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Philadelphia signs Ruiz


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The Philadelphia Union signed forward Carlos Ruiz on Tuesday, adding the mercurial striker and one-time Major League Soccer MVP to its roster in a move that has been expected for some time.

The 31-year-old Ruiz, signed on free transfer from Aris FC in Greece, won the league MVP and Golden Boot while a member of the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2002 and is Guatemala's all-time leading scorer. He also played for FC Dallas and Toronto FC before leaving MLS after the 2008 season.

By adding Ruiz, the Union now have him, Sebastien Le Toux, Danny Mwanga, Chris Agorsor and Jack McInerney among its attacking options.

Do you like the signing of Ruiz for the Union? Do you think "El Pescadito" will find more success in MLS?

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  1. Panama competes in Libertadores? No they don’t and please though nothing to take away from the DC win but it was one of those 1 in 100 times we would be able to beat a champ from over there. Case in point is why can’t we consistent and beat Mexican teams in Concachampions? Why?

  2. Sounds like you just described MLS as our best players go to europe as well. And while they do compete in Libertores so do teams from Panama in CONCACAF and I’m not ready to declare that equal to MLS anytime soon.

    BTW – D.C. United beat the 1998 Libertores champion to win one of the last InterAmerican Cups ever defeating Vasco De Gama 2-1 aggregate.

  3. MLS players go to Europe and to Mexico. Just because Paraguay plays in Sud e Libertadores doesn’t mean their teams are any good. Juan just because of your name doesn’t mean you know real football. I lived in the region in Brazil near Argentina and Paraguay for many years. I played futebol with many guys from different countries. I’ve even played in pick-up games with pros.

    Again. The league in Paraguay is not better than the MLS. By the way, would you describe reall football as “ferocious and tenacious” as you describe the Paraguayan league?

    Seu bobo

  4. if he does well, its good for the league right? if he does bad… he wont be around long. soooo, explain to me how this is a bad thing? esp on a free transfer. goofballs…

  5. wow. how much hate must you have for a player to read this post and actually still be motivated to make a negative comment about it. first, i want to say give this guy a chance. second, i dont think nowak who has a very hard-nosed polish background will stand for his old antics. so calm down. lastly, i was a philly season ticket holder last yr. i am again this yr. last yr a. moreno flopped around and i didnt see this much hating on his play. dont be jealous just because this guy is talented. which no one can deny.


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