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Impact beats Red Bulls in friendly

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Canadian international forward Ali Gerba's first-half goal was the difference, as the Montreal Impact held on for a 1-0 result over the New York Red Bulls in their friendly Wednesday night at Saputo Stadium.

Gerba headed home a cross in the 37th minute for the game's only tally. Dwayne De Rosario hit the post with a shot, and Thierry Henry had a goal waved off after being ruled offside to account for two of the Red Bulls' better chances.

The only two Red Bulls to play the full 90 minutes were Canadian goalkeeper Greg Sutton and forward Juan Agudelo. Jan Gunnar Solli, Tim Ream, Rafa Marquez, Roy Miller, Dane Richards, Carl Robinson, De Rosario, Joel Lindpere and Henry were all subbed off either at or before halftime.

Video of postgame reaction from Sutton, Henry (in French) and Hans Backe is after the jump:



What do you make of the result? Think New York-Montreal will be a budding rivalry once the Impact joins MLS next season?

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  1. I think what I liked best about watching this game was the genuine excitement of the announcers, and their view of the MLS. They were overjoyed when Gerba scored, saying it was extra meaningful against “elevated competition” like the Red Bulls. As an MLS fan, it’s not too often I see teams outside the league speaking so highly of it.

    Montreal and their supporters look ready for 2012.

  2. I disagree that Montreal played a “very non-aggressive” game, although they turned it down after the first half. Marquez shoved Gerba because he came in unnecessarily hard on him, and Hatchi bowled over Richards like a truck. Even the Impact announcers chastised these tackles, saying they were thankful that NY fielded an A-level squad and they didn’t want to see them punished by an injury due to a sloppy tackle.

  3. Best part of the game was the announcers…they had open mics all night, they didn’t know the RB players by name, laughed throughout, very unprofessional but really FUNNY!

  4. I like the red bulls, though i’m a galaxy fan. Given the purchase of henry and marquez, and the building of a 200 mil stadium, MLS owes them. I hope they have an agreement w/MLS of no 2nd NY team for years to come (5, at least) in the same way TFC had for no canadian team for several yrs. If Garber has extended talks with the Cosmos outfit, I think NYRB should temporarily change their names to “Cosmic Bulls” and change the sun image on their shirts to more of spiral milky way type design w/in like cosmos and have the bulls more like taurus outlined with stars. A sort of “shot across the bow”

  5. actually, henry was saying “this man is in need of a nicely trimmed beard. in fact, red bulls would play much better if the whole team had beards. subs can make do with just a moustache, but some good facial hair is what the team is most in need of.”

  6. You didn’t see the game, right?

    Both teams played a very non-aggressive game except when Hatchi pushed Richard and when Marquez hit Gerba from behind. The Red Bulls didn’t show up in the first half and the Impact played quite casually in that half as well. The intensity went up when both team B went on the field in the second half.

  7. Titi translation to english: do you see this man? this man next to me? i have been telling you guys, he looks like palpatine from starwars, no?

  8. They must have loved having Thierry there to speak French to them. Poor Hans sitting next to him has zero idea that Titi is making fun of him the whole time.


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