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Johnson heading to Preston North End on loan

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 American striker Eddie Johnson is heading to League Championship side Preston North End on the loan move for the rest of the season, sources told SBI on Monday.

Johnson has earned more playing time this season at Fulham than last season, but the loan to Preston should help him earn considerably more playing time as he heads toward the summer, when his contract will expire.

Johnson's agent, Richard Motzkin, could not be reached for comment on the move.

The loan is the latest in a series of loans Johnson has gone on while under contract with Fulham. He enjoyed moderate success during loan stints with Cardiff City and Aris FC.

What do you think of this move? Glad to see Johnson going where he will play more? Can you see him returning to MLS this summer?

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  1. EJ’s no Bobby Zamora, but like Zamora, he scored goals early in his career and then hit a dry spell (EJ’s drought being longer and deeper than Zamora’s). Unlike Zamora, he has yet to break out of that drought and has not contributed much when he is not scoring. EJ is still young enough to have a future, I just don’t know what it will be.

  2. Does it really matter? He has no future with the USMNT. He has already proven that he can only score against CONCACAF minnows. This guy had his chances against good squads, and has shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that he can’t score against good opposition. He is only useful in lower leagues, the MLS, and maybe the Gold Cup against CONCACAF minnows.

    St. Kitts and Nevis is shuddering at the idea of defending him in the next WCQ round.

  3. Maybe yes,maybe no.

    EJ is the ultimate “confidence” player. He has everything he needs. If he could have just have gotten a couple of goals at Fulham it would have done wonders in terms of getting his head on straight. Perhaps PNE will be a good shot in the arm for him.

  4. they cheered him like people cheer the last guy on the bench getting minutes and scoring. It’s more “we want to see a goal becuase it never happens” more than it is “we want eddie to score a goal bc we love him”

  5. Preston is a good choice for Eddie Johnson. The FA Cup proves that championship team are not that far behind some teams in the EPL and after see Birmingham’s Jerome play today, Eddie just needs to work hard…

  6. This is weird… I play career mode with PNE on FIFA 11 and yesterday my scout suggested I pick up Johnson.

    Sorry, Ives, I’m going to FIFA 11 for all my transfer news now.

  7. I think Eddie will succeed with PNE… If he can crack some goals in and keep them from getting relegated he could well turn into a hero as they are in dire financial straights at the moment. Eddie has really improved over the past 2 years and if he can play for Aris he certainly can contribute to PNE.

  8. He is a lot tougher than you give him credit for… He faces almost constant bashing from fans at Fulham as well as mocking from Cardiff fans yet was class through it all… He deserves some luck and I hope this move will spark it.

  9. Re-read the article…His contract expires with Fullham in the summer, so they won’t be selling him to anyone. He’ll be leaving on a free.

  10. haha, who cares?!! THAT’S SWEET!!!!

    Oh, and what up with our USMNT friendly with Egypt and why no article on that?

    (SBI-Waiting for some actual news. I could write up a post that says absolutely nothing and speculates, but there’s enough real news going on to leave that alone until there’s some real information.)

  11. The guy needs to play. He needs to get into a rythm. His best shot is probably tghe loan the Preston, he helps them avoid being relegated and Fulham sells him to Preston North End. Maybe they will sign him to play there after his contract expires. It seems very clear that his days at Fulham are numbered.

    If he comes back to MLS, he had better forget about the big coin that he was paid when he was young prodigy and the Jozy before Jozy coz he and Motzkin know that no one is going to pay him much more than $275K (at least I have a hard time beleiving that they will); the days of that he pulls down a the $650+K per year from MLS are gone in EJ’s case.

    Maybe some club will give him some DP money on the low end of the DP scale but I just can’t see it. Maybe Championship is a good level for him to be at. Maybe Bundasliga2. No shame in that.

  12. Preston is in a relegation battle and needs all the help they can get. It’s a good move for EJ, let’s hope he can capitalize on it.

  13. I’d personally rather see him in MLS than LC, but that’s just because I would be able to see him more. This is the best move for him though.


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