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Who is your MLS Most Valuable Player?


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With the season winding down and the playoff picture almost completely sorted out, it's becoming more clear as to who is deserving of the Major League Soccer Most Valuable Player award.

Landon Donovan has put together another strong season, leading the league in assists to this point (14) as he guns for his second consecutive award. Edson Buddle is the league's leading goal scorer (15) and was the catalyst for the Los Angeles Galaxy's unparalleled start to the season.

Real Salt Lake is in the mix for the Supporters' Shield in large part to the play of Javier Morales in the midfield. Right on RSL's tail is the New York Red Bulls, whose epic turnaround has been boosted by Juan Pablo Angel's 13-goal campaign, and the Columbus Crew, who run everything through 2008 MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto. 

FC Dallas' lengthy unbeaten streak has happened in large part to David Ferreira's playmaking abilities. The Seattle Sounders' fortunes turned when Fredy Montero took his play to the next level. The San Jose Earthquakes are on the cusp of the postseason largely due to Chris Wondolowski's 12 goals, seven of which are game-winners. Omar Cummings' play has the Colorado Rapids on the verge of the playoffs for the first time since 2006.

As for players on the outside of the playoff picture, Sebastien Le Toux and Dwayne De Rosario have each netted 13 goals and created most of the other scoring opportunities while carrying their respective clubs.

Who do you think should win the MLS MVP award? Cast your vote after the jump:

How did you vote? Is there anybody not on the ballot who you think is deserving?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I say Montero. He means so much to his team (like LeToux), the difference is Montero is helping his team get to the playoffs.

    It’s not Letoux’s fault, Montero just has a better supporting cast. But like many awards, I think the “more visible” guy on a more successful team gets it. Without Montero’s beast of a streak this summer, the Sounders would not have locked in a playoff spot today.

  2. it’s a damn shame that the Union didn’t have a better year, or I’d easily put Le Toux (coming from a Union fan). however, it sucks because the award is for the most valuable player to a team, the player which if the team did not have, the team would be significantly worse. the Union did good, but they couldn’t have done much worse (probably going to finish bottom 3 in the weaker east), so Le Toux didn’t make enough of a difference. for me, he was definitely the best player in the league, but not the most valuable.

  3. Le Toux. Most every goal the Union have scored is directly related to his hussle and smart passing.

    Mwanga wouldn’t have many goals without direct service from him.

    After that, no one else can really score on that team. Who’s gonna score goals on the Union without Le Toux and his service to Mwanga. Moreno? Fred? Those guys spend half the matches on the ground.

    The Union would be utter garbage without Le Toux. All you’d have are some good young players that are still pretty green, some veterans who are merely average, a below average defense that tends to bungle things up for at least a goal nearly every game, 2/3’s of a season with a keeper who didn’t keep one clean sheet.

  4. I know that the MVP award almost always goes to an offensive player, but it would be interesting to see a guy like Olave get consideration. He is clearly the best CB in the league and the RSL defense is on pace to set MLS records for fewest goals allowed.

    Maybe he will just get defender of the year but he deserves to me mentioned among the most valuable players to his team in the entire league.

  5. How about MLS ? 5 guys neck to neck with Landon for the MVP ?

    and GBS, DeRosario, and Angel are not any of the 5..

    I have been thinking all season long, we are very lucky to have a league like…here…in the US.

  6. A bit player in the USL ?

    The only reason he hung around USL one more season was because he knew the Sounders were moving on to MLS.

    very sad to see him go.

  7. Le Toux’s poor defense? Le Toux is one of the only guys on the team who hustles for 90 minutes. He tracks back and joins the defense on every occasion he can. The reason the Union have given up so many goals is the shotty backline and goalkeeping. C’mon, Le Toux isn’t MVP because his team gives up a lot of goals? Stop.

  8. Le Toux brings no value to Philadelphia? The team has scored 32 goals this season, and on 23 of them Le Toux was involved (either scoring the goal or assisting). I’d say that’s value.

  9. There is still a lot to play for so we could see someone seperate themself. For now I think it’ safe to say it is a tight race.

  10. I fully agree. Le Toux has really stepped up. Hard to think that two years ago he was a bit player in a USL-1 side and last year didn’t have a great season at Seattle. Everyone or at least I, thought Alejandro Moreno would be the Philly goal scorer. But Novak has built a system that gives Le Toux great service and Le Toux put Philly on his back and carried them to a decent first season.

  11. wow. thank you. the Union is not bad right now just inexperienced but yet still further along than other expansion teams with exception of the 98′ Fire and last years Sounders. MVP means doing it by yourself meanwhile helping your whole team. 13 goals and 10 assists pretty much mean that and then some. he’s absolutely does NOT get enough credit just becuase he’s on an expansion team that didn’t make it to the playoffs. give credit when credit’s due. be for real people

  12. you contradicted yourself on so many levels it’s rediculous. you just said if you take any of those players off of their teams how bad would they be without them? you said without le toux they would still be decent..with who? moreno being the only experienced forward?

    And then you go on to say MVP to you means “To me, it’s about a player who has a huge impact on his team and makes his teammates better”. if thats how you feel, then how does 13 goals and 10 assists sound? if thats not MVP numbers then i dont know what the hell is, that of course going by what you say joeW. so before you even attempt to sound like you know so much more than you really do, then maybe you should back up everything you say. you’re welcome

  13. Cummings has done well, but without him Colorado is still a decent team. Without Le Toux Philly is a train wreck (as JohnC pointed out).

    If it is an award for the top player on a competitive team, I see your point, but I don’t think that’s what the award is called.

  14. Much as I like LeToux, in my book you need to drop an absolutely historic, jaw-dropping individual season to seriously be considered for MVP if your team not only misses the playoffs, but is in real danger of ending up with twice as many losses as wins. My vote would go to either one of the LA candidates or Ferreira (as much as Dallas annoys me). Angel is in the discussion, too.

  15. Really only Donovan or LeToux deserve this award
    Donovan:7goals 14 assists 1836 mins =21goals made
    Letoux 13 goals 10 assists 2250mins =23 goals made
    Donovan has way less minutes yet has around the same amount of help for his team so I picked him and because LA is number 1.

  16. I’m really surprised Buddle isn’t getting more love. Granted his touch has slowed a little (very little) over the last few games, but his smoking amount of goals and the creativity used to achieve them for over 3/4 of the season was amazing! He deserves more votes. Maybe not the win here, but if Landon’s getting the love, you better believe Buddle is JUST as deserving.


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