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Report: 6 FIFA Ex-Co members accused of misconduct in WC bidding process


The bribery plot surrounding the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup bids continues to thicken.

The Sunday Times of England claims to have evidence that shows that FIFA Executive Committee members Issa Hayatou (Cameroon) and Jaques Anouma (Ivory Coast) were each paid $1.5 million to vote for Qatar back in December. The claim is backed up by British Member of Parliament Damian Collins, who added that Qatar used a middleman to secure its deals with the African voters.

Lord David Triesman, chairman of England's bid for the 2018 World Cup and former head of England's Football Association, has also alleged that CONCACAF representative Jack Warner, Paraguay's Nicolas Leoz, Brazil's Ricardo Teixera and Thailand's Worawi Makudi acted in unethical ways in the bidding process.

"I cannot say they are all angels or they are all devils," FIFA president Sepp Blatter told the Associated Press. "We must have the evidence and then we will act immediately against all those (who) would be in breach of the ethical code rules," Blatter added.

The Sunday Times' earlier investigation that revealed wrongdoing on the part of Nigeria's Amos Adamu and Tahiti's Reynald Temarii led to both committee members being suspended prior to December's vote.

What do you think of the latest Sunday Times report? Surprised? Do you see any change or reform happening as a result of this?

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  1. Chuck, if you knew history, you would not have suggested that the country that participated in the first ever world cup and placed third has no “footballing” history. Did you realize that football was played in this country long before FIFA was formed?

  2. If Jack Warner has to step down from his FIFA, Trinidad & Tobago, and CONCACAF positions, I just might blow a load.

  3. Countries that can hold the amount of people that attend the World Cup are supposed to be able to host it. Qatar doesn’t even have 2 million people living there. Do you HONESTLY believe that a country with a population of that size can handle the tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of people that would come if a World Cup was hosted there? Not a chance in hell. If you truly think a country whose entire parameter could be driven in 3 hours tops (and has only one city) is sufficient to host THE biggest event on the face of the earth?

    And as for history, just remember that Qatar has NEVER qualified for the World Cup. It hasn’t even made it to the final qualifying stage before. The USA has been to several World Cups. Several, in comparison to none. I’ll let you do the math, and in the meantime, pass me some of what you’ve been smoking that allowed you to come up with the logic you just displayed! It sounds pretty powerful!

  4. Oh I agree. They’re some of the worst when they’re bad (although I wouldn’t called any of those paparazzos journalists). But I can’t deny that they’re doing excellent work here in the face of seeming indifference from the rest of the world.

  5. Well the US got OBL so hopefully the England can get FIFA. Might be more diffiuclt. If England can get the backing of a few more nations..i.e. the US maybe they can start to apply real pressure

  6. The fact that Qatar had representatives bribing people to win the Cup should automatically disqualify them from holding it and there should be a re-awarding of the games. This whole thing stunk to high heaven the second it went down. It’s a country the size of CT with absolutely no footballing history. It’s an absolute travesty of epic proportions.

  7. What did the USA do that was corrupt in getting ’94? But Chuck (Blazer?) is right that it did cause a huge uproar within FIFA – particularly the UEFA contingent.

  8. Uh, lets be honest, the english press are a bunch of muckraking journos with little to no ethics – unlike our wonderful american press – not intending to be sarcastic.


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