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Bradley’s club situation in limbo

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After being a regular starter for Borussia Moenchengldbach for the better part of two and a half seasons, U.S. national team midfielder Michael Bradley days with the relegation-threatened German club appear numbered.

Bradley has come off the bench in Moenchengladbach's past two matches, with rumors swirling about clubs interested in his services. Now his club's manager has come forward with details on the club's plans, which involve selling Bradley if their price for him ($6.8 million) is matched.

Turkish club Galatasaray and Italian club Palermo have been reported as potential destinations, while Sunderland, a club I first reported as being interested in him last week, has moved on and is set to sign Ghanaian midfielder Sully Muntari.

Moenchengladbach has taken a major step toward life after Bradley by signing German midfielder Michael Fink on loan from Beskitas on Thursday. Now it would seem that it's only a matter of time before Bradley is sold.

Where will Bradley wind up?

The Galatasaray link is an old one from the summer so it's unclear how strong the interest in Bradley still is right now. Palermo is one of several Italian clubs that have expressed interest in Bradley through the years so a move to Serie A shouldn't be considered a surprise. Bradley has expressed his respect for Serie A in the past, and Italy and England are likely his preferred destinations.

Bradley may have to stay put if a sale or loan can't be worked out, but if he does stay with Moenchengladbach he could find himself on the bench for the rest of the season. Either way, if Bradley is still with the team come the summer, he would definitely be sold in the summer, with just one year remaining on his contract.

Where would you like to see Bradley move? Hoping he still ends up in England? Like the idea of a move to Serie A?

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  1. Graeme Bailey:

    US star Michael Bradley again linked with Sunderland in Germany after Borussia Monchengladbach sign Michael Fink.

    that was released like 5mins ago on the sky transfer live update thing, same thing ives uses for his questions.

    stuff is all rumors but it def shows that Bradley is being shopped now and news should be coming very soon

  2. I used the google translate on the article and it says that he and his coach had a falling out lately.

    Says that they paid 2.5million pounds for him in 2008 and are only being offered 3 right now from a couple clubs and that the number they are looking for is 5million which they were hoping Sunderland would pay because of their Darren Bent deal.

    You have to think that Dempsey,LD,Holden all make Bradley very appealing in terms of being able to “hack it” in the EPL though.

  3. I dont care where Bradley goes as long as he has a great coach and isn’t in a situation like Benny.

    He’s still very young by American player standards in my opinion. LD and Dempsey have both gotten exceptionally better over the years…

    Bradley still looks raw to me in some areas and he honestly needs good coaching and a good league. Thats obvious to say I know but look at it like this. Take MB from 2 years ago, how much better is he today in terms of where you expected him to be? In my opinion he hasn’t improved a lot over the last few years. He’s still maturing his game. If you’ve seen him play, he has that extra gear, The problem is, he only goes into that extra gear when he’s forced to…
    He needs a good coach period. Maybe im wrong because I dont really follow him as I do with Dempsey and Holden, but he has a LOT of athletic talent for his size…I didnt realize he was 6’2, i thought he was 5’10, he needs more positional awareness on the field

  4. The first thing that comes to my mind is that if he’s all that …. an automatic starter for the Nats for years… why would his club let him go?

  5. Oh my God, Fire Fan we get it!! You don’t like Michael Bradley’s game, you don’t have to keep commenting on it. Once is plenty thank you.


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