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Red Bulls to lose Coundoul, Richards to international call-ups

Dane Richard ( 

The New York Red Bulls are preparing to take on defending MLS Cup champion Real Salt Lake on Saturday and for the second time in a month, they will take on RSL without key starters.

Goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul, midfielders Rafa Marquez and Dane Richards and defender Andrew Boyens have been called in for international team duty and all but Marquez will miss the Red Bulls' showdown vs. Real Salt Lake in a match the Red Bulls need to win to keep their hold on first place in the Eastern Conference.

Coundoul and Richards were the Red Bulls' best players in the team's 1-0 win against Kansas City on Saturday and head coach Hans Backe will have his hands full trying to replace them. The good news for New York is that Marquez will be available to take on RSL.

So what will the Red Bulls look like without Coundoul and Richards? Here is a starting lineup we could see New York field against Real Salt Lake:

Projected Red Bulls lineup vs. RSL






Backe will likely choose from either Ballouchy or Seth Stammler on the right flank. Ballouchy isn't a winger, but could have the freedom to join the attack by floating centrally from the right side. Stammler has played on the right, and can play anywhere in the midfield. He doesn't have Ballouchy's attacking ability, but he's a considerably better defensive option, which Backe may determine is more important against a dangerous team like Real Salt Lake.

In goal, the Red Bulls will miss Coundoul's big-save ability, but Sutton played well in goal against RSL the last time these teams met and is a veteran capabable of stepping in and providing a capable replacement.

What do you think of the Red Bulls chances of beating RSL without Coundoul and Richards? Who would you start in place of Richards?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. No way bro. Dane is just a speedy opportunist (I’m not complaining), but he blows more chances than he converts (now I’m complaining). But Tchani, that kid is our future “Number 10”. He’s learning alot from Rafa and Lindpere, and it shows.

  2. I don’t mind 3 or missing. A good team is deep, and we are that…now. But more than that, prespostrous. ANd I would love more weeknight MLS games. THis Saturday only stuff, it’s like a College/ high school schedule. That one weekend a month…play on wednesday or thursday!

  3. R U kidding me? Didn’t Bouna go ALL the way to Africa last month, only to ride the pine? In other words, for NOTHING as he didn’t play a bloody minute? What an idiot to ditch his team like this. What about Richards? Does he start in Jamaica? I don’t get these guys. Like these countries even have a chance to qualify. And not for nothing, but w/ those two in particular, it doesn’t surprise me. But there is good news: Rafa stayed. He better have too, being that he’s been hurt. And Sutton is solid, he can use the work. As can Stammler. But it’s actually JPA that needs to step up and take advantage of this situation. He’ll be the main target now.

  4. but the truth is that the supporters shield doesn’t count for as much as it should — the playoffs is what really matters in this league.

  5. what about LA? they have:

    i guess you’re not counting beckham, but he still could be called up for a farewell game.
    there’s also a bunch of young players there that may be called up soon.

  6. RSL on this one, they are going to be in their stride here as CCL winds down, 2-1, RSL

    I’m not a believer in the DP, it takes a team, not a couple of DP’s to win a title. The Galaxy had Donovan and Beckham last year, and still couldn’t beat RSL. Enough said.

  7. Ives, you have set out the perfect lineup for this match. It’s our first chance to see Marquez, Ballouchy, Henry and Angel at the same time. The one other combination I’d like to see is these four, plus Richards but without Tchani.

  8. too bad for the callups, this one could be special.

    I see this as a more glamorous matchup than any of the previously pimped games involving the Galaxy or Crew. I think the styles will make for a great match. The one out in SLC a few weeks back was very close, and even though was 1-0 i believe it was still a very entertaining affair.

    go RSL!

  9. I think Backe gave him playing time early on so Tchani could sit and learn….. Not that Tchani has forced his way into the starting lineup week in and week out Ubi has no place on the field…. He lacks the speed needed for the wings and is way down on the depth chart for center mid…. Sad to say but Ubi will probably be in Portland or Vancouver next year

  10. I agree. But have some more sympathy for MLS. There’s no way its gonna be run as efficiently as a multi-billion dollar league like the EPL. Aren’t most teams still losing money every year?
    I understand if they have to scrap and scramble just to get by. Maybe accomodating those fifa dates isnt as simple as it looks for them.

  11. guys… MLS is not a big enough league to justify having no games on international dates. look at the BPL, italy, or spain. huge chunks of starters are absent on those dates for many teams, hence a gap in the schedule.
    keep going to games, buying stuff, and watching games on tv. mls will get that big eventually.

  12. I would start stammler on the right. you have to rely on your money guys (henry and angel) to create and convert chances in big games. And it’s not like RBNY will be devoid of attacking talent in the midfield. Marquez was brought in to be the glue of the team and be a distributor of the ball, let’s see it.

  13. Too bad they have players missing, this could be a likely MLS Cup preview. Starting Ballouchy on the right side could be dangerous with Espindola,Johnson, and Wingert coming in through that side to push the attack.

  14. I wish Condoul and Richards would tell their countrys sorry but we are in a verry important part of our season right now. I know the team has some depth but I just dont know if they have as good of a chance of winning the game with out those guys.

  15. if u hear seeing red..he was extremely disappointed last time he went to the national team.. he seemed he didnt want to go this time

  16. It is interesting about Condoul. The last time he was called up, the announcers during the next game mentioned how he had all this travel time and he didn’t play. There was an implication that he would think twice about going if called up again. Now the last time, I can’t remember if they were friendlies or African Cup of Nations qualifiers. Perhaps others can shed some light on this. Is Condoul going because he has to, or because he wants to?

  17. I agree with my cousin, Harraby LLC. I too go to Chester. The Union care enough about the fans to put their stadium in a neighborhood that reminds me of dear old Sheffield where me mum raised me.

    No corporate footy culture there. No tea and prawns for us! No cissy stuff like dental care!

    It’s not footy unless you feel a real danger at the grounds. My only complaint about Chester is that they didn’t build wooden stands that really shake when you jump up and down on them all foot of meat pies.


    And we know! We’re English. We invented footy and gave the world the Magna Carta!

    My cousin and I eat bacon buddies and drink warm beer. THAT’s FOOTY FOOD, YOU COLONISTS!

    A footy team should represent the community it plays in, not sell beverages.

    Lomg live proper footy Culture!

  18. im all for rescheduling over pushing the season deeper into november.. also for raising the cap and bringing more “international level” players!

  19. Ives,

    Speaking of Stammler, is he still around and practicing with the team? I have not seen him lately and I am pretty sure he has not been part of the game day 18 as of late.

    Has he already started classes and is going back and forth?


  20. This is becoming a very interesting team to watch. “Call ups” is to be a good sign that your club has some prominance. Winning aside from the call ups in league play quite possibly can prove to others in CONCACAF that NYRB will compete in international competitions.

    I for one am hopeful.

  21. How about Lindpere? Would he missed out as well since he is a mainstay for the Estonian National Team? Or would he be not called up because he previously refused a call up last month in order to lay for NYRB?

  22. These are FIFA dates but in reality Clubs need the National Team callups. Nothing raises the profile of a player than getting capped for their country and performing well and getting noticed.

  23. only two teams (Chivas/RBNY) have 5 or more active internationals. the average per team is 3 and some have less. that simply isn’t enough players per team for the league to upend its schedule to accomodate ANY FIFA dates. and that should include the WC/GC. taking two weeks off was a waste for a handful of missing players (not to mention the vast marketing opportunity of having in stadium viewing parties before/after MLS games that was missed).

    maybe in 5-10 seasons when the cap is raised and the league has more internationals per team. right now teams will just have to use their squad depth to deal with the fact they a few times a year they will be missing the international players. that is the downside to having such talent and one that is surely worth it.

    the only thing the league should do is institute a rule that if a team missing more than “X” players (X to be determined) that would seriously effect the ability of the team to field a team there needs to be a provision to reschedule the match. there was a game a few years ago with TFC where they were missing 8 players and that sort of match should be rescheduled.

    other than that as a growing league in a vast country that must fit the season into a smaller time span due to weather MLS simply cannot take off a bunch of international dates thus further compressing the schedule and causing more low attendance midweek games.

    if you are unhappy cheering for RBNY who might miss 4 players for a match i suggest you pick a team that sucks and has no international players to go missing or get over it.

  24. The fact that MLS schedules games on or around FIFA dates really burns me up. It’s so amateurish. I really don’t get why they have to do it, when the rest of the world has figured out how to schedule around them. Take the Red Bulls, for instance. They could have played on Saturday the 2nd (KC) then Tuesday the 5th (RSL) to avoid having to play on the 9th. That would have given international players 24 hours to get to their respective destinations, and then 2 days training before the game on the 9th. Obviously, playing on Sunday then Tuesday isn’t ideal, but EPL teams do it all the time. MLS needs to be more flexible and make it work. Why? Because it really kills teams like NY to lose 4+ starters (as often happens).

  25. Do these international matches fall on FIFA dates? If not I wish MLS and their teams would grow a pair and decline to release players. I know the league and clubs are sensitive towards international callups and don’t want to upset federations and players but there comes a time, especially down the stretch, where clubs need their players.

  26. Just what I was thinkingg.. perfect line up.
    I wish this guys would stay with red bulls instead of there country tean. Like linpere they know how important these games are to are playoff run.


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