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Gold Cup tickets go on sale today

Gold Cup 2011

If you've been anxiously waiting to plan your trips to attend one or more of this summer's Gold Cup matches, today is a day you've likely had circled in your calendar.

Tickets for the CONCACAF Gold Cup went on sale to the general public at 10am this morning. Fans who didn't take part in the week-long pre-sale can purchase tickets through or Ticketmaster. Tickets are ranging anywhere from $30 to $100+, depending on the game and seat.

Which games do you plan on attending? How do you think the attendance will be for these matches?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. quarter final tickets at RFK came in the mail today. The good thing about these is that they are good for two games that afternoon. One is almost guaranteed to be the USA.

  2. Costa Rica? Costa Rica is the U.S.’s kryptonite, in the same way Honduras is Mexico’s.

    I’m a die hard U.S. fan, but i’d rather see the United States play Mexico than Costa Rica.

  3. Just bought my final tickets. I will be in the AO section with AOLA…..Taking the piss bombs for my Country….VIVA ESTADOS UNIDOS.

  4. I got a little carried away with the ticket buying- Got tickets to Cowboys Stadium, the USA game in Tampa, and the semifinals. I’m in Dallas, so that should be easy to get to. The other two are going to be little more difficult.

  5. can anyone tell me how quickly the tickets sell out? I’m trying to plan a trip to detroit and I want to make sure I have a plan in place before I get the tickets, but I need to make sure some are still there. Can’t wait though, my first USMNT game!

  6. Bought my tickets for Ford Field, USA v. Canada last week. They might be nose-bleed seats, but they’re sideline so hopefully the view should be good. I cannot wait!!!!

  7. Holding out on the Screaming Eagles for tickets to the 1/4 final at RFK. Can’t wait. It will be my first live US game since vs. Costa Rica at RFK in October of 2009.

  8. I’m going to see the Central American classic of Honduras vs Guatemala, that should be SOLD OUT! To full capacity! 27,000+++++ Even the Grass Berm should be full for this!

    The atmosphere at the HDC 2 years ago for the El Salvador vs Costa Rica game was insane, can’t imagine Guatemala AND Honduras who combined make a fan base just as big if not BIGGER than the Salvadoran fan base in LA.

    Trying to figure out how but I’m going to the Rose Bowl too! Gotta hope the US nats make it!

    Would love to witness a US vs Mexico game but for matters of the US progressing would not be mad at a US vs Costa Rica or Honduras or even Jamaica or who knows…. Canada!

  9. Bought two tickets for the final in the Rosebowl. I’m going to sell one to my co-worker, Jorge. If Mexico doesn’t make it to the final, I’ll take both tickets and drag my husband. If the US doen’t make it, Jorge will buy both tickets. I have a win-win!

  10. Try the link from concacafDOTcom I’m trying to post it without bots taking it down.

    Or google it, that’s if Eurosport doesn’t have it at soccerDOTcom


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