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Kansas City stadium to be named LIVESTRONG Sporting Park


When the United States faces Guadeloupe in the Gold Cup on June 14, it won't be doing so at "KC Soccer Stadium." It will be doing so at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park.

Sporting Kansas City is officially unveiling the name of its new soccer-specific stadium in an announcement at 2:30 p.m (ET), and video will be streamed live here.

The name indicates that the club has partnered with Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG foundation, and the slogan atop the new stadium's official Web site states that by attending events at the stadium, fans will be contributing directly to the fight against cancer.

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  1. If I were a KC fan, and KC was so financially secure that they could donate naming rights instead of accepting a bid for them, I’d demand that they use up all their DP and international slots with high quality players and field the best team in MLS every week. Otherwise, they’re just aimlessly spending money.

  2. why be so pessimistic tom? With Omar bravo they could’ve at least gotten a deal with “Sabado Gigante” or “Bimbo”. I think these guys are just philantropic here in the same way that Barca FC was with Unicef.
    Just cause they’re from Kansas city doesnt mean they’re a bunch of middle america, gun totting, dont step on my yard/wallet, and dont help foreigners out crowd.

  3. Its all about the emphasis. Its a “sporting park” (park for sporting) named Livestrong. Emphasis goes on Livestrong, with other words said faster, as in Livestrong sportingpark. That flows. “I am going to Livestrong sportingpark,” said the soccer fan. Saying Livestrong, Sporting, and Park with equal emphasis is too awkward. Different emphasis that the name of the club, where Sporting gets equal emphasis with Kansas City, or really as said, Kansascity. Surely that is what they were thinking when they named this place and hoped people would use the full name. At least they didn’t name it Livestrong Field at Sporting Kansas City Park.


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