’s clearly developed his tactical acumen in England. THAT’s why we need more players overseas!!”

    That is mostly because he has played so much. I’ll bet he wouldn’t have so much acumen if he was sitting all the time.

  14. Good stuff from Clint and EJ. I’ve come to expect big things from Clint, but really great that EJ must be doing well in practice to earn a start. I know there are injury issues, but hopefully the guys earns some playing time. I also agree that if he can bag a goal, good things might come his way. He’s always had the talent, but it’s rare when his head is in the right place to harness said talent.

  15. EJ looked decent, and is improving with each game. All that’s lacking is the final bit of quality. You get the feeling that if he’s able to just score that first goal, more will follow. He hasn’t done enough to move past Dembele on the depth chart, but h will continue to get fifteen to twenty-five minutes off the bench in most games.

  16. Great awareness in the box, and Dempsey’s clearly developed his tactical acumen in England. THAT’s why we need more players overseas!!

  17. This match showed that EJ deserved his call up. He needs to score in his next match or he will be on the bench for quite a while. He was given a 6 by skysports and Dempsey an 8. fair

  18. i wish someone had a youtube video of all his goals for Fulham. they’re in the dozens now i believe.

    anyway that goal was mighty damn good. 1 of his best if u ask me


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