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USA women draw Sweden, Colombia and North Korea in World Cup

USAWomen (

After enduring a tougher than expected road to qualifying, the U.S. women's national team learned the identity of its opponents in next year's FIFA World Cup.

The Americans will take on North Korea, Colombia and Sweden at the World Cup in Germany next summer.

Here are the groups:

A- Germany, Canada, Nigeria, France

B- Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, England

C- USA, Korea DPR, Colombia, Sweden

D- Brazil, Australia, Equatorial Guinea, Norway


What do you think of the draw? Do you see the Americans winning the World Cup?

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  1. DPR is beautifully technical and they are frustrating for the USA. Sweden is tough but more conventional – the USA matches up well there. I predict DPR will come out on top, USA second.

  2. “Unless we fix our issues, we will be lucky to make it out of the group.”


    And incidentally, this idea that Mexico beat the US (and CONCACAF ultimately benefited) because the qualifiers were played in Mexico is hogwash. I was at that game.

  3. North Korea is better every year, so they will be tough. And we didn’t play so well against Sweden this summer; they could beat us on any given day. Unless we fix our issues, we will be lucky to make it out of the group.

  4. Wrong-O, friend. Thats the Olympics. 4 groups of 4. the top two in each group move on. But otherwise I agree with you, Group C is a tough group. North Korea could be a challenge in the first game.

  5. Not easy at all to be honest (Sweden is ranked 4th, No. Korea is ranked 6th, and Columbia 32nd) although with the top 3 moving on to the round of 16…. The USA will definitely achieve that…

  6. The easiest group is Group B. I see both of Group A teams advancing to the semifinals. It would have been better if Sweden ended up in Group B because it is so weak. CONCACAF benefitted from having the qualification in Mexico because if it was in US or Canada only two teams would have gone. But CONCACAF teams did not get a draw which would have benefitted the confederation it only gave Mexico fortune. If Canada was in Group B instead of Mexico then the maple leafs would definitely advance. Yet, if Canada makes it to the quarters they will make it to the semis. The US is stuck in the semis at best because of the Germans winning Group A. The world rankings are more along the lines of an elo system which penalizes Australia which won the Women’s Asian Cup and is ranked a few places lower due to their years in Oceania. Unfortunately, the US got the group of death because of facing Sweden. Germany got the second toughest group and Brazil the third toughest. Germany got the second toughest group because of the strongest weak pot team (Nigeria). Brazil got the third toughest draw due to the weakest team (Equatorial Guinea) and Australia a tough matchup and Norway perceived not as strong as previously.

  7. So since Chile and Paraguay both qualified ahead of Argentina in the 2010 World Cup Qualifiers, they should have had more of a right to be seeded than an Argentinian team ranked at least 11 spots higher than either?

    Also, i’m not sure what you mean by “changing the rules” for France…France was NOT seeded, South Africa was.

  8. It will certainly be Norway, which isn’t good enough to win group D. There is no chance the USWNT finished second in group C. A match with Brazil could likely only happen in the final. A semifinal match with Germany looms…

  9. You want the USWNT not to be seeded due to losing one game in three years? You cannot be serious about that. The USWNT is seeded because it is the number one ranked team in the world. Get a clue.

  10. I see us getting out of the group but unless we play better I am not sure3 we make it past the second round. I hope the team gets healty and can win it all but that maybe a stretch.

  11. Canada should be wear USA is, considering Canada won the CONCACAF, and USA squeezed into the World Cup.

    They didnt change the rules for mens france in the world cup, why would they for USA?

  12. Winnable for US, but it won’t be easy: tough matchups in the group stage, then likely Norway or Brazil in first knockout round.


  13. We have got to WAX North Korea. It’s that simple otherwise the fearless leader will never let any of us hear the end of it. This is a good group and I hesitate to say we should win it when you consider how lousy we played during the last few matches.


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