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Torres joins Chelsea on crazy transfer deadline day

Fernando Torres (Reuters)

Monday marked one of the craziest transfer window closing days in recent memory, with blockbuster deals and several Americans making moves.

Fernando Torres stole the show, moving to Chelsea on an $80.5 million transfer, while English striker Andy Carroll moved to Liverpool for an astonishing $56.3 million.

Americans made moves as well, with Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore and Freddy Adu completing loans while Robbie Findley's move to Nottingham Forest was completed.

As crazy as Monday was, the transfer season isn't over in other leagues, at least not for another two days, so players such as Charlie Davies and Gale Agbossoumonde could still make moves.

What did you think of Monday's transfer action? Think Liverpool overspent for Carroll? Happy with the moves made by Americans? Anxious to see what other moves await this week?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It’s a thigh strain. I am a Toon fan, so hating on Carroll right now and the club both for how things were handled. Both are at fault, but Carroll put his share of fake lip service in too.

    Anyway, he saw a specialist in Sweden last week, but still can’t train fully. I saw yesterday they are still figuring him to miss 4-5 weeks.

  2. “Dude, he totally cared for Liverpool.” -ARGH


    Appreciate the passion but I stopped reading immediately after that opening sentence.

    More power to you and that opinion, though.

  3. Injured when moved to England. He was never injured much in Spain. Besides his injuries are no worse than that of Van Persie or Drogba.

  4. Dude, he totally cared for Liverpool. Even long after he joined, he went on about the history and how it resembled Atletico Madrid and working class and how his values matched the club.

    I doubt it was the money. Which means he felt LIverpool had lost it and he was too big for the club. Going to Chelsea though is horrible. Arsenal would have been greater but no trophies there. Why not a move to Italy? Fans would have supported that.

    But I do agree. Torres is a great striker but his club teams have never won anything with him other than massive money when he was sold.

  5. Which is to say today against united.

    Villa moving towards a 433/451 formation with bent up top and young and agbonlahor wide.

    That leaves three spots for downing, albrighton, petrov, makoun, and bradley to fight for.

    I think we can all agree bradley has a bit of fight in him.

  6. You are correct sir.

    I tried my best to remain neutral in my commentary, despite that I’m slightly tickled at the hysteria and disdain Liverpool fans are experiencing right now.

    Though, I’ll save that for another day and conversation…

  7. SC,

    I know from previous posts that you are no fan of Liverpool. But I think you are right on about this. Once he put in the transfer request, he had to go. Like most footballers, he is a mercenary, nothing else. I cringe anytime I see one of these guys kiss a badge in front of supporters. Oh please.

    I’m optimistic about Carroll (though likely overpaid for him), and am looking forward to the partnership with Suarez. I’m guessing neither one will be moping around the pitch when things aren’t going their way.


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