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Morning Ticker: Gordon suspended, Omaha wants an MLS team and more

Alan gordon

Chivas USA forward Alan Gordon has been suspended two games and fined 1,000 dollars "for violent conduct" during Chivas' 3-0 victory over Toronto FC on Saturday.

In the 74th minute of the game, with Chivas leading 1-0, Gordon caught Toronto defender Adrian Cann in the face with his arm. The officials issued a yellow card but the league has determined Gordon should have been sent off. 

Gordon will be able to appear in Chivas' regular-season finale on Oct. 23 against Chicago.

Here are some more stories to get your Thursday started.


After nearly a week of court battles appeared over, the sale of Liverpool FC to John Henry looked assured when the British high court ruled that the club's board remain intact and a sale could go forward. But current co-owner John Hicks has gotten a judge in Texas to grant a temporary injunction blocking the sale yet again.

The Liverpool board and New England Sports Ventures, of which Henry is principal owner, went back to British court again this morning to try and get the ruling overturned.


Omaha mayor Jim Shuttle has said that he wants to bring an MLS team to Nebraska.

Speaking at a reverse trade mission, Shuttle said the under-construction TD Ameritrade Park, which will host the College World Series, would be a perfect venue for an MLS team. But several obstacles stand in the way of the MLS coming to Omaha. It is widely believed that the league will add a second New York team or expand into the Southeast for their 20th squad and Omaha's population of only 850,000 people would make them the smallest city with a franchise. 


After another season without reaching the playoffs, Toronto FC has apologized to its fans.

In an email to season ticket holders, the club apologized for missing the playoffs and admitted it made a mistake by not including CONCACAF Champions League games in season ticket packages. Toronto also fired its coach and general manager mid-season.

The North End Elite, the main supporters group for the club, said that they would stage a silent protest during Toronto's upcoming Champions League match against Deportivo Arabe Unido.


  1. If you build… they won’t come. Sorry Omaha Stylee.

    Why is Hicks delaying the inevitable and why does he even want to still own Liverpool? 10 feet deep in debt, shabby team with good players wanting out and every scouser on the face of the planet hates the dude. Chowder heads = Scousers.

  2. Fischy,
    Look up Morrison stadium at Creighton–beautiful facility, often full. Actually, one could easily see that stadium being expanded to 15-20K. Would be way better than the baseball park. I’m not from Omaha, by the way, I’m from Seattle. I just think that medium sized cities can support an MLS team if circumstances (ownership, stadium, marketing) are right. Sometimes, better than big cities, where there is a ton of competition for the entertainment dollar.

  3. My thoughts exactly. A baseball stadium? Yeah like MLS wants another team playing a pitch that’s way too small. Thank God, Kansas City is finally getting a real stadium cuz Community America Ball Park was a effin joke

  4. It’s been a looong road to get to this point.

    We’ve been through over-priced friendly after friendly. Some people on the waiting list were forced to buy worthless tickets to a jr hockey team as part of a partial TFC package. The club has hiked prices every year and the quality of the product on the field has always been terrible.

    The MLS cup is just the victem of people’s ire. IF they had simply made the tickets available to the public with SSH opt-in they would have been fine.

    Nobody is against the game, but it’s just one more thing people are being forced to pay for.

  5. Fischy- are you from Omaha?

    What’s that you say, no…

    There is a good soccer following in Omaha, as much if not better than any city its size.

  6. Well, and because he was a billionaire.

    This was supposed to be a jokey reply to a pro/rel comment above anyway, but I was foiled by technology.

  7. Hoffenheim benefited from having a billionaire purely because he was knowledgeable enough to use his money on infrastructure and youth development – hence why their team is the youngest in the league.

    He didn’t go out and buy multi-million dollar players, he created them through years and years of work. He’s been there for ages.

  8. Have you been to the NY Metro area recently?…….. Harrison NJ is a 20 min train ride from downtown manhattan…… Its closer than lots of areas in the city

    Simply put Harrison NJ is part of the NY metro area…. Would anyone in their right mind drive from Frisco to Downtown Dallas for work?
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  9. My understanding is that Hicks and Gillette refinanced their original purchase with a new loan from RBS — Royal Bank of Scotland. There were some unusual and significant conditions — one being that this Broughton guy would be the Chairman and have the power to entertain and evaluate purchase offers. So, Broughton brings in NESV who offers to take Hicks and Gillette off the hook for this loan, but not other outstanding debts they have…nor provide them any return on their investment.

    Meanwhile, there are other folks out there claiming they would pay more for the team. Unless there was proof that NESV was colluding with anyone, that group wouldn’t be culpable, but Broughton and RBS might be.

  10. Hopefully this doesn’t post twice:

    They did the same in Seattle. But the difference was most if not all wanted the MLS Cup ticket.

    You don’t want to go to MLS Cup ?!?!? They should have had it in Seattle again…

  11. Sounders did that too, but noone complained…or not many.

    I WANTED to go to MLS Cup.

    And I was glad I did. Great game.

    I can only conclude they should have had it in Seattle again as I want to go again, but it is a looong flight.

  12. Thanks for the insight. Who can be held culpable for screwing Hicks and Gillette? I’m completely ignorant on this subject but it seems like the institution “screwing” Hicks and Gillette the most is the English Court system which doesn’t answer to the Texas Court. So does NESV get punished because the Texas Court doesn’t like an English court’s decisions?

    Anyway, my real hope is that Rick Perry invades the Falkland Islands.

  13. Well, it’s a fine point. The ruling in Texas has no direct legal force in England. However, there may be consequences that follow for the bank and other parties to the sale, if a Texas court finds that Hicks and Gillette were screwed. That judgment may be enforceable in England, or against assets located in the US.

  14. “Creighton is there so the soccer community exists”

    That doesn’t actually follow, unless you’re referring to the players on the Creighton team….and maybe their frat brothers.


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