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Danso’s header leads Timbers past Union

TimbersCelebrate (Getty)

The Philadelphia Union fought hard and looked capable of escaping Jeld-Wen Field with a point, but the Portland Timbers had other plans.

Timbers defender 'Futty' Danso headed home a Jack Jewsbury cross in the 72nd minute to help give Portland a 1-0 victory over Philadelphia on Friday night.

The victory improved the Timbers to a perfect 4-0 at home this season, and dropped the Union to 4-2-1 on the season.

Here are the Match Highlights.

What did you think of Portland's victory? Disappointed with Philly's performance? Do you see the Timbers losing at home this year?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Portland is worried about bigger things. They played three games in seven days and won the two that mattered. It is good to see team management recognize the need to prioritize matches and not steal European names.

  2. From 2008:

    Top Division 2 Star FIFA Certified Turf Stadiums

    BMO Field – Toronto FC (Canada)
    Gillette Stadium – New England Revolution (USA)
    Luzhniki Stadium – Torpedo and Spartak Moscow (Russia)
    Denizli Atatürk Stadium – Denizlispor (Turkey)
    Polman Stadion – Haracles Almelo (Netherlands)
    Kras Stadium – FC Volendam (Netherlands)
    Marvin Lee Stadium – Joe Public FC (Trinidad and Tobago)
    Estadio Alfonso Lopez – Atlético Bucaramanga (Colombia)
    Alfheim Stadium – Tromsø (Norway)
    Aspmyra Stadium – Bodø/Glimt (Norway)
    Color Line Stadium – Aalesunds FK (Norway)
    Finnair Stadium – HJK Helsinki (Finland)
    Behrn Arena – Örebro SK (Sweden)
    Red Bull Arena – Red Bull Salzburg (Austria)
    Stade de Gen̬ve РServette FC (Switzerland)
    Stade de Suisse Wankdorf – Young Boys (Switzerland)
    Stade La Maladiere – Neuchâtel Xamax (Switzerland)
    Asmara National Stadium – Eritrea
    Stade de Municipal de Kigali – Rwanda
    Estadio Nacional – Peru

    Why don’t you get on the phone and let them know they are not legitimate clubs.

  3. no doubt. im not making excuses for anyone, mind you, i just like equity on the pitch is all. and if Portland can get anywhere near those late 90’s early 00’s Arsenal teams than pray for every other MLS team.

  4. Chara is DP because of the transfer fee. He most likely will not be such next year [I mean, Perlaza isn’t because there was no transfer fee].

    Turf is the worst if it was carpet on concrete, which it is not. Nowak was thinking the turf compares to Seattle’s but it doesn’t. Got more complaints?

  5. I’m sorry, but did the Timbers just sign a DP? How about the Whitecaps? How about the Sounders? Five altogether?

    Playing on turf is the worst. No legitimate club can be happy about playing on turf. Especially when it’s small, even by a little.

    I like what the fans are doing though. And I can’t help but think how much louder PPL would be with the original-planned roof.

  6. Want to hate the sounders, want to crush them when we see them. But part of me is catching a Pac NW fever.

    I want to see Timbers, Vancouver, or Seattle win it. In that order.

  7. I like it. It’s what made Highbury so awesome for Arsenal during the Bergkamp era. Fast paced and intimate. Perhaps it lends a slight advantage but at the end of the day it’s still soccer. Philadelphia could have won that game if they knew how to mark up on set pieces.

  8. Portland will lose at home this season. As soon as the Sounders go there, they will lose. We own those chumps.

  9. Next week Portland v Seattle. An MLS game with 50,000 people. Two rival fan groups singing in opposition.

    To bad it’s not going to happen.

    If only Seattle would have let us (and their own fans) have some more tickets. Can we get an article on that?

    This game could’ve be legendary. Imagine Jeld-Wen and Xbox stadium times 2.

    Oh, well. Maybe next year.

    Vancouver here we come!(in October)

  10. its just extremely narrow is all. 30 feet off the width is a ton. were not talking about 10 feet or so. i feel its an unfair task on the Timbers as well when they go out on the road and have to play in naturally wide fields. its exactly that reason that their home and away records will be so disparaging this yr. that being said, if they can get into the playoffs using their obvious home field advantage, then good for them.

  11. im on the fence about it, really. like i said- i love watching them play there…really. its a fun and fast style that lends well to the smaller confines,and i understand baseball parks dimensions are all different, but if an NHL or NBA team had a court that was 15 feet more narrow than everyones else, dont you think that would lend and unfair advantage?
    either way, im loving what the Timbers have going on up there. cant wait for the Cascadia matches. theyre going to be epic.

  12. I am hoping this creates an “I want to play there”. Bring all the good players who don’t have to live in LA or NYC to the pacific NW.

    Where we have a great teams without needing to bring in retired Euro Mega stars.

    If you were the best underrated player where would you want to play?

  13. Jeld-Wen is the new Rio Tinto stadium, but Portland is still the old Real Salt Lake. After a couple years of bringing in new blood, watch out!

  14. I swear the pitch was smaller than the pitch I played on in U-12! lol j/k

    I agree that it may have played in Philly’s favor regarding the 2 new starters in back (the Farfan twins).

    Califf could have been a difference maker in set pieces – especially when the goal was scored. However, it’s tough to predict what would have happened on the flanks if both Harvey and Califf were dressed as they don’t have quite the speed the twins bring.

    Props to Timbers and their fans for creating a great atmosphere. I’m a Union fan, but overall I’m enjoying seeing the excitement for soccer everywhere throughout the MLS.

  15. Looking forward to seeing Chara get more involved in games as he continues to get acquainted with the team. I’ve heard great things about him from Colombians who follow the Postobon league.

  16. It makes a difference based on how a team plays. With two new players at fullback for the Union this was actually their advantage as a narrow field limits wing play.

    These are professional players, part of their job is preparing to play against a different team in a different stadium each week.

  17. Portland cannot have a home field advantage that meets FIFA regulations? We should ask FIFA to ensure all fields are exactly the same so these professionals do not need to adapt.

  18. Timbers pitch: 70 yards wide
    Union pitch: 75 yards wide
    Old Tr afford: 74.4
    Camp Nou: 74.3
    It is well known that 12-15 feet difference in pitch width makes all the difference in a match? Peter Nowak made excuses going into this match, great excuse.

  19. Philadelphia Union: Pinball Flunkies.

    All seriousness, what a game that was! Two good games in a row for Timbers. Philly has a tough defense. Just a good game to watch.

  20. Whaaaah! The field is too small. Whaaaah!

    I know the trend is big fields, but Jeld Wen is within FIFA international guidelines folks. Deal with it.

  21. It’s got better turf than QWEST but it’s very narrow. It seems like they have a little room to expand it out a couple yards. Not sure why they won’t do anything about it

  22. Don’t believe the hype. The field is fine.

    Next people are going to be asking for Jeld- Wen’s birth certificate.

  23. I thought it was there best match, particularly in the middle third. Cooper and Perlaza don’t have a lot of chemistry but they offer interesting contrasts for sure.

  24. Three starters down, flying opposite coast, not totally surprised. An argument could be made that Philly deserved a point, but had trouble with the set pieces, which is Portland’s strength. I was happy to see the ref more or less let a lot of the physical stuff go and was mostly consistent through the night, which makes it a big improvement over last’s week’s debacle in Chester from a ref standpoint. Ruiz though does not fit with Philly’s system. At this point, he just doesn’t fit. They’re better off getting rid of him and starting a combo of Le Toux/Mwanga/McInnenery/Torres up top, esp since all four are willing to track back and play some D as well if necessary, unlike Ruiz.

  25. Timbers were brilliant tonight. Their midfield was quick, attack minded, creative, and bold. Still not entirely sold on Cooper and Perlaza up front though. The Timbers Army was loud and proud as usual. Not sure how the Timbers will lose at home. Living in Portland and supporting the Timbers makes the 6 months of rain each year all worth it.

  26. so far i love watching the Timbers play. love the kinetic crazy upp your a$$ style of play.
    that being said, how can MLS allow such a small field? to me a home field advantage should be exactly what the Portland fans exude, but not in the sense where the field itself is so drastically condensed.
    i understand the Rapids have altitude, and it must be disarming to play in an empty cave in New England, but to have such a different playing surface is odd to me.

  27. The Timbers had a couple of chances to score that second goal and end all the drama. This team needs to have a killer instinct if they want to be able to win games on the road and trophies. Score that second one, Portland.

    That said, another great home win.

  28. Well, since we got the loss out of the way with the USOC game (with our bench playing) it will be very tough for anyone to come to Portland and escape with any points.

    We sing the WHOLE game. No spurts and starts like elsewhere, and not a ton of clapping. And the roof helps to direct all the sound to the field.

    I hope everyone across the league hears us. 😀

    (BTW, I live in Tennessee. My Timbers Army family sing for me.)


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