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U.S. Soccer’s Studio 90 previews USA-Chile


  1. Wondo will be 31 by the time the next World Cup comes around, not that it doesn’t make sense for him to get playing time, he surely deserves it, but not at the expense of much younger players with higher potential like Agudelo and Bunbury

  2. Good morning Ives,

    I am currently stationed on the wrong side of the world right now, and wondering if there will be running commentary for the match, as I don’t think I will have enough bandwidth to watch a stream. Thanks!

    (SBI- Yessir. I will have a live commentary running tonight.)

  3. Dax has looked good in every camp video I’ve seen. He’s never looked like a young player coming into a team for me; he always seems like a mature player who calms and controls the game.

    Moreover, Diskerud, Bedoya, and Agudelo look very impressive as well and I think they, as well as McCarty, have to get the start. The lineup goes like this for me:







    I could see Rimando starting in net instead of Cervi, as well as Wondolowski in front of Bunbury. It really depends on what Bob’s mentality is for this game.

  4. agreed, lets give the man at least until the Gold Cup to see what formation(s) we trot out and what style of play we decide on.

    He’s got a good soccer mind and I’m certain he learned something over the past few years that he can put into practice.

  5. two and a half minutes of cliches….im not 100% sure bob himself knows what happens and what to do when the game increases in level (and subsequently speed), how is he going to lead them?

    while its another chance to cheer for our country, its also a grim reminder of who and what we have leading us….


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