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MLS Cup Final is set: Who’s your pick?


The MLS Cup Final few people outside of Colorado and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area could have seen coming has arrived, and while we can spend time dwelling on the fact that some teams expected to be there aren't, it's time to focus on the two teams who did what they needed to do to reach the final.

FC Dallas and Colorado met twice this season, tying both matches. Their most recent meeting, on Oct. 9th, finished a 2-2 tie at Pizza Hut Park. Jeff Larentowicz scored both for Colorado while Milton Rodriguez and David Ferreira netted for Dallas.

Here is our question for you. Who do you see winning Sunday's MLS Cup Final? Cast your vote here:

Who is my pick? I'll save that for later in the week. For now, tell us who you picked and why. Think FC Dallas' speedy attack will be too much for the Rapids? See Omar Cummings going wild on the Dallas back-line?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Dunno if you’re referring to my comments, there, but the Rapids weren’t 3rd in attendance, they had the 3rd best _increase_ in attendance as opposed to 2009, behind attendance gods Seattle and new stadium DP-buying NYRB. Thus they are not (contrary to many comments here) in the same boat in this aspect as Dallas, who did finish last in attendance after a decrease of some 13-14% from 2009, and whose figures run a good chunk farther below the league average.

    I was there last Saturday night, too, and had a great time. Looking forward to the final, even more as people continue to hype Dallas. Flying under the radar and without pressure is good. 🙂

  2. If FC Dallas wins MLS Cup and there’s no one there to see it, do they make a sound?

    … I think Dallas is a horrible market right now that an MLS Cup win won’t fix. When you call a stadium ‘Pizza Hut Park’ and put it inconveniently away from a city and high school football games draw more fans, I think it’s going to take far more than an MLS Cup win to make a difference.

  3. Thanks for someone reminding me that Harry Potter comes out this weekend. Anything that can distract me from 90 minutes of keeping 9 guys behind the ball and counter-attacking is welcome.

    And, Harry Potter will be so much more entertaining than this MLS Cup. Sorry to say because I love MLS. But, it’s a shame for most soccer fans that these two clubs made it to the Final. Yes, there is some intrigue and a good number of fans who will be interested in it.

    But, the majority could care less at this point.

  4. Actually, assuming there’s large fan agreement with the idea of a home-away playoff structure in each round, we should petition Garber/MLS in the near offseason for the change.

    Obviously, no research has been done, but it seems like a win-win to me.

    Add some +/-1’s and comments.

  5. Agreed. The conference Championships should be home and away just like the first round. It only makes sense. The final is a one-off.

  6. Oh, Boy. Where to begin?

    As a Rapids supporter, I’m obviously excited about being in the MLS Cup. I was at the Eastern Conference Final last Saturday, which was about 95% full on a frigid 30 degree evening. Thanks to those that pointed out that the Rapids are 3rd in the league in attendance.

    Our British Bulldogs Pub supporters group swelled from 200 members to 300 in the two weeks prior to the Conference Final, so this playoff exposure is definitely good for Colorado/MLS.

    Unfortunately, with the MLS Cup at a neutral site, I have to wonder how attendance is going to be? From Denver, if you beat $400 in airfare on this short notice, you’re doing well, plus one night in hotel.

    I, for one, will unfortunately be watching at the pub.

    We Americans love our playoffs, and I think they’re a great American addition to soccer. I think the playoffs should be home and away at EACH stage, quarters, semis, and finals, regardless if we keep the conference scheme or not. More games = more $$, and since every game is a home game, you’re guaranteeing huge local interest and attendance at each game, as opposed to a neutral site.

    Now, on to the matchup 😉

    You have to respect Dallas. Best record over the last 16 or so games, trouncing L.A., having a very complete team, etc.

    The Rapids look dangerous up front, and have a stingy defense. Like Dallas, they’ve gotten hot at the right time. I like the 40 degree weather at kickoff to favor the Rapids. I also think the Rapids have more of an underdog chip on their shoulders than Dallas.

    No prediction here, just, “Go Rapids!”

    I think it’ll be a much more exciting game than an L.A. – NY matchup would have been.


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