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Mariner emerges as candidate for Toronto FC job

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 Paul Mariner has emerged as a candidate for the Toronto FC job, sources have told SBI.

A long-time New England assistant under Steve Nicol, Mariner had long been considered one of the top head coaching candidates in MLS before leaving New England to take over as Plymouth Argyle manager a year ago.

Mariner stepped down as Plymouth manager in May, after the team was relegated to League One, but he has remained a coach with the club.

Mariner is the first candidate to emerge as a potential replacement for Preki, who was fired during the season and replaced by interim head coach Nick Dasovic.

What do you think of Mariner as a candidate in Toronto? Hoping TFC goes in another direction?

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  1. lately, sure. But think about the talent they had a few years ago – Dempsey, Dorman, Twellman, Ralston, Joseph, Noonan, Parkhurst, Heaps – those were some loaded teams. Well coached too. As much as I hate TFC, Mariner would be a good pickup.

  2. Why cant we (TFC) get someone who is a proven winner?

    The fact its taken three months is laughable and disgraceful, we still dont have someone in place.

    If the next guy flops, after this obscene amount of time, the lack of credibility ownership already has with the fans could be a death blow to the average fan with a very tenuous hold on their summer entertainment share.

    Many supporters will come out, but the stadium will only be 1/3 full while others will either watch CSL or not bother with Canadian football anymore.

    Making Losing $eem Easy: From model franchise to relocation

  3. Ives,

    Which one of Anselmi’s elves dropped this lump of coal in your inbox?

    Brennan, Beirnie…

    Sounds like TFC hiring a coach 1st then a manager, typical MLSE cluster***k

  4. kinda ironic that this story comes up 2 days before Klinsi self imposed deadline of finding a coach before Christmas. Sorry MLSE try again

  5. As a NE fan, id rather see Nicol in Toronto and Mariner in NE. Its becoming more obvious as time goes on who was the force in NE and it aint Nicol

  6. does this mean earl cochrane stays as GM of the team?

    you think if they were going to bring in a big GM they would let him hire his own coach.

    based on the damage Mo Johnston did in toronto over 4 years, i would think the GM is a more important job than coach. not saying earl cochrane can’t do the job – i’m sure he can’t do worse than Mo!

    the 2009 draft was a disgrace. 3 of the top 12 picks and we’ve only now got frei to show for it!

    why they didn’t pick omar gonzalez is a mystery.

  7. Klinsman isn’t part of the TFC staff. He’s just a consultant. I don’t think he has a say with who they bring in player wish, just here more to re-org the management.

  8. Credit to Mariner and Nicol for finding the likes of CLint Dempsey and Michael Parkhust but to say they were successfull without a talented core of players with the likes of Sharlie Joseph, Taylor Twellman and Steve Ralston on the roster is simply laughable.

    TFC fans will be underwhelmed by this selection and considering the style of play they have been craving this will be another major flop for Paul Beirne and his management team.

  9. we chopped most of the fat, have a decent spine, need some wingers and wingbacks and have opened up a huge amount in the cap. Outside of the immediate pressure to perform, its an enviable position to be in.

  10. mariner has been making 5 star dishes out of stale potatoes and beef jerky with nichol for years in NE. I’d love to see what Mariner can do with an ownership group that actually cares backing him

  11. With Klinsmam and Mariner as the staff they can sprinkle their magic Euro dust and surely TFC will play Barcelona esque football, right?

    However, I think this is the smart move; I am just not gonna roll over and join the hype of unrealistic expectations associated with anything Klinsmam and soccer.

  12. Mariner had a terrible squad to work with, including a broke club. This is some of the best post-season news ive heard so far from TFC. Lets hope its true.

  13. OK let’s back up a bit. I think we can agree the opportunity never presented itself before, yes? Pair that with the fact he never aspired to such a post, and you’ve got two powerful forces working against him ever having had a head coaching job in MLS before.

    So let’s ruminate on that for a bit and see what we come up with. I think we can get there together.


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