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Backe: Henry will be available for Earthquakes match

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Thierry Henry just might be ready to make his MLS playoff debut.

New York Red Bulls manager Hans Backe told a team official that Henry is available for selection for the second leg of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal against the Earthquakes. Henry has missed the first leg in San Jose with a knee injury that also kept him out of the last two regular season games.

A finalist for Newcomer of the year, Henry finished the season with two goals and three assists in the regular season. 

The Red Bulls host the Earthquakes on Thursday at Red Bull Arena.


  1. Almost every player in the league has hit a half dozen “just wide shots ” this season. We should start a new “almost goal” stat so NY can feel OK about the DPs they over paid for. No more over the hill ex-great DPs. I would much rather have a league full of prime aged quality DPs.

  2. Henry’s numbers are a little deceptive, as he has probably hit the post or missed pretty wide open shots about half a dozen times or so. It got comical after a while becaue it so obviously frustrated him. Some of that is rust, some is bad luck, but the point is that he is extremely dangerous and has opened up the field for Dane Richards (in particular). He’s clearly not been his best, however, and can go missing when the mids can’t find him. Fix those things and stay healthy and he’ll be unstoppable.

  3. To add one more thought to that… I think he does fit well with the team. In particular, when he played his first few matches I thought he and Angel looked absolutely deadly: they seemed to have a real nice understanding together. And he’s also had some nice link up plays w/ Richards and Lindpere that I can recall. But as the season wore on, he never quite delivered on those flashes of promise we saw in the early going, when it seemed like they’d have one of the best forward tandems in MLS.

  4. More or less agree w/ nelson. Henry has clearly not been in great form since coming to RBNY, but, on the ball and running at defenders, he still has greater skill and attacking intuition than 9/10 of the players in the league. But he’s also pretty clearly lost a step or two of pace and at times has looked rusty in-game and been dispossessed or had through balls intercepted.

  5. A waste of a DP and is doing more harm to MLS than good. Fans want to see quality players now, not tired and disgruntled players. He should change his name from “Henry” to “Ennui.”

  6. he hasn’t been at his absolute best, but he has looked more composed on the ball and has better touch than anyone in the league right now, hands down, if you ask me

  7. How good has Henry looked on the ball this year?
    I haven’t heard much good or bad.
    (Was he often dispossessed. or did he just not get passed the ball much; did he play too safe and make back passes, or did he take on players and lose the ball; does he fit well into the team or is he out of place)? Does he still school mofos on a regular basis?


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