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Interim CONCACAF president TRIES to fire Blazer (UPDATED)

ChuckBlazer (Getty)

The FIFA/CONCACAF corruption mess just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

Just days after blowing the whistle on alleged bribes involving then-CONCACAF President Jack Warner and FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam, the man who has temporarily replaced Warner as the head of CONCACAF tried to fire Chuck Blazer. The attempt was unsuccessful though.

Lisle Austin, the man who has replaced Warner as CONCACAF president, issued a statement saying Blazer had been "terminated as general secretary of CONCACAF with immediate effect".

UPDATED- Here is a statement released by CONCACAF, stating that Austin was NOT authorized to fire Blazer:

Today an unauthorized declaration was made by Lisle Austin attempting to remove Chuck Blazer as General Secretary of CONCACAF.

This attempted action was taken without any authority.  Under the CONCACAF Statutes, jurisdiction over the General Secretary rests solely with the CONCACAF Executive Committee which has taken no action.  Further a majority of the Executive Committee Members have advised Mr. Austin that he does not have the authority to take such action.

Chuck Blazer continues as CONCACAF General Secretary and with the full authority of his office.  The Confederation continues its normal operations including the Gold Cup commencing on June 5th at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Blazer, a member of FIFA's Executive Committee, reported Warner and Bin Hammam for allegedly attempting to bribe CONCACAF voters ahead of the FIFA presidential election, which Bin Hammam was running in at time against Sepp Blatter. Now Austin, a reputed ally of Warner, has removed Blazer from his role with CONCACAF, though it remains unclear whether he even has the authority to do such a thing.

What do you think of this nonsense? Is it all just making you laugh, or cry?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. To bad the janitor isn’t corrupt. It would make it easier to gain access to the building at night and find more evidence of corruption.

  2. give the .5 to CONCAWAC…the teams you just listed are the only ones to ever make the world cup…also include Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago

  3. Oh really??? like Chuck Blazer’s NOT corrupt? Just look at the man for god’s sakes! How can any self respecting American want this creepy slob representigus is beyond me… and scary. He makes Gaddafi look OK!

  4. What people have always suspected, corruption in FIFA, is finally coming to light.

    This is what happens when you have non-soccer people governing the game. Hello USSF??!?!? Other than Platini, how many of these people actually played the game at the highest level ?

    Since these people arent’ really there to advance the sport, but rather self-preservation.

    They probably can’t get a job in the real world to support their family.

  5. I’ve been on the edge of my seat the last few days following this debacle at FIFA and CONCACAF. Like a James Patterson thriller, I just can’t get enough.

  6. FIFA could go the way of the dodo IF most all leading soccer federations (England, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, etc.), along with a significant number of “lesser” federations (USA, Belgium, Norway, etc.) break away and form their own “FIFA”. If they did that, the rest of the world (Barbados, Tahiti, Seychelles, etc.) would have to either join or just not be a part of the new elite global sanctioning body. It would also allow for some VERY much needed reform to the game itself.

  7. Doesn’t fix anything. If you asked me to name the most corrupt FA’s in CONCACAF, I’d put a couple of the Central American ones at the top. Canada doesn’t strike me as particularly corrupt but definitely incompetent. Our focus is on FIFA b/c they’re the visible ones. But corruption at the level (and that’s the organization that decides who represents them at FIFA–the organizational level that decides MBH goes to FIFA or Jack Warner represents Concacaf).

  8. Look…whatever you do on your own time is your own business. Nobody’s judging you because you watch gay movies and wear tight shiny underwear. Whatever you like is fine, dude!

  9. i dont have a google account. i look at political sites way more then soccer sites. Thats interestng since i’m not a republican but i do look at drudgereport, a supposed conservative-leaning site. The left-leaning sites like treehugger dont seem to be inundated by advertising, so i’m guessing this algorithm thing skews towards the viewing of sites dominated by advertising. of course, alot of it seems driven by making judgement/predictions about people. I remember renting on amazon a documentary on a gay writer i was studying for some college schoolwork. I think i also rented an episode of “24”, but then recall searching for high cut athletic briefs since i was getting into some advanced yoga and its best to be unencumbered when putting your leg behind your head. anyway, so for some time after that i would always see these super gay underwear whenever i would go to amazon to research some book. totally embarassing if i was bringing up that page at the library.

  10. This is a big question for us Americans. Where is our representative, Gulati? He does not seem to be courageous. Let’s hope his timid behavior is at least wise.This is what the NY Times reported he said a couple of days ago.

    “Sunil Gulati, president of the United States Soccer Federation, has been tight-lipped in comments about the FIFA scandals, wanting to keep the United States in the best standing possible in case there is a revote for the World Cup.”

    “He would not comment on a potential revote in an interview last week, referring instead to recent remarks to Sports Illustrated, in which Gulati said, “‘Any of us who participate as bidders or anyone watching this from the outside knows that the process needs to be reviewed and reformed.’ ”

  11. Oh that’s a low blow…NCAA will become just as corrupt and crazy as FIFA soon enough. Revolutions everywhere!

  12. Is there any thing that fans can do to support Blazer? What is Blazer’s background? Does he have enought credibility to win this fight?

  13. Honestly I don’t care about the scandal I just don’t want my country to suck. If Austin is corrupt he surely has not used his status to elevate the state of the game on the island its frustrating. Its bad enough we get thumped by everyone now this clown has totally embarrassed us. For those who don’t know my country was recently banned from FIFA and I wondered why. Now it starting to make sense. This guy and Warner will get us (Barbados and Trinidad) expelled from FIFA and that’s not right.


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